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Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Children's Life of Christ -The Trial of Jesus and Restaurant Min Kok, Seremban

As per The Children's Life of Christ "The Trial of Jesus" written by Enid Blyton, the bad guys in managed to capture Jesus but they had to find a reason to condemn him. Hence the went and find people to "accuse" Jesus of wrong doings. However, the "accuser" can't agree what Jesus had done wrong. They made up story.

Jesus was brought to the Council and in front of Caiaphas. The Caiaphas asked Jesus if he is Christ, the Son ofThe Blessed One. Jesus answered that he is and in time they will come to see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of God's Power, and coming in the clouds of Heaven.

The Caiaphas was very angry and accused Jesus of blasphemy for he does not believe what Jesus spoken is the truth.

The Council decided to put Jesus to death. They mocked and scorn Jesus. Poor Jesus. He was among the enemy. Enemies who would stop at nothing to see Jesus put to death.

Papa and Mamarazzi also crazy. Stop at nothing to cari makan. That was the reason which we have gone missing for a few days.

Early in the morning dragged me wake up. Say go gai-gai cari makan wor. 

Gai-gai till Seremban. Makan Dim Sim at Restaurant Min Kok. Been there once last year.

 We had "Wu Kok" made of Yam and oink oink. Yummy. Very fresh and crunchy.

Had various types of Dim Sum. Taste still as good as last year experience. Still a tad too salty for Mamarazzi but the rest of the gang said it's okay.

We had Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun. Too bad they don't have mixed ones. Hence we ordered on plate that is made of BBQ Pork and another that is made of prawns.

One minor incident happen with the Chee Cheong Fun. The Waiter's finger got into the Cili Paste and he wiped his finger on our table cloth thinking that we didn't notice. eyes see lah. 

We also had Pau. Mamarazzi's eyes nearly dropped out. Wondering how the restaurant can make the Pau "open mouth" so big. Those that she made one were not as nice as these.

Mamarazzi ordered this bowl of porridge for me but I was not in the mood of eating. She walloped all. Said taste god. There were chicken meat, century eggs and some other stuffs in the porridge. 

Here is the address should you feel like dropping by Seremban tin the morning for breakfast. No 7645, Lot No 5990, Jalan Labu Lama(Terminal 2), 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan tel:06-7618458.


  1. going around the nation on food hunt! So awesome :)

  2. gosh what happened to lil boy? why is he crying? T.T but crying face looks so comel he he he.. opps..porridge and dim sum again? tak ajakkkk pun... nak cry juga la, like lil boy..

  3. Kenot blame u la... appetite oredi spoiled, how to makan? If auntie oso... waiter punya finger masuk dalam pinggan and buat bodoh aje, auntie oso no appetite to eat. mana tau baru come out from toilet ka, or baru korek hidung ka... eyerrr!

  4. I visited a Chinese restaurant today, i really enjoyed the fried rice i ate there, but there was this vegetable i hated.. I forgot the name. It makes me drink so much water...All the same, i can see you all had fun...Keep enjoying your weekend..

  5. Small Kucing, did you enjoy the makan angin drive whilke Mamarazzi went cari makan to Seremban? Next time she wanna cari makan for Dim Sum again ask her to come to Klang and try the Bandar Bukit Tinggi Dim Sum in front of Giant hypermarket. Remember the Klang BBT, not the Pahang one.

  6. Looks very nice. Seremben not far from KLIA, right? Hmmmm...if only I could find some kind soul to take me go and eat these...

  7. LOL! poor Small Kucing.... Fast fast become get big so ur parents won'ttag u along & leave u alone. =)

  8. Nice yam rolls, fried to crispy and very tempting, I always order this during my dim sum session out.

  9. ur mama really pannai cari makan lor, till seremban lagi..aunty stay so nearby hor, only pernah pergi once..yet u all stay so far already the 2nd time...hahaha

  10. i've been here before, when i was on my way to johor. it was a great restaurant :)


  11. LOL, wht's wrong with the 1st pic?!!

    Ah Ha, paiseh.. I don't knw Seremban(My husband's kampung) got such nice Dim Sum shop. *hit head 3 times

  12. Next time go Seremban, makan at TC Keong la. Dai chow - super nice. Can find the address on my blog.

  13. May

    Maybe they put too much MSG in it :P

  14. Autumn

    Lucky you say not the Pahang one LOL

  15. Sharon

    Nearly everyone will like it

  16. Wyson

    kekeke maybe will go soon leh

  17. Fish

    not bad but the food is a bit salty for us. But as the saying goes each person have different tastebuds

  18. Alice

    Now you know lo. Can go next time

  19. Baby Sumo

    ooo okie noted. if next time go around lucnh time or dinner time will go there


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