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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ikan Bakar Parameswara at Medan Ikan Bakar Pernu-Umbai, Malacca

We set out for dinner around 6pm. Mamarazzi suggested that we try out the famous Ikan Bakar(Grilled Fish) in Malacca. Papa said the famous one is in Umbai. Off we went looking for Ikan Bakar.

After a few wrong turns, we arrived at this place. Ya, Mamarazzi is terrible at following GPS map.

As we entered the parking area, the Parking Attendant gave us a brochure featuring Grill Fish from the Parameswara Grill Fish Restaurant.

We decided to have our dinner here as the restaurant seems to have the most customers and the most scenic view.

First we had to go to the Counter to choose our seafood and method of cooking. 

As Papa, Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence were choosing the seafood, Mamarazzi and me went to look for a table.

There were places set in a boat just like the choo choo train at Victoria Station. However, we opt for the table by the water front. Very scenic view. 

At first I was reluctant to pose for photos. I wanted to look at the view and the crabs and sea creature below.

As we were waiting for our food, Papa and Uncle Patrick had the prepacked Nasi Lemak. Both of them agrees that its one of the best prepacked Nasi Lemak that they have had.

After a short while, our food arrived. 

This is Sotong Goreng Kunyit (Tumeric Fried Squid). It was delicious. The Sotong was very fresh.

Kangkong Belacan (Water Spinach Fried with Cili and shrimp paste). Yumm...the Kangkong was very young.

Kepah Masak Halia(Mussel cooked with Ginger). The mussel were very fresh. 

However, Mamarazzi feels that they have put a tad too much pepper in this dish. If it's cooks solely with Ginger it would have been good enough.

To quench our thirst and to chase away the heatiness, Papa ordered a jug of Coconut water. It was good and pretty soon we found ourselves ordering another jug.

Fried Fish in sweet and sour sauce. Again Mamarazzi likes the fish as it was fresh. The meat was sweet and juice. However, she was not keen on the cooking style.

This one is Auntie Florence's favourite. Grilled Terubok fish. Everyone loved it except for Mamarazzi and me coz the fish have a lot of bones. 

One of the bones poked my palate. 

It seems like eternity before Mamarazzi's order of fried rice arrived. Maybe they have forgotten the order till Uncle Patrick reminded them.

Naughty me...I went and dug out all the fried anchovies and ate them. I love fried anchovies. 

Mamarazzi didn't finish the fried rice as it tasted a bit bland to her as she is accustomed to a more flavourful type of fried rice.

After finishing most of the dishes, Papa was still not satisfied/full. He wanted to try out more seafood.

Papa ordered additional Butter Prawns. It came in a very big dish. But funny come Butter Prawns have oats/nestum sticking on it geh?

I thought Butter Prawns are supposed to comes with a lot of "hair" like the ones we had at Restaurant Yin Her.

We didn't query too much la. Maybe different shop have different style of cooking Butter Prawns.

Papa further ordered some Sotong Goreng Tepung(Fried Squid).

Yay...this one looks like a "Y". 

The Squid looks great but taste very rubbery. We did not finish the fried squid at all.

When we went to the counter to pay and also informed the Cashier about the rubbery squid. She said normally if the squid is large sized, it would be rubbery when fried. It would need to be cooked in other style.

Aiya....why they didn't tell Papa that earlier. Wasted betul.

Everyone agrees that the Seafood were fresh there. The only downside is that we were not accustomed to the style of cooking. Maybe it's one of those things that would grows on you as you come again. Yes, Mamarazzi would love to go there again for the grilled fish.

There was a tussle when comes to paying the bill. Everyone wanted to pay. Based on the amount of seafood and the large portion that we have had, Mamarazzi thought the bill would at least comes up to RM250. However, she was pleasantly surprised that the bills was only around RM160 and it was inclusive of the drinks and prepacked Nasi Lemak.

Here is the address should you like to try Ikan Bakar Parameswara, Medan Ikan Bakar, Pangkalan Pernu, Umbai 75460 Melaka. This restaurant opens daily except on Monday.

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  1. wow the food's all drooling la mamarazzi, look so tempting.. :D by the way in melaka got ikan bakar restaurant called muara duyung, also very scenic view. But parameswara food one look's more yummyhhh hehe they have butter prawns..!!

  2. Everything looks good and the seafood must be fresh.

  3. What is topped on the kangkung? Fried onions? >.<

  4. Wow, where to eat good food in Malacca also you know ar? "Geng" hehe... ya I also don't like fish with lots of bone. When I eat fish, I "sapu" all the parts with no bones and leave those with bones to my Mum. She loves those parts with bones.

  5. my sister and my parents mentioned about this place! they said it was suuuupppeeeeeeeerrrrrr nice.... hahaha

  6. So much seafood! The nasi lemak really one of the best? Looks like not enough sambal to me.. I love sambal! :D

  7. Evil u and mamarazzi... this post sure is intended to cekik auntie with the sotongs wan!

  8. I like the ikan terubuk if to choose among all that you have ordered.

    Really no time to go here as my holiday is more of relaxation for eg spa and some small visits here and there only.

  9. fuyoh, sedapnya!! all the food looks so yummy to me..

  10. Wow~ it's a good deal RM160 for so many seafood including prawns. I'm going to Malacca for new year eve count down...

    BTW, may i know what is the hotel name that you were ranting on your previous post. We wanna to avoid that lousy hotel.

  11. gosh... what else did you all do besides eating and eating in Malaccca? did u all go for the chicken balls? i mean chicken rice balls...

  12. We hv yet try ths leh, gonna bookmark the place and must remember not to order fried sotong.

  13. Mell-o

    Next time must go try at the Muara Sg Duyung pulak :)

  14. Veron

    wah...kena once fish bone stuck in the throat so phobia with fish that have a lot of bones

  15. Medie

    so when are you going? Christmas?

  16. Lenglui Witch

    Tak sangka wor you can eat so much sambal

  17. Auntie Cleff

    You so Cleveeeeeer :p

  18. Nava

    Ooo...maybe next time la can go

  19. TZ

    Melaka for New Year eve ah...must be fun.

    Email you already the name

  20. Alice

    Can order the Sotong Goreng but must pick small size sotong. The Girl said big size sotong when fried will become rubbery


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