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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pork Noodle at Restaurant Kean Fatt, SS3, Petaling Jaya

Aiyo...why every time I sleepy Papa and Mamarazzi wanna go cari makan one...

No eyes see...snore snore snore....

They heard that this restaurant have very nice Pork Noodle. Ordered a bowl. RM5 for small size.  

Hmmm...not that small also. Quite big and have a lot of liu.

Mamarazzi also ordered Roasted Chicken Rice. Taste good. The chicken was well marinated.

Here s the address if you wish to try it out.

Restaurant Kean Fatt ( near the Taman Bahagia LRT station)
Jalan SS3/59E
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.


  1. Wahhhhh...the pork noodles....looks sinfully wonderful! Yummmmm!!!!

  2. i just had chicken rice for lunch!! roast pork and steam chicken breast, add small rice!! wakakakaka, so satisfying~~ :D

  3. You know that pork noodle is another one I will drool for though my hubby does not eat this meat.

    With spicy sauce, all the way I can go.

  4. I tried the pork noodles at this coffee shop. I think by far the best in PJ.

  5. I heard of this famous pork noodles but never tried. I can see they're generous with lius. :)

  6. gosh..tonight i m so so full.. next time I better not overeat.. now i realize i have a small stomach, esp now as i grow older.. hahaha...

  7. I so much love the Roasted Chicken Rice. Looks really delicious!

  8. Love pork noodles.. love to have it as lunch or breakfast.. damn nice

  9. Wah, ur life very good leh, eat and sleep~ Can ask ur mama if she need another son or not?

  10. I KNOW THAT ONE! My dad brought us there donkey years ago... got to wait at least half an hour, but it's SO GOOD! Haven't been back for awhile, no craving :P

    You order and when the auntie lays out the utensils, it means they acknowledged the order...

    One time I went - they have their Merz (or some other lux car) parked right outside :P Their business really good lah, I tell you.

  11. The Pork Noodle looks really good! Yum! Now I'm hungry lol.

  12. I would take the roast chicken rice anytime.

  13. wow...selling at RM5 a bowl for small portion. Those days I remember having them at RM3 only.

  14. STP

    dont drool on your Laptop ya...later rosak susah

  15. SK

    You betul betul gila Chicken rice ya

  16. Nava

    Do try out this one. It's good

  17. Veron

    first time we makan here . Taste good with a lot of liu

  18. Inspired Momx1

    They gave a lot of liu. Surprising lo since pork is expensive nowadays

  19. Carolie

    Eat in small amount but frequent then should be good enough :)

  20. Nikel

    Cant find other as good as this one yet

  21. Kelvin

    ahem one more son..horrified lo...pening later

  22. Synical

    Naik Merz ah? wah lau eh . But the memang sedap la

  23. Christina

    ya the noodle was very good

  24. Lady G

    LOL...Mamarazzi wanted both


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