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Friday, 25 November 2011

I Survived The Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale!

Yesterday morning Mamarazzi kicked me and Papa wake up super early. 8a.m already out of the house coz wanna go for the BIG BAD WOLF AFTERMATH SALE.

 But before that we went for a slight detour to pick up these

And these from Mommy Ling. So nice of her to bring us goodies all the way from Taipei. Thank you very much, Mommy Ling .

After that we went to pick up AUntie Florence and we had breakfast together. But that's another story.

By the time we arrived at South City Plaza, the sale had begun. Saw a long queue of people trying their luck to get Year 2012 Preview Passes. Mamarazzi didn't try coz sure won't get punya. Too many people in front already.

Hence we went straight in.

Fuiyo...there are still a lot of books there. Although in the BBWS FB says the condition of the books not that good, but Mamarazzi was surprised to see most of the books in the fiction and non fiction section were still good.

As for the Children section need to be careful a bit la. But then since it's only RM5 and below, Mamarazzi just simply tembak and grabbed lo.

Here are some of the books that Mamarazzi and Auntie Florence saw in the sale and some of the books they managed to grab for me and themselves.

If you are interested to go, here is the address : South City Plaza, Lot G-29 (20 Ground Floor), South City Plaza, Persiaran Serdang Perdana, Seri Kembangan. The sale will be on until 28th of this month.

Caution/Note :

1) if possible, do avoid bring small kids to the sale as it's expected to be very crowded.
2) expect long queue for payment during peak hours and avoid going at peak hours if possible.
3) Do not cut queue when paying


  1. waaahhh so jeles many great books mama kucing managed to buy..I went around 8pm, not enough time to browse all..must go again tomorrow..hehe..

  2. Really wish to go again, but no one jaga anak. :-(

    ps, Very sweet of mommy Ling

  3. Looks like you got some great books!

  4. mamarazzi purposely scared the people by that final 3 points to note.. so that ppl will avoid going and mamarazzi can have less competitors!! wakakakakaka~~ :D

  5. Hey, just wondering if you sell the books that you have read? I am interested in a few books that you have reviewed in your other blog :) Could you pls let me know? Thanks.

    Mummy to Chumsy

  6. Wahhh...banyak hasil at BBW. Dont think will be going as the crowd might be huge during weekend.

  7. waahhh... gifts galore.. and also books craze again.. hey mama, how did u do the video thingy... so canggih nowadays... very high tech liow!

  8. wah. do post a photo of how you arrange your books leh. >_<

  9. AH!!! Next time i should tumpang you to get the books for me!! Think of the crowd and the long way to South City Plaza already make me pening.

  10. I must say the part of the world you are there is so much happening.. Sounds like a great place to be. Wishing you a great weekend.

  11. Whoa, so many nice books for you. Did your mamarazzi say it's a good sale? Are all the books that were at the last sale available too?

  12. Farah

    Hope your haul is better on the 2nd day :)

  13. Alice

    Lucky you going so many times

  14. Alice

    Mommy Ling always very sweet one kekeke

  15. Christina

    Sure got..Each were USD2 and below!!!

  16. SK la...coz saw in FB so many ppl complain about the 1st day. But expected la 1st day sure will have glitches

  17. Mummy To Chumsy

    Mamarazzi is keeping the books for her library. But you are welcomed to borrow.

  18. Medie

    Tarak arrange. No place to put also. All masuk big big plastic

  19. Annie

    ya a bit far for you. kekeke...

  20. May

    Quite a lot of things happening here.

  21. Happy Surfer

    Last sale Mamarazzi missed out the 2nd wave of books that they put out. At this Aftermath sale, Mamarazzi saw some books that she missed out from the sale at MEAPS


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