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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Durian Cendol and Chill Out at San Shu Gong, Malacca

Mamarazzi had promised me "Ice Cream" when we were having lunch at Kedai Kopi Chung Wah

Hence after lunch we crossed the road and heads towards "San Shu Gong" coz Mamarazzi saw the big banner stating "DURIAN CENDOL" near the main entrance.

Mamarazzi ordered a Splashing Honey Lime Juice (RM3-90). 

Thought it comes in a glass with ice but then it came in a bottle.

When Mamarazzi asked for a glass of ice for the Splashing Honey Lime Juice, she was given this miniature cup with 4 pieces of ice. 

Well, at least I got my Ice Cream Durian Cendol(RM5-80).

Uiks...why only white ice geh?

Oooo....all the ingredient is at the bottom ya? Taste...hmmm...I don't quite like it. 

Mamarazzi had a taste and in her personal opinion it was a tad too sweet. Confirmed Mamarazzi old already la. Can't eat too sweet.

Guess different people like it different way. Many loves this Cendol.

After having the Cendol, we walked around the shop. Quite a lot of interesting to see. Check out Hilda's post on this place.

Mamarazzi didn't buy much from here. Only bought some "Keropok"(Crackers/Chips) and some fried Bilis. I love the keropoks.

As we were coming out from the shop, it started to rain. Saw this monkey "hanging out" nearby.

 For me, I love the rain.Love playing in the rain. Just too bad Mamarazzi won't let me do that.

Here is the address if you should be interested to visit this shop :-
San Shu Gong 三叔公
33, Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka.
Contact Number: 06-282 8381
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (Daily)


  1. hehehehe such a huge ice cream whoaaa... look at the monkey hahaha bergayut kat mana tu ..:D mamarazzi pergi melaka tak ajak :P

  2. Not nice eh? I think I'll stick to my Thai durian pulut dessert - that one like heaven...and also those durian pancakes. Yummmm!!!!

  3. sam suk kong ah... so expensive leh... looks too commercialized for me i never go one. haha

  4. Never have this durian cendol but again I wanna go Melaka so badly :.(

  5. Also so so for me, didnt quite like it either. Did u try the fish waffle ar? I reached there at night, no more jor.

  6. That last picture is so cute! And I would love to try Splashing Honey Lime Juice. :)

  7. Splashing Honey Lime Juice sounds like a good one to taste. There are so many food i really need to explore..

  8. I love the durian cendol and ice coffee in shan shu gong though the price's a bit on the high side. :)

  9. I love the honey lemon juice, nice nice! Thanks mamarazi for linking me :D you guys went on a rainy day? aiyoo not fun lah.

  10. Haha, that cup was really tiny! But then again maybe just right for a Small Kucing! LOL. But still, so kiamsap oh.

  11. I was at this street this afternoon but after a heavy lunch at Bess Kopitiam, could not try the durian cendol but it sure looks good.

  12. aunty also tak pernah pergi woh this Sam Suk Gung.. see the name also takut already...'sounds' so OLD...hehehe... but the cendol looks nice for me woh..

  13. Why frozen ice geh.. not like those with scraped ice and fresh ingredients? maybe jonkers street got, right?

  14. Poor boy kena shortchanged... ice cream turned out to be cendol... and he didn't like it. No compensation ar?

  15. Your recent post really needs comment.. Please open it :-))
    I have had same experience when i was in spain...

  16. You did not try the ice coffee at San Shu Gong? It's a must try, very very nice!

  17. Mell-o

    Kira last minute decision going to Melaka. The Monkey memang cute :)

  18. STP

    A bit too sweet for Mamarazzi la.

  19. Medie

    People go we also kayph go and see lo. kekekeke

  20. Choi Yen

    If you can , go find that stall with real duran pulp for the cendol la. The paste/syrup was a bit too sweet. Not sure you will like it or not

  21. Ling

    Tarak wor..coz baru ate the Chic rice still full. Tarak eat waffle lo

  22. Janae

    It would have been better if they give with a glass of ice. More thirst quenching

  23. May

    There are sure a lot of food in Melaka. Bet if you stay there 1 month also wont be enough to taste everything there

  24. Inspired Mom1x

    It was a bit too sweet for Mamarazzi. But The rest they ate the Cendol said ok

  25. Hilda

    LOL...Mamarazzi copied the address from your blog. She forgotten to jot down the address. Ya it rained just as we came out from the shop :(

  26. Tanntoot

    maybe they ran out of big glass gua ?

  27. Wyson

    the 1st time Mamarazzi know about 3 suk kong is at Endah Parade where they were promoting their brand of Mooncake many years ago. Taste great

  28. Claire

    the ingredients was at the bottom

  29. Chloe's Mommy

    Tarak compensation LOL

  30. May

    Mamarazzi just ranting out her grouses. Ya rather disappointed by the service standard

  31. Annie

    ya ka? didnt wor...maybe net time we go then will try


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