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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Restaurant Lim Kee, Old Klang Road.

Yay! Finally found this restaurant again after a long time. This restaurant used to be situated next to FGA Old Klang Road but the old premises was demolished. 

Sometime last month we went out makan with some friends and one of them told us the restaurant have moved across the road to Kuchai Business Centre. Hence we decided to go cari makan there.

Hmm...what's this ? Barley or Soya Bean. yay! It's soya bean.

We had their famous Bitter Gourd Fried Tang Hoon. Super delicious. Taste just the same as it used to be if not better.

It was so delicious that we ordered one more plate of this!

Mamarazzi ordered Caypot Taufu for me but I didn't eat much. Taste average in my humble opinion.

But this Four Heavenly Kings dish was very fast polished off by everyone. I think you can guess how it tasted. 

 Papa likes Pork Ribs. These are not bad. 

Seong Thong Lala, another dish that is a favourite of everyone. They added just enough ginger and wine in the soup to make it super yummy. 

The Lala were ordinary. If only they have those bigger size ones then it would be lovely. Nevertheless, the soup itself is already good enough.

Here is the address of the shop if you are interested to have a taste. Restaurant Lim Kee, 2G, Jalan 2/114, Kuchai Business Centre, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200  Kuala Lumpur


  1. I want some of the Four Heavenly Kings dish!! That looks awesome.

    Great pics of the little guy, by the way! He just gets cuter and cuter!

  2. how was your tooth mamarazzi? okay already? i bet everything is ok now right? if not mana boleh makan seafood sbb nak kunyah susah hehehe..

    i hope your feelin better now take care !!

  3. How much? How many people?

  4. Ya, I'd love the pork ribs too. Hopefully, it's not black pepper... Don't like.

  5. Ya, I'd love the pork ribs too. Hopefully, it's not black pepper... Don't like.

  6. Ya, I'd love the pork ribs too. Hopefully, it's not black pepper... Don't like.

  7. wah!! bittergourd fried tang hoon?? hey, i wanna try this leh, looks special and yummy~~

  8. muchi is the dinner like this? i would like to try the bitter gourd dish with noodles..

  9. Quite like the old place which gave me a 'home' feeling. Oh their bitter gourd fried tang hoon their signature dish. Will try next time. Bananaz loves the fried pak kor & the steam fish.

  10. La la makes me wanna go LA LA~~ Its like the best tasting and pretty clam ever! :D

  11. My favourite here will be the 'chao sang cheong' aka intestine.. yummy yummy.. the hokkien style 'big intestine' also good..

  12. Wah! You sure got a lot lubang to cari all the makan place.

    I like the seong thong lala and the ribs, both look good.

  13. I am seldom at this area, its a bit too far for me from where I stay.

    The lala and pork ribs looks good and worth the try.

  14. I love Lala, but was disappointed with the tiny portions, couldn't get good Lala here.

  15. I think I have been to Lim Kee when I was working in PJ. It is very near to my office. They are famous for delicious food. I have almost forgotten about this place till I see your post. Now I am not so keen to go that direction lah, traffic jam.

  16. Wah!!! that bittergourd dish looks delish!

    But Kuchai Lama is too far for me now..sob!sob!

  17. i can sense the 'seong tong' lala soup tasted SWEET !

  18. Christina

    Can you tak spicy food? It's pretty spicy :)

  19. Mell-o

    a bit better. You too. Hope you are better now

  20. STP

    around rm140. 5 adults and 1 kid

  21. SK

    This dish is a must have. No regret one

  22. Claire

    Around rm140 I think coz friend belanja. The Bitter gourd tang hoon last time was RM7 per person lo. A bit mahal la but sedap. You try and sure will want some more

  23. Annie

    Thanks to friends lo. They know where the shop pindah to and told me

  24. Nava

    If you ever in this area, do drop by for the bitter gourd tang hoon if not for other dishes

  25. Lady G

    Lala maybe coz it's expensive kot

  26. Veron

    Now not that jam already since got the NPE

  27. Tanntoot

    Ya i know a bit far for you la...maybe can go back for a visit lo.


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