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Thursday, 3 November 2011

I Go "Plop" In The Night

Sorry. Just a short post today. Both Mamarazzi and my nose ran away together again. Maybe gone for vacation to somewhere sunny gua.

I'll say padan muka Mamarazzi coz she kacau(disturb) me when I was sleeping the other day at Ah Mah's house.

Here are the videos where I goes "plop plop" and she snickering at the background. Naughty Mamarazzi!

Not my fault as I was dead tired from playing the whole day leh.

Grrrrr....kacau betul!


  1. I can't believe he didn't wake up!

  2. hahaha, this mamarazzi memang naughty naughty~~ :D

  3. good morning mamarazzi hahahha so cute one plop plop!!!!

  4. Cute sleepy Small Kucing...

    I enjoy ur blog so I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Please find more info at :

  5. Hehehehe.....I like to 'kacau' my son too when he's sleeping! ^_^

  6. Ooi! Old people say tidur cannot take photograph lah! This one, take video some more... Adoi!!! LOL!!!

  7. Hoe both of you will get well soon though the weather is a contributing factor too.

  8. This small kucing is sort of hibernating?..thought cats are supposed to be light sleepers haha. Happy plopping lolz.

  9. ur mamarazzi really naughty lor, more naughty than you...later aunty asked paparazzi to rotan ur mama ah...hehe

  10. Next time when mamarazzi is asleep, go kacau her back! Hahaha :p

  11. It means Small Kucing is real tired..

  12. hahahaha, Small Kucing, your mamarazi need to eat "Rotan".

  13. Alice

    aiks you too naughty naughty ah

  14. STP

    Old people say dont take photo mah but never say dont take video wor :p

  15. Nava

    Bad weather and everything :(

  16. Bananaz

    This sleepy cat is not :p

  17. Chloe

    Kekeke but cannot kacau Mamarazzi when she sleeping wor

  18. Shenny's Mom

    Played whole day...:p

  19. Kesian smallkucing. Who was the naughty fella disturbing your sleep, mamarazzi or paparazzi? You didn't give him/her a flying kick when you woke up?

  20. A Mom's Diary

    Mamarazzi kacau me lo...but cant kick her else she mogok wont make milk for me :p


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