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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mamarazzi Nyanyuk at Restaurant SF Seafood, Sg Buloh

This is a funny story. Bet you'll laugh on how Mamarazzi "nyanyuk" the other day.

We arrived at Restaurant SF Seafood Sg Buloh and Mamarazzi proceed to order drinks and dishes to go with the rice. 

Chinese Tea for two person is enough. I want Soya Bean.

We had "Steamed Chicken Fish". Fresh and sweet.

Some Sweet Potatoes Leaves. Would have preferred the "Miu" but since they don't have that.....

Salted Vegetable with Tauhu Soup. 

Then comes the part where Mamarazzi made mistake.

She ordered Fried Chicken Wings but the restaurant doesn't have Fried Chicken Wings. Instead, they suggested Honey Chicken Wings. Hence Mamarazzi said okay.

The dish came...mmmmm...delicious. They even fry it with some ginger which makes the taste more aromatic.

Then comes another dish. Pai-Kuat-Wong. first Mamarazzi thought huh...we ordered this meh? Then think think...ya she did. Aiyoyo....she made the mistake of ordering two dishes with similar style of cooking. 

Lucky for us she ordered small portion. If not......

The Pai-Kuat-Wong tasted pretty good.

Here is the address if you wish to have a try Restaurant SF Seafood, PT 27047, Jalan Perkhidmatan, Kampung Baru Sg Buloh, 47000 selangor . It's on the same road as Restaurant LYJ.


  1. ordered wrongly but everything turns out nicer rite? you're lucky!

  2. oh maygosh hahaha the what happened? habis tak makanan yg mamarazzi order tu? kalau tak habis boleh ta bao right?

  3. Not your fault.. the captain should have told you that you have ordered two dishes same... but never mind.. since they tasted good... :)

  4. All of the food ordered are my fav and yep, we do make mistakes sometimes but like you said, luckily the portion was small.

  5. hmmm, i was wondering why they do not have fried chicken, since they already deep fried the chicken to cook the honey chicken wat???

  6. I love pai kuat wong! :D and the chicken fish looks good. It's difficult to find fresh fish here sometimes :/

  7. Aiyor...what restaurant, cannot cook fried chicken one. There's one here too - everything you order - meat, fish, prawns...all the same recipe. Very limited choices...but every night, packed. Why? Very cheap... I went once - not keen on going again.

  8. 2 similar dishes, but equally tasty! :)

  9. hahaha....never mind if it is good. I was wondering about the restaurants along LYJ road! THanks for the review.

  10. What happen to your Mamarazzi jadi nyanyuk? Must be the effect of being bullied by Smallkucing :-)


  11. Nevermind lah, as long as taste good :)

  12. SK..nasib baik mamarazi punya nyanyuk turn out good kan sebab auntie pun dah nyum nyum tengok honey chicken wing tu...erm..sedap tuh, favorite auntie tuh...:)

  13. I am not familiar with Sungei Buluh so I better don't try to go. My sense of direction is hopeless, so hopeless that my Quay Lo said he is very glad I managed to find the right bed to crawl into at night. LOL!

  14. Hahaha.. nyanyuk is Chloe's most-used BM vocab cos her mummy can be really nyanyuk at times :p Age catching up la... what to do? As for your case, since the honey preparation was yummy, the more the better... so it was not a mistake after all :)

  15. I made similar mistakes of ordering two tofu dishes once. Although they are cooked differently, but that's still a lot of tofu. LOL.

  16. The waiter/waitress should have inform you about the same style of chicken and ribs when taking order.

  17. Fish

    Funny lo...coz all turn out black black

  18. Nava

    Not really small portion leh since only 2.5 person eating LOL

  19. SK

    Mamarazzi was wondering the same thing

  20. Hilda

    true...hard to find fresh fish...some very smelly

  21. STP

    Maybe Fried Chicken is too easy and not challenging enough kot? :P

  22. Isaac

    But too much food la for two person

  23. Choi Yen

    too much same thing can be very "lau"

  24. Marie

    Nyanyuk but lucky can eat la

  25. Veron

    LOL....your hubi funny la :)

  26. Chloe

    Maybe one of these days you will venture here and try some :)

  27. Lady G

    LOL...ya lo...though cooked differently its still a lot to eat

  28. mNhL

    Maybe the lady thought we are crazy about those lo


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