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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Malaysia Air Festival 2011 at Subang Skypark Terminal

On Sunday after brunch, Papa brought us to Subang Airport for the Malaysia Air Festival 2011. 

Hmm....lucky am clever enough to bring along umbrella as it started to rain just as we got there.

While waiting for the rain to stop, we hang out at Starbie.

Then Mamarazzi heard got children laughing and clapping hands. 

Being curious, she brought me to search for the source of the sound.'s this man. He was doing some tricks and at the same time educating the public about things that fly up like balloons and hot air.

Very funny man.

The rain finally stopped and we head outside to see the Static Display of Aircrafts and air shows.

Many small planes on display. Where are the BIG BIG Planes? Aiya...if tarak Sultan Brunei plane there(on a dream mode), at least la plonk one MAS or AIR ASIA Aircraft there. Let visitor go in and peek ...even peek the toilet also okay la.

Very disappointing. Every aircraft there is a sign that says "DO NOT TOUCH".

I think the largest aircraft in display was this Helicopter.

Hmm..tak syok geh ! Every thing also cannot touch. I thought can at least go inside the Cockpit and sit there or at least go in and look see look see.

What else to do ah? jumping at puddles of water?

Uiks...this is also an aircraft ah?

Cannot go into the plane cockpit, so go into the driver seat of this super elegant car also can la. Brrrrrooom brrrooommmmm.....

Finally something is happening. Air show starting? mistake. Not air show. It's the Berjaya Airplane landing. Full of passengers. 

The man with the two Lollipops stick is guiding the plane where to "park".

Okay...finally airshow begun. 

Hmm...wonder why no Commentator informing the public on what aircraft is on the air, who is the Pilot and what stunts the Pilot is doing up there. It would have made the experience more memorable.

Sorry ya for the poor quality of the Video. 

Though it was cloudy but the sun was still to bright for Mamarazzi to follow where the plane had flown to.

Saw got someone being interviewed.

"Zebra Car" ! Come..let's go there!

Tippy Toes..peek peek.

Papa got permission from the man for me to go into the car.

No buttons geh...not like Papa car. I wonder if the man would let me drive the car.

On second thoughts..better not. I have no Driving Licence. Got Police car parked nearby. Later I kena Police tangkap.

Come on...let's go McD la. Tired and hot.


  1. oooo how long will tis event last?

  2. Medie

    It's over already. Two days only . 26 and 27

  3. The pilot bukak pintu ganas ka? Aiyo... mebbe the pilot is saudara mara wif incredible Hulk, itu pasal la he ganas. Nasib baik bukak pintu tarak tercabut...or else, free aje jatuh from the sky.

    Some people ah...really destructive wan. Dono how they do things wan. Long time ago ah, auntie's sister oso liddat, simply pull an old pintu til the hinge tercabut.Den berani put blame on anai anai pulak. Sendiri make things rosak, tak reti nak mengaku. U lucky u tarak sister like this, Smallkucing. Or else, merana seumur hidup!

  4. the car look's wow!! it's peugeot he...he i guess.. very elegant indeed, btw the lil boy looks so cute wooo geram nak cubit pipi :P

  5. Wow!!! You've grown a lot bigger lor... Wanna be a pilot when you grow up?

  6. hahahaha, cannot touch the plane but can take photo with them also mah, cannot touch the plane then touch the car lor~~ :D

  7. Too bad far, if not i sure go... keke....

  8. So cute...I love all of your collage photos telling the story. They are like action shots.

  9. Woooohh, this one is syiok. Can see airplanes

  10. Too bad.. miss this event.. looks so interesting!~

  11. Mama Kucing is very good. Know all kinds of events to bring Small Kucing. Mys on would have loved this. Pity it is over already.

  12. Small Kucing sure look so grown up now!! Big boy already!

    Since cannot go into the cockpit, at least can drive those nice cars!! :p

  13. Wonderful experience it must have been and your son sure seen enjoying every moment of it.

  14. ohhh.. i surely wont go.. lazy mama here one.. better go McD and wallop.. hahhaa...

  15. It is not easy to travel in the rain...but you seem to have fun anyway!!

  16. Auntie Cleff

    No la AUntie Cleff...I was commenting to Mamarazzi say the Pilot so ganas. Door cabut baru tau coz the other day Papa's car door handle cabut mah.

  17. Sharom

    ahem can fly straight to subang airport la

  18. Prince and princess mom

    there is always next year

  19. Sonia

    LOL fun to play with the expensive car

  20. Nava

    fun playing water and driving cars

  21. Claire

    can also coz can see the planes from McD

  22. Kim

    coz i like playing with water


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