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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Dress Right With

A reader had informed Mamarazzi about this terrific website, 

At first Mamarazzi thought "Cheh...another Boutiques" ...but the reader also mentioned the magic word "Giveaway". 

Your guess is as good as mine on what happen next. Mamarazzi's "kiasu mode" kick off almost immediately

She went to the website to have a look. 

Love the presentation and layout of the blog very neat and tidy. It's a two column blog. Great for Mamarazzi coz you know the old dinosaur la. If give her four five column sort of blog, she will sure click "X" and close it. Too many column makes her eyes "juling".

Unlike other Online Boutiques that sole aim to sell dresses and accessories to their customers, seems to be different from its peers. 

This website also aims to educate their customers on the latest fashion trend and fashion sense. 

She found pretty interesting articles there. Among them are articles such as "Fashion Mistakes For Men", "How To Flatter An Apple-Shaped Body", "Dress Up Right With A Model Studio", "Tips On How To Wear Dramatic False Eyelashes and most surprising at all are reviews on others online blogshop.   

Looks like is not afraid of competition. In fact they have stumbled upon a great idea on how to turn competitors into their friends by creating a win-win situation for all.

They welcomed other online boutiques to register with them so that others can tap into their traffic and customers base.

Here are some of the boutique highlighted in their side bar.

This also give opportunity for newcomers in the market to their products online through them. It's easy to open a store with them. Just need to follow step to step guide in their website.

Further browsing leads Mamarazzi to the best news of all is this "Free Dresses for Bloggers".

Currently, is giving out Free Dresses for Bloggers. There are 10 dresses to choose from (subject to availability and approval by Choose one only, okay. Not all 10 kekeke...

The beautiful dresses are sponsored by IreneLim Fashion.

Guess, almost everyone knows about IreneLim Fashion by now. It's one of the most trendy and reliable online boutique there is.

You are eligible to participate for this giveaway if your blog is at least 3 months old and has regular postings (at least one post every week) . They also welcome blogshop owner to sponsor items for this giveaway too. The more the merrier!

If you are interested to participate, you just need to write to them at the contact sheet provided and inform them of your URL and that you are interested to blog about them. You can proceed to blog and review about them once you received green light from them.

The terms and condition of the review is very simple. Just need to write a minimum 500 words review with two links to their website of which of of the link must link to the giveaway. Once it's done and published, you'll have to notify the store owner.

Please note that the delivery cost is not included. Sendiri bayar okay. People is giving free dresses already what. Anyway, it's not that expensive. For Poslaju, the estimated delivery cost are as following: 

Klang Valley: RM6
West Malaysia: RM8
Sarawak: RM10
Sabah: RM11

But even without the giveaway, Mamarazzi thinks is pretty awesome lah. Coz they created an environment where blogshop owners can share resources instead of at each other throat for business.  


  1. wah! Sound interesting!
    Good luck mamarazzi ^^ thinking of joining too

  2. It will be very useful for those in Malaysia. Personally i like checking out new boutiques. Guess many get to see this.

  3. wah, mamarazzi's mouth so sweet and write so many good things about this site - because she wants to get some nice dresses~~ :p

  4. Hi Small Kucing,
    Thank you so much for the kind words, you have definitely made my day... err night! Can't sleep tonight. :)

  5. hey! thanks for the heads-up!

  6. sound interesting.. :D love the shoes design mamarazzi.

  7. Hey SK, our boutique here got a more interesting name, "8 Inches", ha ha.

  8. Anything for me? Muahahahaha!!!

  9. I wish shipping to the US was possible!!
    Also wanted to let you know that I am giving you a Liebster Blog Award for up and coming bloggers! You've left me some very nice comments and I just wanted to help you out and get you more of the followers you deserve!
    There's more info about it here:
    The Liebster Award!

    Have a great day!

  10. I have to agree with you that its a great blog with practical tips. My fashion and beauty articles are written by my daughter, will sent the link to her.

  11. I'm hardly buy clothes online because somehow I feel insecure with internet business. Yes, afraid of getting scammed!

    I bought once with a person who I knew from Facebook. Luckily it was a successful transaction :)

  12. No money, no talk... Must save...

  13. another giveaway. I tak larat wana blog. fever for 5 days must go do blood test jor....sigh**

  14. Thanks for sharing, gonna to check this website soon.

  15. Tempting, any closing date ah? Feel like wanna join too >.<

  16. May

    Now there are manhy upcoming online business

  17. Jessica

    Thank you for telling Mamarazzi about it :)

  18. STP

    Errr ahem ahem.....unless you wanna potong la

  19. Nava

    Hope she will sees something she fancy

  20. Faisal

    Not only you. Many people still feel uncomfortable buying online


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