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Friday, 25 November 2011

Putu Piring at Jalan Tengkera, Malacca

You would have thought after the huge dinner at Umbai, Papa would have wanted to curl up and become oink oink already, right? 

Nope..he didn't. In fact he brought us go searching for the famous Putu Piring at Jalan Tengkera.

Most blog didn't not post up the address of the shop. But we finally found it. The address is No. 252, Jalan Tengkera, Melaka. And the GPS coordinates from a blog is 2°12'3"N 102° 14'21"E.

Asked the Boss permission to snap some photos. He said we are welcomed to do so as many people have done it.

Wow...they really work very fast.

Apart from Putu Piring, they also sells Gula Melaka (RM4 a pack of 3), Homemade Pandan Kaya at RM3-20 each and Nyonya Curry Powder at RM4 per container.

The first round, we bought 5 pieces of Putu Piring to try. RM0-90 per piece. Not really expensive considering the size.

Tasted very good. The Gula Melaka was just nice. Not too sweet. The coconut at the bottom of the putu piring and the Banana Leaf fills our car with nice aroma. 

We finished that in a jiffy. Mamarazzi got out of the car and bought another 5 more pieces for supper.

 The next day we went to tapau some more before returning home.

Mamarazzi also bought the Nyonya Curry Powder as "hand letter" for "someone". A big HINT HINT to "someone" ahem ahem CURRY CHICKEN please.

She also bought some Homemade Pandan Kaya. Opppss....she had forgotten to snap a photo of it. She ate it with bread and said that it tasted very good. Very strong Pandan aroma once she opened the container of Kaya.

Auntie Florence bought a few packets of Gula Melaka. Not sure whether it's god or not but she seems t be very happy with the purchase.

Yes, definitely will go and get some more putu piring if we go to Malacca again.


  1. Yes..putu piring with gula melaka is nice.

  2. Thanks for the address, I heard this store is very famous for putu piring, next time must go there and try.

  3. I saw this on TV.....really popular lah!

  4. This is my fav and have not eaten for a long time. Your pics is increasing my appetite to wanna eat it sooner.

  5. i often eat putu piring during ramadhan bazaar at KL, i think i should try it someday at malacca :D


  6. So clever to find food one, u all.. next time i must follow your car from behind..

  7. I've never seen anything like that, but it looks delicious!

    Though we'd be getting some curry--my husband loves it!

  8. There's one stall in Geylang in Singapore, also long Q, and it's nice nice..

  9. I love putu piring for its gula melaka filling but really hard to get a good one at KL hor...Do you know any?

  10. Ling

    Yes, its gula melaka and not too sweet

  11. Sonia

    Memang time go Mamarazzi sure will wanna drop by there again

  12. Pete

    on TV ka? tak tau coz Papa saw in blog

  13. Nava

    Hope you managed to get some the other day

  14. Fish

    It will totally blow your mind. Not the same as in bazaar ramadan nor any pasar malam. These are not too sweet then they put the grated coconut at the botton add with banan leaf...fuiyo...the aroma...sedappppp

  15. Claire

    kekekeke...come! eh if you go melaka must go cuba this one

  16. Janae

    Yup I think if you comehere you'll be hooked.

  17. Sharon

    ya ka...if we go singapore you bring us makan ya kekeke

  18. Choi Yen

    In KL tarak :( Last time got at OUG Pasar Malam but now hilang duno where


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