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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dim Sum at Restaurant Kong Mah, Sg Buloh New Village Again

It has been a LONG time since we visited this shop. The last time was somewhere in October 2010.

Well, we had Dimsum here the other day when Mamarazzi went "marketing" at Sg Buloh New Village

It was a Sunday and the restaurant was very full. But surprisingly the service was very fast. 

As soon as our bum bum touches the stool, a lady came and takes our order. Too bad no Kopi-O. We had a pot of Chinese Tea instead.

The Tea was served very fast too.

Waiters/Waitress bearing trays of Dimsum drop by our table non-stop. 

Papa also very "efficient" in snapping up the Dim Sum. There! The chopstick tengah "kiap" the fish balls is Papa's.

Sui Kow(Dumplings) Taste quite good. But Mamarazzi didn't like the crab stick so Papa had the Crab Sticks.

Wu Kok(Chinese Yam Paste with Meat Filling). Taste good when fresh from the wok.

Some of the dimsum that we had. Love the one with the Salted Egg Yolk on the top.

One of the "Premium" dimsum. Got something that look like "sharkfin" on top. A lot of prawns in it.

Here is the address in case you would like the have a try yourself

Restoran Kong Mah
32, Jalan Public
Kg Baru Sg Buloh
Sungai Buloh

Tel: 03-6156 1682/019-2254640


  1. The yam paste is the one of the those I always choose at dim sum, esp at the row of SS2 shops on Sundays.

    On the nangka seeds, just grab any one of my curry recipes and add it as an extra. For the stir-frying, curry leaves, chillies, ginger, garlic or the Chinese style also can.

    Try and I bet you will enjoy it.

  2. Oooo...looks so good. Haven't had dim sum for a while now, must go one of these days... Yummmmm!!!

  3. The dim sum sure look good, I like salted egg too!^^

  4. Hey ..the ham dan one lookss good for me too! the premium one must be expensive.. over ehre cost 6rm for a twenty sen shape... :)

  5. yeah, i also don't find the crab stick appearing together with the dumplings appealing.. but i like the "Wu Kok" leh, looks nice..

  6. Weekend memang crowded...but their service considered fast. U didnt order the porridge?

  7. Dimsum, one of my fave thing to have for breakfast. How about pricewise? Okay ar? My friend from Sg Buloh, maybe can ask her bring me try this shop :P

    P.S: Thanks for the concern, the leg is better now but still got bruise ):

  8. luckily reading ur post won't make me fat but make me drools....

  9. Uncle Eugene got come here see see you lol,,,, but too bad,uncle eugene no like dim sum,cos they say got cholesterol high high,,, and uncle Eugene old must take care lol,,

    next time you got post post healthy food posts or not?

  10. Yum.. haven't had dim sum in a while. Nice spread! How's the pricing?

  11. Oh the dimsum now comes in two's instead of three's per plate. In time to come one piece siew mai in one plate, one fish ball in another plate. When as a kid thought I saw 4 siew mai or har kao in a plate one? Shrinking in a nicer way? Wow Papa is pretty fast with chopsticking, you better practise more kiap-ing kungfu from now.

  12. Never had dim sum with salted egg yolks before. Must keep an eye on some of those if I go for dim sum again.

  13. awhh looks nice and yummy he he nak try lah..btw restoran ni pork free or not? kalau pork free mello nak cuba :)

    anyhow thanks for droppin by my page last nite he he mamarazzi dah dinner?

  14. OH my goodness...that looks so delicious. Gimme some Dim Sum!

  15. THis post reminds me that long time I didn't eat dim sum already.

  16. Wow...their service so fast arr.... dim sum are so delicious hor

  17. Oh I think I have been to this restaurant before but many years ago. They are still there? Oh I LOVE salted eggs!

  18. Nava

    Thanks for the recipe :)

    The yam paste one at the Bidor shop also very good

  19. ALice

    ya the salted egg one is very nice

  20. Claire

    Duno how much coz it was in a lumpsum

  21. Yee Ling

    no wor....maybe next time la

  22. Hilda

    Price wise normal . Not that expensive

  23. Eugene

    see only mah..not eat ..sure no problem one la

  24. Lenglui Witch

    Not that pricey. Normal price

  25. Lady G

    Now the dim sum shop comes up with all sort new dimsum

  26. Mell-o

    sadly not pork free :(. But the dim sum at Restaurant Oversea is pork free i think. Nice dim sum there

  27. Veron

    we tend to do that some times. Will kinda "forget" certain shop hahaha


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