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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Time Out During Breakfast

After having Satay Celup at Ban Lee Siang, we went back to the hotel to ZZzzzzzz..I don't know what time Papa and Mamarazzi Zzzz but I Zzzzz after drinking my nightly milk. Not from Mamarazzi but bought from the store.

The next morning we woke up early to have our "complimentary" buffet breakfast. Not really complimentary as have to pay RM9 for two person. Not bad lah since it's in the Hotel itself.

Looks like saying grace but I was not. Mamarazzi knew that I like noodles and sausages so she got me some of it. 

I ate a bit of the noodles and Mamarazzi have me a piece of Sausage. 

I "Hamster" the sausage for don't know how long. 

In case you are wondering what is "hamstering", it's a new word Mamarazzi created for me as i like to keep food especially meat in my cheek for a long time. Refuse to chew and swallow the meat. 

Mamarazzi got herself a plate of Nasi Lemak. 

Hmm...not sure why the rice is green in color but it sure smell great. Just too bad the rice was a bit soggy. Otherwise everything is perfect.

 Papa took some fruits.

The sausage which I have "hamstered" finally came out again and Mamarazzi went and get some noodles for me. 

Usually I love Yellow Noodles with soup. But this round, I played the fool.

Mamarazzi was furious and I was punished. Time out for me. Chair facing away from the table.

Papa, Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence had the Half Boiled Eggs. 

At first Auntie Florence thought it's Hard Boiled Eggs. Lucky for her as Papa broke the eggs first and discovered that it's Half Boiled Egg. No labels at place.

 Papa also had some toast.

Mamarazzi tried to have some porridge but after a mouthful she didn't like it. She said the porridge tasted funny for her.

They also have some Dim Sum and Paus but it was nothing to shout about.

Well, can't complaint much since it's only RM9 for two person. Even if eat outside the price would have been much higher. 

After a full stomach, (except mine) we set off for our adventures.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Malaysia Air Festival 2011 at Subang Skypark Terminal

On Sunday after brunch, Papa brought us to Subang Airport for the Malaysia Air Festival 2011. 

Hmm....lucky am clever enough to bring along umbrella as it started to rain just as we got there.

While waiting for the rain to stop, we hang out at Starbie.

Then Mamarazzi heard got children laughing and clapping hands. 

Being curious, she brought me to search for the source of the sound.'s this man. He was doing some tricks and at the same time educating the public about things that fly up like balloons and hot air.

Very funny man.

The rain finally stopped and we head outside to see the Static Display of Aircrafts and air shows.

Many small planes on display. Where are the BIG BIG Planes? Aiya...if tarak Sultan Brunei plane there(on a dream mode), at least la plonk one MAS or AIR ASIA Aircraft there. Let visitor go in and peek ...even peek the toilet also okay la.

Very disappointing. Every aircraft there is a sign that says "DO NOT TOUCH".

I think the largest aircraft in display was this Helicopter.

Hmm..tak syok geh ! Every thing also cannot touch. I thought can at least go inside the Cockpit and sit there or at least go in and look see look see.

What else to do ah? jumping at puddles of water?

Uiks...this is also an aircraft ah?

Cannot go into the plane cockpit, so go into the driver seat of this super elegant car also can la. Brrrrrooom brrrooommmmm.....

Finally something is happening. Air show starting? mistake. Not air show. It's the Berjaya Airplane landing. Full of passengers. 

The man with the two Lollipops stick is guiding the plane where to "park".

Okay...finally airshow begun. 

Hmm...wonder why no Commentator informing the public on what aircraft is on the air, who is the Pilot and what stunts the Pilot is doing up there. It would have made the experience more memorable.

Sorry ya for the poor quality of the Video. 

Though it was cloudy but the sun was still to bright for Mamarazzi to follow where the plane had flown to.

Saw got someone being interviewed.

"Zebra Car" ! Come..let's go there!

Tippy Toes..peek peek.

Papa got permission from the man for me to go into the car.

No buttons geh...not like Papa car. I wonder if the man would let me drive the car.

On second thoughts..better not. I have no Driving Licence. Got Police car parked nearby. Later I kena Police tangkap.

Come on...let's go McD la. Tired and hot.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Restoran Ban Lee Siang, Malacca.

You would have thought after that huge dinner at Umbai and the Putu Piring, we would have been satisfied and call it a night.

Nope. We went cari makan some more. This round we go for Satay Celup(Steamboat Satay) .

Papa drove us to Restaurant Ban Lee Siang. We have been to this restaurant before

Hmm....Mamarazzi kinda surprised to spot this notice pasted on the refrigerator. Both shops are next to each other. Wondering what had happen.

Anyway, no eyes see la. I went to get the "satay" la.

We didn't take much. Saja wanna lepas gian. The Satay is priced RM0-60 a stick. Not that pricey.

Wah..they gave me such big SPOON ah? Mamarazzi told me it's use to stir the "steamboat" so that the gravy won't get burnt.

Getting ready to wallop.

Errr...spicy or not?

One minute ah...I huff and I puff first.

This is Mamarazzi's favourite. Yumm....the gravy still taste very good. Full of sesame seeds too.

Here is the address : Restaurant Ban Lee Siang, 45E, Jln Ong Kim Wee, Melaka, GPG : 2.202742, 102.243994. Tel : 06-2841935. Opens daily from 5.30pm onwards.

Can you guess where did we went next?

Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-Jesus Goes Before Pilate, The Roman Governor

Continue off from The Children's Life of Christ book by Enid Blyton, The Jews dragged Jesus to Pilate who is the Roman Governor. They can't put Jesus to death except with the words from Pilate.

When they comes upon Pilate, they were asked what had Jesus done wrong in order for him to be put to death. The Jews can't answer. Instead they make up some trump up charge against Jesus. Said that Jesus have been stirring people to go against the Roman since he was at Galilee.

Pilate knew that Jesus had done nothing wrong and had meant to set him free. Hence when he heard Jesus came from Galilee, he decided that Galilee is under Herod's rule and told the Jews to bring Jesus to Herod.

Herod hearing about Jesus miracles works had wanted to see some miracle himself. He ordered that if Jesus wished to be set fre4e, Jesus is to perform a miracle for him. He was surprised that Jesus did not do so. He begin to lost his temper and mocked Jesus. Told his servant to bring his cloak to put on Jesus to mock him. 

When they are finished with Jesus, Herod sent him back to Pilate.

Pilate had decided that he will not put Jesus to death. 

At the Festival of Passover, it was the custom for the Governor to set any one prisoner free at the people's request. Pilate had planned to set Jesus free. He gave the people the choice whether to set Jesus free or Barabbas a well know murderer. 

The people demand that Pilate free Barabbas instead. Pilate was at lost. At time moment, a servant came from Pilate's wife who convey a message from his wife begging Pilate not to harm Jesus as she had a dream about Jesus.

The people were shouting for Jesus to be crucified. Pilate was dismay at their demand. As he can't do nothing more, Pilate instructed his servant to bring a basin of water and there he announced that he is washing his hands on the matter and that his hands are innocent of the blood of Jesus who is a good man. He is not to be blamed for Jesus death .
The Jews cried out in one voice that they will take the blame and Jesus blood will be on theirs and their children.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Satisfaction at Restaurant Wadi Al-Nile

After we came back from Malacca last Friday, we decided to go and have Egyptian and Yamani cuisine. Where else if not at Wadi Al-Nile Restaurant.

Nah...actually not "we" decide la. Mamarazzi decided punya coz she wanna bodek "someone". To meet up with "someone" and pass her the Nyonya Curry Powder. *A BIG hint hint*

Uncle Patrick and Auntie Florence had never had these type of food before. 

We ordered several several types and shared.

Papa opt for Kabsah Lamb Rice.Everyone agrees that the Lamb was very tender .

Mamarazzi had Mandy Rice with the Kabsah Chicken. The Mandy Rice looks a bit like the Nasi Briyani that we had not long ago. 

But she says somehow it taste nicer than the Nasi Briyani. Hmmm.. I wonder what the Chef put in this Mandy Rice.

The Chicken was tender and flavourful.

Uncle Patrick had Hanith Chicken. 

Fuiyoh...Mamarazzi regret that she didn't order this one. The aroma was very good. 

Of course la since the Menu states that the Chicken Meat is steamed with over 10 herbs and spices. 

Auntie Florence was delighted with her Hanith Lamb Rice. She was surprised that the Lamb meat was not "smelly" and wonders how the Chef managed to get rid of the Lamb Meat unpleasant smell. 

"Someone" had this one. You can find her comment on this Mandy Chicken Rice at her blog.

Each of us were given a bowl of Soup. A bit sourish and sweet. Goes well with the rice.

Auntie Florence praised this Chili Sauce sky high. She loves it.

Papa also ordered some Hummus to be shared.

Mmmm...finally had some satisfaction after that Nasi Briyani the other day. 

Ate in a hurry. Oppss...table all messy liao.

Fast fast wipe wipe wipe....nobody sees.

Magic show....kejap ada...kejap takde liao...hahahaha.

Again, here is their address Wadi AL-Nile Restaurant, No 72-0, Block J, Platinum Walk, No. 2, Jalan Langkawi, 53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-41312356.

Disclaimer (Copied from Auntie Little Bird's Blog) : This is not a paid food review or an invited food review, but I highly recommend this restaurant to those who loves exotic Arabic food. The food from this restaurant is really good and the owner of this restaurant is also very friendly. Good food and good price.

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