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Thursday, 24 November 2011

3 Star Hotel With 0 Star Service

There will be two posts today. The comments for this post is purposely closed coz it's a ranting post. You may skip reading this if you wish. Next post will appear at noon today.

We were pretty much tired out after all the walking and all the eating. Mamarazzi suggested that we check into the hotel and get some rest since it was raining very hard. Can't do much of sight seeing anyway.

Hence, Papa drove up to the hotel. It was after 3pm. It was a 3 stars hotel. Papa and Mamarazzi had stayed there before and the rooms and service was okay. This round they booked the same hotel.

When we arrive at the main door, there was no doorman on duty although their website clearly show Doorman opening door for the guests.

At the Reception Counter, the lady's attitude was pretty lax. No welcome greetings and not much of smile.

We were finally given our room key. No bellboy help with the luggage. No problem at that moment as we didn't have much luggage also.
When we arrived at our room, we discovered the small lock at the room door was spoilt.  Well, never mind, we can always use the other lock.

When Mamarazzi bath me, she noticed that the bathroom wall and floor have dark coloured stains. Hmmm....looks like they didn't clean the wall and floor properly.

It took the water heater very long to heat up. I have to take a cold bath 
I was practically shivering when I got out of the bathroom. Worse still is the air-conditioning of the room siau siau a bit. 30celcious also very cold.

That night Papa had to off the A/C to sleep coz it was too cold.

Mamarazzi is the type that is scared of cold. She was darn tired and wanted to sleep but can't coz the body was sticky from the day's adventure. 

She told Papa let's ask for a change of room la since the Water Heater is not working. 

Then Papa said no point as the water heater and A/c is centralised. Other rooms will be the same. 

Some more maybe they never on the water heater yet coz from his experience some hotel switch off the water heater at certain time to save cost.

Then, she thought up an idea. Maybe just boil some hot water with the kettle that the hotel provided and "mandi kerbau" lah.

Mana tau when she plugged in the was not working. 

Fuiyoh...apa lagi...smokes coming out from the top of her head la. 

Then Papa asked her to use the room phone to call the House Keeping. But tarak number for House Keeping there. Only have number to the Reception and number to the Operator.

Mamarazzi dialed for the Reception first. Rang so long but nobody pick up the phone. Mamarazzi was very angry already. Papa asked what's wrong. Mamarazzi said all the employees "Mampus" already.

Then Papa tried to call. Also the same result. Called Reception nobody takes the call. Called Operator also the same. There was one attempt when Papa was holding the phone waiting for someone to answer, Papa fell asleep coz too tired. Snored a bit.

Papa also got fed up coz was trying for more than 20 minutes. If say Reception or Operator go to the washroom also won't be so long gua???.

Papa used the handphone to call the Hotel's mainline. Somebody answered the call and kena Papa perli whether anyone working on that day or not. The one who answered the call said maybe the phone in the room is spoilt but almost immediately the room phone rang. It was from the Hotel enquiring what's the problem. Papa explained to them.

The person on the line then told Papa that the electric socket at the Kettle place is spoilt. Then said Kettle had to be plugged into the socket next to the television.

WTF! the room is not in a tip top condition, why the heck give it out for guests??! Moreover, the period that we were there was not a peak period nor a weekend. There were plenty of empty rooms around.We are paying guests. It's not as if we stay there for free.

And on the day that we check out, we had our hands full with luggage and stuffs. There were several hotel staffs chit chatting at the restaurant's welcoming desk which is located 10 steps away from the Main Door. Nobody came and help open the door for us. Mamarazzi got so angry that she practically kicked the door open.

It is understandable IF the period that we stayed there is peak. The staffs maybe too busy to monitor the cleanliness of the room, to answer the phone immediately, to hold the door open for guess and to ensure the room in a tip top condition. However, it was not. Their attitude were pretty lax.

If this is a motel, hostel or even a lower stars hotel then it is understandable la. Definitely will not be returning to the hotel anymore.
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