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Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-Jesus Is Captured by Enid Blyton

One evening after my bath, I refused to go to bed. I wanna play some more. Wokay, Mamarazzi let me play some more.

Hmm...after awhile she noticed that I was suspiciously quiet. And this was what she found.

Me...sleeping so comfortably in my "nest". Managed to capture this in her camera.

Speaking of capture, Jesus was captured due to Judas betrayal. Jesus had warned his disciples that the crowd is coming for him and it was true.

Judas leads them there and told them that the man that he, Judas, going to kiss is Jesus. And he went on to greet and kissed Jesus as he usually did.

Jesus knew that kiss and said to Judas,  "Do you betray me with that kiss?".

Then he proceeded to meet the crowd and asked them who they are looking for. They told him they are looking for Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus replied that he is the one and yet the crowd did not press forward to arrest him.

Again he asked who they are looking for and again they replied Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus replied again that he is Jesus of Nazareth, the one that they are looking for but to let his friends go. But yet the crowd was afraid to arrest him.

Peter wanted to defend Jesus but he was told by Jesus to put down his sword. 

At last even Peter also flee from the scene leaving Jesus alone with his enemies.


  1. play until ter sleep. so cute la!

  2. Suspiciously quiet! Jesus knew the betrayal...

  3. Eeee...old people say cannot take photos of people sleeping ahhhh.

  4. Such a great photo! And an important scripture story to remember.

  5. I like all your Sunday postings relating to god and thanks for that.

  6. that's a very rare pose ha ha ha funny lil boy but always look cute one!

  7. nakal kucing...tak nak tidur

  8. What a super sleeping pose! Especially with his feet resting on the pillow, haha.


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