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Friday, 18 November 2011

Stuffed Chicken Wings Dim Sum At Restaurant Khee Way, Sg Buloh New Village

ALO ALO! ..I am back in action. It was great to get away from everything for awhile. Had a very nice and relaxing break but that's another story.

Mamarazzi is still sorting out the photos. Will post up as soon as it's sorted. 
Meantime, here is a short post on "Stuffed Chicken Wings Dim Sum"  that we had at Restaurant Khee Way not so long ago.

I guess Dim Sum restaurant are compelled nowadays to change or add new things into their Menu. 

Otherwise, customers might get bored with the same old stuffs.

One of the weekends we went to Restaurant Khee Way again for Dim Sum. Ordered the usual stuffs.

 The "yui pei gao"(Fish Paste Dumpling) Mamarazzi loves this.

Then we got a surprise when we saw this new dish. Stuffed Chicken Wings. 

A long time ago, Papa bought home some Stuffed Chicken Wings Dim Sum from Indonesia.

Hmm...I wonder if these Chicken Wings are as good as those that Papa brought home.


Hmmm...Taste quite good. It would be prefect if only they put a Salted Egg Yolk into the Chicken Wing, just like the Stuffed Chicken Wings that Papa brought home.

Nevertheless, will certainly go for more of these Chicken Wings.

Here is the address if you wish to have a go at the Stuffed Chicken Wings. But bear in mind that maybe they only have these Stuffed Chicken Wing during weekends only coz so far we haven't seen any during week days.

Restaurant Khee Way
4139 Jalan Kedai
Kg Seri Sungai Buloh
47000 Sungai Buloh
Tel : 012-3451081


  1. Oohh...i dont like this place. Last time when i have their fish ball...gosh lembik one. never want to return again.

  2. looks yummy! nv seen it before. =.=

  3. Looks good, I think it taste yummy!~

  4. the stuffed chicken wings look interesting

  5. Small Kucing and mamarazzi asyik eat saja but still able to stay slim. Salute.. salute.. :) Hey, the stuffed chicken wings look good!

  6. I have not tried fish paste dumpling...

  7. What is the filling in the chicken wing? The chicken meat itself?

  8. The stuffed chicken wings are so fat! Paparazzi tapao-ed chicken wings from Indon...bought from where lah?

  9. I guess you are back. My husband will really love this, I'm not a great fan of sushi..Wishing you a lovely weekend..

  10. Stuffed chicken wings? Wah, such a unique dish! Must try soon.

  11. what's inside the stuffed chickwings?

  12. I have not tried the stuffed wings before but sure am tempted as "you never try you never know".

  13. omg dim sum yummyeh.. :D the chicken drooling :D

  14. cham moe.. sick also so much appetite.. see these made me swallow something! :)

  15. You really know all the "lobang" to good eat. Can take me go eat ar? hehe

  16. Stuffed chicken wings look really good!

  17. AB

    Go Medan...their Dim SUm have this

  18. Prince and Princess Mom

    something new lo

  19. Inspired Momx1

    coz we eat a bit a bit lor

  20. Choi Yen

    ya and some duno what things

  21. May

    yes, we are back. Nah these aren't sushi. It's mostly steamed and fully cooked meat

  22. Tanntoot

    Mamarazzi wondering whether wanna try making these at home or not LOL

  23. LG

    Meat and the usual dim sum fillings

  24. Nava

    Ya...if only they add salted egg yolk the really perfect lo

  25. Mell-o

    Next time ask your hun bring you to the dim sum in Medan. papa said very sedap one there

  26. Cleff

    tak tau wor coz pay is lumspum

  27. Claire

    hahaha.....ability to eat is a blessing


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