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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Disappointment, A Bookalicious Treat and A Surprise.

Last week Mamarazzi saw Inspired Momx1 blogged about Popular Warehouse Sale happening at the Summit USJ from 18 Nov to 28 Nov 2011.

She thought of going there last Sunday coz we were going for the Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme, so might as well drop by Summit. 

However, we didn't go to the Summit coz Mamarazzi was horrified by all the cars queueing up from the main road to go into the Summit.

We finally went to the Popular Warehouse Sale on Monday afternoon. Not many people there. Half the space located for English books and the other half was for Chinese books.

Mamarazzi browse around and was disappointed by the selection on English books and kids books. 

There were some English fictions that she was interested in but even after 70% to 80% discount, the price were still high for her budget. 

She calculated that the prices for the books that she were interested were similar to books sold at Normal Price in BookXcess. Guess, she has been too pampered by BookXcess, Book Tree and the Big Bad Wolf Sale gua. 

After browsing for more than half an hour, she only managed to buy these two books. 

China Ghost was around RM12 while Golden Boy was around RM18 after 70% discount and 50% discount respectively.

Hearing Mamarazzi is going to the Summit, Nylusmilk told Mamarazzi about Bookalicious. 

Actually Mamarazzi know about this shop long ago. Been there once. That time, Mamarazzi was not really impressed with the shop because the offer at that time was not that attractive.

Well, since this shop is just a few step away from the Popular Warehouse Sale venue, Mamarazzi decided to drop by and look see look see. She didn't plan to buy anything coz she was saving for the BBWS Aftermath sale happening this 24th to 28th of November 2011.

However, Mamarazzi end up coming out of the shop with TWO paper bags full of books! 

Bookalicious is having sale too till 28th Novmber 2011. Check out their Facebook for the delicious promotion.

While Mamarazzi was busy book hunting, Papa and me were busy too. Unknown to her, we were busy getting a surprise for Mamarazzi.

As Mamarazzi came into OldTown Kopitiam, I presented her with this lovely bouquet of 12 roses and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" 

Mamarazzi was puzzled...huh? birthday? what birthday? Papa had taught me to say  "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!" but I silap cakap. had completely skipped Mamarazzi's mind that yesterday was Papa and Mamarazzi's wedding Anniversary. Terbalik Papa remembered but not Mamarazzi. Piak! Mamarazzi.

After presenting Mamarazzi with the roses, I started to dig what's in the bags. many things for me! But Mamarazzi said wait till go home baru can open.

Meantime, Papa ordered some more food and drinks for Mamarazzi. 

Earlier I polished off whole bowl of Chicken Hor Fun all by myself.

Papa had some Roti Pratha

Ooo...nice nice...I can have "celup celup" with it.

Mamarazzi had this delicious bowl of Prawn Noodles.

After makan, we came home and I started to dig out the stuffs there.

Mamarazzi simply LOVE the paper bags. Very beautiful with a small card hanging at the handle. I bet it would be a nice bag to put Christmas present in to give to friends.
I found a box of "My First Learning Sets" which consist of 4 books and a CD in the bag. Surprisingly it's only RM14-90.

Mamarazzi also bought two boxes of Jigsaw Puzzle for me. The box is a carry-in type of box. Very cute.

There are 28 pieces in each box. Quality is quite good. It only cost Rm12-90 a box.

She also bought some flash cards for me at RM15-50

For herself, she picked up this book for only RM9-90.

Then she spotted this gem. She had been wishing for this book since the book came out but the price was too high at that time. 

Mamarazzi saw that it's going for RM24-90 at Bookalicious but was rather disappointed to see the sticker says "Buy 2 Free 1".  

The Cashier spotted Mamarazzi's dilemma and she told Mamarazzi that they are having a promotion currently. They are giving 35% discount for those books with the blue stickers from now till 28th November and customer is not obliged to buy 2 books. Customer can buy 1 book and still enjoy the discount. 

Wah...Mamarazzi was so happy! That means after discount the book is only rm16 plus! What a bargain!

There was a young man who is attached to Bookalicious. Not sure whether it's staffs or one of the owners. 

Maybe he saw Mamarazzi was looking for bargain books or that Mamarazzi was holding "The Thorn of The Lion City"; but what ever it was he approached Mamarazzi with this Adeline Yeh Mah's book. He suggested maybe Mamarazzi would like this book and it's RM9-90 only.

Apalagi! of course Mamarazzi like that book. Hmmm...very observant of the young man to know that Mamarazzi like books related to asian.

Another interesting book that Mamarazzi spotted and bought.

The young man approached Mamarazzi again and introduced Mamarazzi to a section full of books about China from Literature, fiction and biography. 

Aiyo...Mamarazzi spotted "The Romance of 3 Kingdoms" in English priced at RM100. It's one of the books in her Wish List. She really itchy wanna buy but the see it's Vol 2. Hmm...means she'll have to go find Vol I. Lazy she didn't buy.

She managed to grab this Madame Chiang Kai Shek book for only RM19-90. She knows someone who have been drooling for this book long time already. Just nice as Christmas pressie for that someone.
When she went to the counter to pay for the purchases, she was pleasantly surprised that the young lady at the counter gave her 4 pieces of bookmarks and 4 pieces of pockets calenders. 

Wah so generous. Tak mintak terus bagi and so sekaligus so many pulak. The young lady was very friendly.

Mamarazzi would certainly go there again if they are going to have more promotion like this which does not make it compulsory for customer to "Buy 2 Free 1" or "Buy 2 for 1". The reason is that sometimes it's hard for Mamarazzi to find 3 books with blue color stickers or 2 books with yellow stickers that she wanted to have.

Yes, it has been a wonderful day. Last but not least Happy Belated Anniversary to Papa. Makan makan ganti balik today ok ka?.


  1. wow mamarazzi buy books again !! really salute you mamarazzi, you can open a book store already!!!

  2. HAHA so cuteee! Happy Anniversary became Happy birthday pulak >.< Woots more books to the collection! next time you have your own book fair :P

  3. happy anniversary hoh.....jom makan makan

  4. LOL... happy 'birthday' to ur papa and mamarazzi. Aihh... ur mamarazzi gila buku ma wud to do. Nvm, nvm, at least she got buy for u oso.

  5. glad you enjoyed shopping at bookalicious. for me if price not an issue i'd shop there anytime. i like their selections. now their xmas promo seems better than last year. book lovers should try and make a visit!

  6. Just bought Just a Little Faith kah? Read that long ago... Still prefer Tuesdays with Morrie - that's the best.

    Happy Birthday to mamakucing and happy anniversary to ibubapakucing... Aiyor! How come mamakucing can forget? Head full of books only kah? And celebrate at some place nice lah... Old Town pula... Eyewwwwww!!!!

  7. not just TWO paper bags full of books, but TWO paper bags full of books PLUS one plastic bag full of books!! hahaha.. wah, so sweet of paparazzi to remember the anniversary.. happy anniversary to you too!! :)

  8. Wah shopping may books to read, smallkucing have to eat maggi mee liao! ha ha ha!

  9. Mell-o

    But sayang wanna sell off wor.

  10. Hilda

    Hahaha...that would be the day

  11. LG

    Makan apa? Keropok lekor ke Pan Mee?

  12. AUntie Cleff

    Maybe should say buy for "us" hor hehehehehe. Eh the paper bag and the bookmarks very cantik must remind Mamarazzi to give u also

  13. nylusmilk

    For you ok la. But Mamarazzi is on a tight budget. Didn't go there last time coz see many books was under normal price and those on offer were tied in to buy 2 or 3 books baru can get discount.

    But this round Mamarazzi go again finds that the offers are much better than last time. A lot of books are on Offer price and dont have to buy 2-3 books just to enjoy the discount. It's much better this way coz wont feel "forced" to buy.

  14. STP

    Mamarazzi know that book come out long time already but have to wait for the price to come down 1st baru buy lo. Mahal leh if buy at RM30 plus RM40 plus. Anything above rm20 , Mamarazzi will sakit gigi liao. That's why have to go haunting at the remainder books store lo. AT least cheaper

  15. SK

    wah...your eye so sharp. Ya lupa count the Popular plastic. hahaha

  16. Pete

    Maggi mee also naik harga already la nowadays.

  17. That is so sweet that they got you flowers! Happy Anniversary to you, and hope you enjoy all of your new books...they look like some good reads;)!

  18. Ooh Happy Anniversary! Wah buying books again. U going this Thu morning? See u there. Maybe we can have lunch tog.

  19. Happy Anniversary to Mama and Papa! Wah..Papa is so romantic. Nasib baik Mamarazzi found the shop...great buys. :)

  20. Happy anniversary! Paparazzi is so thoughtful and romantic! :)

    I also have Adeline Yen Mah's Watching The Tree abandoned somewhere. Didn't finish reading it cos I found it very boring and too philosophical... so different compared to her Falling Leaves.

  21. Happy belated anniversary!!! What a great suprise, a big bouquet of flower, so sweet of papa kucing!

  22. Courtney

    Thanks :) Sure feels great

  23. Chee Yee

    Thanks :) Great to see you on that Thurs

  24. Chloe's Mommy

    Thanks. Oo its it? Havent start reading that yet


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