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Friday, 11 November 2011

Meet Up With Ah Yee at Esquire Kitchen Restaurant, Plaza OUG

Had a nice meet up with Ah Yee last month.

 See! Ah Yee come aje already "Sok Yau" me. 

We makan-ed at Esquired Kitchen at Plaza OUG coz it was quite late already. Not many makan shop open around 3pm.

Had their famous "Oink Oink". Quite oily. 

Papa sure had fun dipping these Mantao into the oink oink gravy. Yumm...

I love this "Green Noodle" . It's not noodle but I like to call it as noodle.

Papa ordered this "Jui Hu Char"

"Foo Yoong Egg". This one sedap.

Last but not least Papa also wanted to have some Dumplings. Mamarazzi didn't eat so can't comment.

Can you guess how much is the total bill comes up to? RM100 pulang 1sen. think it's cheap or expensive?


  1. Hahaha...poor kucing! Kena sok yau by ah yee! Esquire kitchen not cheap leh.... I have been to the mid valley branch, is that you went to?

  2. good to know that you have recovered from toothache mamarazzi.. :D good night and sweetdreams 11.11.11 dream big ya :D ZZzzzzzz.

  3. Looks really yummy!

  4. Yup...Esquire's not cheap but I like!!! The pork and the nice! Used to go to Sg Wang and Mid Valley outlets. The staff not really friendly either - so very kasar.

  5. eih, i love them ALL, just all right to my taste leh.. hmmm, RM100 pulang 1 sen?? where got such thing, there's no 1 sen anymore, you are paying RM100 for RM99.99 lah.. but i think it's expensive woh..

  6. esquire kitschen at parkson there right? honestly the service is quite bad and the price scares people off too...


  7. kids are like that, go everywhere also kena sok yau wan. tahan la ah boy.. hahahhaha

  8. memang expensive makan at esquire. normally i have the char cheung noodle.

  9. Find it expensive leh...

    Loves dumpling very much, hehe...

  10. Oh kao yuk I likey no matter mui choy or yam one :P

  11. Uncle Eugene think think it is expensive lol,you come to Penang, I take you eat good good food some more cheap cheap one lol

  12. Having been to Esquire but not the one in OUG, I quite like the food esp the oink onik plus I think not too bad of a service too.

  13. Expensive lorr but the oink oink dish and silver thread bun really look yum yum.

  14. Food looks yummy as always. My sons have the same holey sleeveless white shirts =)

  15. Please can they also give us some recipes? Wish i live in same country with you :-))

  16. I'll say it's expensive! Dunno la, maybe we are kedekut... go Chilli's eat RM70+ also we complain expensive jor :p

  17. Chris

    Ah Yee likes to sok yau me one

  18. Christina

    its the company that makes the food nice

  19. STP

    errr...this branch same thing

  20. Fish

    once in awhile is okay la...if frequent sure kena go Bank minta overdraft

  21. Sasha

    Next time must mitak $$...sok 1x RM10 kekeke

  22. Yee Ling

    once in ahile kira okay lo...moreover that time cant think of what to eat

  23. Choi Yen

    Ooo you are another fan of oink oink ya...same gang here

  24. Eugene

    ya ya...see when but not so soon

  25. Inspired Momx1

    oo that bun is called silver thread bun ah...Mamarazzi tau makan aje :P

  26. May

    Wish Mamarazzi can cook. Mamarazzi know how to eat only :p

  27. Chloe

    Special occasion kira okay lo...some more that day was your daddy birthday leh


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