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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Satisfaction at Restaurant Wadi Al-Nile

After we came back from Malacca last Friday, we decided to go and have Egyptian and Yamani cuisine. Where else if not at Wadi Al-Nile Restaurant.

Nah...actually not "we" decide la. Mamarazzi decided punya coz she wanna bodek "someone". To meet up with "someone" and pass her the Nyonya Curry Powder. *A BIG hint hint*

Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence had never had these type of food before. 

We ordered several several types and shared.

Papa opt for Kabsah Lamb Rice.Everyone agrees that the Lamb was very tender .

Mamarazzi had Mandy Rice with the Kabsah Chicken. The Mandy Rice looks a bit like the Nasi Briyani that we had not long ago. 

But she says somehow it taste nicer than the Nasi Briyani. Hmmm.. I wonder what the Chef put in this Mandy Rice.

The Chicken was tender and flavourful.

Uncle Patrick had Hanith Chicken. 

Fuiyoh...Mamarazzi regret that she didn't order this one. The aroma was very good. 

Of course la since the Menu states that the Chicken Meat is steamed with over 10 herbs and spices. 

Auntie Florence was delighted with her Hanith Lamb Rice. She was surprised that the Lamb meat was not "smelly" and wonders how the Chef managed to get rid of the Lamb Meat unpleasant smell. 

"Someone" had this one. You can find her comment on this Mandy Chicken Rice at her blog.

Each of us were given a bowl of Soup. A bit sourish and sweet. Goes well with the rice.

Auntie Florence praised this Chili Sauce sky high. She loves it.

Papa also ordered some Hummus to be shared.

Mmmm...finally had some satisfaction after that Nasi Briyani the other day. 

Ate in a hurry. Oppss...table all messy liao.

Fast fast wipe wipe wipe....nobody sees.

Magic show....kejap ada...kejap takde liao...hahahaha.

Again, here is their address Wadi AL-Nile Restaurant, No 72-0, Block J, Platinum Walk, No. 2, Jalan Langkawi, 53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-41312356.

Disclaimer (Copied from Auntie Little Bird's Blog) : This is not a paid food review or an invited food review, but I highly recommend this restaurant to those who loves exotic Arabic food. The food from this restaurant is really good and the owner of this restaurant is also very friendly. Good food and good price.


  1. My hubby surely loves this kind of food..

  2. *PENGSAN* hint hint and bodek bodek until 2 posts berturut turut. Aisay... tell ur mamarazzi next round she'll get her curry chic la. Scary betul. LOL.

  3. i'll never forget my experience at al-wadi's. Hopefully can visit there again someday! =)

  4. Omg the food looks tempted!! I'm drooling for it now!! the place look's great too..!!! :D

    good morning mamarazzi :)

  5. Look like nasi kandar food...

  6. Wah, the food doesn't look very attractive on photos, but from your comments, looks like they taste very good. Thanks for sharing, this makes me not hesitant to try Arabic food one day.

  7. We have not take any Arabian food in KL. We used to eat it quite often when we were in Bangkok:D Good to know there are some good ones in KL too.

  8. nice looks so delicious now... i havent had lunch. :(

  9. Looks like a nice try out and some of the dishes I have not heard before.

    Will sure wanna try if I have a chance to get to this restaurant.

  10. oh ya mamarazzi the mohd yaseen restaurant is at JALAN TUNKU ABDULRAHMAN KL. :D

  11. Kabsah Lamb Rice looks really delicious. I've not been to Egyptian and Yamani cuisine before. Always at Chinese, i will check out for some around here..

  12. Wadi.. this one sounds very familiar.. seen the post in the chirpy chirpy cheep cheep blog some way back..

  13. I never had Egyptian food before, either. Hope I would have the chance to try it some times.

  14. niceeeee..
    wonder if they can beat Saba, Cyberjaya.
    hmm.. must try. must try. *berazam*

    p/s: Hi. Thanx sudi singgah blog saya. :D

  15. Arabian feast again...tarak ngam for me.

  16. Mell-o

    memang tempting . Sekali makan 2 kali mau

  17. Alice

    You know Mamarazzi's photography skill la.Licence lembu hahaha

  18. Medie

    Too far for you to go lunch there la...maybe dinner la

  19. Nava

    We have yet to try all the dish there yet leh

  20. Mell-o

    Ooo thankiu thankiu :) Boleh go food hunting lo

  21. May

    Yes, should check it out also. It's good

  22. Claire

    hahaha...near Pan Heong wor :P

  23. Lady g

    sure will have the chance one :)

  24. Marina

    Ooo Cyberjaya Saba sedap ya...okay okay will go there cuba

  25. Hi Small Kucing,

    Been reading for blog for a few months now and this is the first time I'm commenting on your blog... paiseh .. :p

    You enjoy so much Wadi Al Nile's food makes me want to try it out myself. So I went there today during lunch time. Not bad, I'm really full!

    However, I prefer the restaurant I went to last night. It's at Wangsa Link, those shop lots behind Wangsa Walk. A newly open restaurant and their signboard is not even up yet. Just using banner. Their portion is even larger and cheaper. A Madghound Lamb (half Kg) is enough for 2 - 3 people is priced at RM20.

    :p sorry for the long post ..


  26. Pauline

    Oo really ah....sounds great. We must go and try that restaurant one of these days


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