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Monday, 21 November 2011

Love Is In The Air at Malacca Zoo

After our breakfast at Restaurant Min Kok at Seremban, Papa brought me to Malacca Zoo pulak.

Wah lau eh! Seems like love is in the air. Birdie kissy kissy leh.

Last Tuesday was not school holidays yet but there were many school kids around. 

Guess they were on their school trips to Malacca gua. Saw some school kids wearing uniform of TTDI school. 

Saw a "Black Giant Squirrel" but how come it's so small geh? 

The most funny one is the "Slow Loris" . The action was real s.l.o.w...Mamarazzi nearly fall asleep watching it move from a branch to another.

Then we wen into an exhibition room.
Wahhhh got BIG "Buaya Puchong" joke...this is the name of the Buaya written on the signboard. Maybe caught in Puchong kot?

Came out of the exhibition room we went into a BIG CAGE pulak.

Saw this naughty bird. It kept chasing the monkeys there and tried to bite their bum bum. I also scared to go close coz Papa said this naughty bird might bite my Birdie.

Auntie Florence love this photo. Said looks like a Happy Family. 

Mamarazzi said it's like working in a company pulak. You scratch my back and I scratch yours.

Eh eh.....this fella wearing a white "sarong" like Papa pulak.

Spotted! a Green Worm "hanging out" at the tree. Can you see? 

Sorry rather blur. It's hanging from a thin thread. Mamarazzi purposely put her palm behind the worm to see the contrast.

Aiyoyo...rather tired liao. Sat down for awhile to see the big big "lembu" . 

Some school children were passing by. Heard them say something about "Hari Raya Korban". Lucky this fella escape the cooking pot.

Wokay....let' go. Recharged already!

Saw a lot more animals. 

Then we arrived at the most anticipated part of the journey. Wanna see Leopard, Panther and Tiger. 

Alamak! very anti-climax geh...The Leopard and Panther were having their afternoon nap. Hanging up high in the tree branches.

Mamarazzi spotted some suspicious foot prints. 

Mamarazzi wanna see Tigers. I bet TannToot from would love to see the Tigers too but then these are not Green Tigers.

From faraway, I can hear the Tiger roar. Scary. Dare not go near though Mamarazzi went near to snap the photos. I wonder who is more fierce....Mamarazzi or the Tigers.

Can you guess what animal is this?

Mamarazzi said now she finally understand one Cantonese proverb "make-up till face like a baboon's backside".

Eh big big turtle...When editing the photos, Mamarazzi baru noticed the second photo looks rather obscene. So BIG and LONG neck geh.

Baby elephant. Too bad that day the Elephant Show was cancelled.

Mamarazzi and Auntie Florence both agrees that Malacca Zoo was pretty impressive. It's not only full of animals, but also rich with flowers and plants.

Auntie Florence and Uncle Patrick were very excited to see this Daun Kodok plant. It's growing wild at the Zoo. Can be spotted along the pathway. The leaf of this plant can be eaten.

One of the lovely flowers at the Zoo.

Alamak...all the walking is very tiring leh. Wish I can take the tram.

But "driving" the tram also can la.

I had a wonderful time at the Zoo. Heard from Uncle Patrick, that Malacca Zoo is more exciting than the KL Zoo. Price is cheaper too.

That day we went, adults were charge RM7 per person. Senior citizen RM5 and kids(5 to 12 years old) RM4. But Mamarazzi saw a notice that states the price will be increase in January 2012.

NOTE : Please remember to bring along mosquitoes Repellent when you go there. The mozzie kept chasing Papa during our time there.  Maybe his blood is sweeter la coz I was bitten once only.


  1. the bum bum also take pictures kah? :P funny mamarazzi, by the this line make me laugh dont get to close near the big cage nanti lil birdie pulak kena bite ha ha ha.. love ALL THE PICTURES LOVE IS IN THE AIR :D

  2. Wow these are beautiful birds! Some were in big cages! Recharged to see more is great...Tigers, Giant Squirrels. Adventure at the zoo...the little worm hanging from the tree was neat!

  3. Buaya di darat... eeeee... scary!!!

  4. this one seems to be better than our national zoo woh..

  5. The price, is it same for all, or they charge higher for foreigner?

    Come Malacca, didn't come SG? hehe...

  6. Hahaha...I went Malacca Zoo during Raya Holiday. Yet to post also...Malas**

  7. Love to visit zoo but scare of the smell :P

  8. What a fun day at the zoo! I've never seen a monkey bum biting bird before or a black giant squirrel. We need to go to the zoo again soon. :)

  9. haha now only I know what the baboon's backside looks like! So red!! :P

  10. Yeah, we oso find Melaka Zoo much more pleasant than Zoo Negara. You didn't catch any of the animals shows there?

  11. great outing for your son. Btw, I am heading to Melaka this wed-fri and your post came on time, so I think its worth going here.

  12. Miss hearing the advert song "Let's go to the zoo.." haha.

  13. Aiyor...why you like monkey backside one? Take photo...later the monkey farts how? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  14. Ya, Malacca Zoo is anytime better than Zoo Negara.. Wanna go for a trip to Malacca soon!! Miss the food there..

  15. it has been so long since i last went to malacca zoo! miss it so much

    -FiSh :)

  16. I always take my kids to the zoo. My city zoo is very big that we can't cover all at the same time. The kids love everything zoo because they find it very interesting. And i Laughed so hard at the mosquito part...:-))

  17. Missed this during my Malacca trip ):

  18. I also understand what the expression means. LOL!! Kinda cool, got blue butt butt.HAHA

  19. I love the birds in the first photo! I love going to the zoo and haven't been in several years. I've definitely got to put it on my to-do list for next year. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

    Oh, and the picture of the baboon's butt - hysterical!

  20. waahh...syok! =D

  21. Kim

    sure were. Just too bad mamarazzi photgraphy skill not up to the standard

  22. Auntie Cleff

    this one wont makan orang one. Die already. we can makan it pulak

  23. SK

    Havent been to Zoo Negara for more than 10 yrs. But Melaka Zoo seems a lot more interesting than when the last time Mamarazzi went

  24. Sharon

    Not sure. Think price the same. Coz the notice only mention adults and children .Didnt state foreigners.

    Melaka to Singapore still very far la :P

  25. Choi Yen

    ya the smelly was there too as well as the mozzie

  26. Janae

    a few yrs go to the zoo once is not bad. Especailly go with kids. They sure love it

  27. Nava

    Hope you had a good time there

  28. Bananaz

    oh ya hor...for what ads is it ah?

  29. STP

    Not go near near and snap mah...use zoom zoom zoom mah

  30. Inspired Mom1x

    the food there is awesome . Portugis, peranakan, chinese, malay, indian and all sort...yummmmm

  31. Fish

    LOL.....but dont miss the smell and mozzie ya

  32. May

    It's mozzie breeding season. So they all chase after Papa LOL

  33. Lindy

    LOL...wondering whether the colour is natural one or being spray painted there

  34. Christina

    It's fun to go to the Zoo with kids.

  35. It looks like a relatively well-kept zoo, the animals are not skinny looking too. Is that so?

  36. A Moms Diary

    ya..and heard that there are a lot more animals here compared to Zoo Negara


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