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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Grilled Sotong at A Wet Thai Food Cafe @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Some where in early October, we went to A Wet Thai again for dinner. 

This round, I had their Crab Meat Fried Rice. Very delicious.

Papa and Mamarazzi had plain rice with some vegetable.

They order Kangkung with Belacan. yum yum...

And Mamarazzi's must have ..."Kerabu Kaki Ayam"

Since both Papa and Mamarazzi didn't feel like having poultry, oink oink nor fish, the lady that took our ordered suggested Grilled Sotong.

MMmmmm..surprised at the size of the Grilled Sotong. Both of them love it very much. Taste exceptionally good when dipped in the Cili Sauce provided. Will certainly come again for the Grill Sotong.

Here is their address if you wish to have a try at the Grilled Sotong  Address : No.1, Grd Floor Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong. Tel: 603 - 8060 5630.


  1. What is sotong? A squid of some kind? I love seeing your different foods:)

  2. Oooo...the kangkong!!! Oooo...the sotong!!! Oh no...the kaki ayam, no...thank you very much. Muahahahaha!!!!

  3. nice one :) but may i know why is it named 'wet thai'? haha

  4. oooh, i love that grilled sotong too, and nice if dip into the thai chili sauce..

  5. I'm not sure what sotong is--looks interesting. I would go for the crab meat fried rice. :)

  6. Tempting and another round of my kind of food, the kerabu kaki ayam and the veg though I don't fancy grilled sotong so much and I hardly cook it at home too.

  7. awhhh.. kaki ayam yummmyeh.. love it !! :D

  8. Purposely seducing someone with the grilled sotong? :)

  9. Fish

    entah la ..have to ask the boss LOL

  10. Janae

    It's Squid. taste very good

  11. Nava

    Have a try one of these days

  12. Claire

    siapa makan cili ...kekeke *evil grinz* sure "someone" going to kill me...till now tarak comment from her yet

  13. Mell-o

    memang sedap but sotong nicer

  14. I want to try the Kerabu Kaki Ayam - it looks really good!

  15. Now dinner time, the sotong makes me drooling... kekeke...

  16. Christina

    Ya the kerabu was very good. Each time go there Mamarazzi will sure to order this

  17. Sharon are a talented gal. Sure can cook this dish :)


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