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Monday, 24 October 2011

Uncle Chua Kopitiam, Kuala Trengganu

After my big head smashed the glass door, Ah Mah mogok. No dinner for me.

No la...actually we had dinner at home la but later on Papa said wanna go jalan-jalan. Sambil itu I took the opportunity to bodek Papa to buy me "Ice Cream" la.

Now, K.T very "modern" already.Many restaurants had pop-up.

We end up at Uncle Chua Kopitiam. It's something like "Old Town Kopitiam". They have free WiFi and stuffs like that. many types of "Ice Cream" to choose from.

My "ice cream" yet to arrive but Mamarazzi Lemon Ice arrived liao. Try a bit....aiks sour leh...ish ish ish...what la this Mamarazzi. Like sour drinks pulak.

Yippee! My "Ice Cream" is here. Really looks like in the picture leh. A lot of things in it.

 Hmmm...why the ball ball here looks weird geh

 Got "tail" one.

Naughty Papa. Said looks like sperm pulak.

 Papa had Sandwiches

While Mamarazzi had Garlic Bread . She would preferred it to be more crunchy.

Mushroom soup. Cannot compare with Marche but at least it's better than some.

Pricing seems to be similar to KL pricing. Here is the address in the event that you like to chill out with friend while enjoying the free WiFi :

Uncle Chua Kopitiam
No M1-1-4, Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin
20000 Kuala Trengganu


  1. haha, why mamarazzi purposely pick those sperms out?? BTW, i'm also curious to know what are those made of actually..

  2. LOOK like sperm meet egg cell :D

  3. lol, the "helly" balls with tail really looks intriguing.

    hey, i love small kucing's expression on the sour drink.. I can virtually imagine him going eeeee . lol!

  4. Marche.... >.< mention that auntie will teringat the mushroom soup. From last time until now try to imitate their mushroom soup, never jadi. :( Give up jor, tak tau wud they put inside the soup until become so nice!

  5. Nice place! I'd love the sandwiches. Eeeee...whytheballs got tail one? Like your hair at the back of your head. LOL!!!

  6. Small Kucing expression is so cute... hehe...

  7. Nowadays the eateries capitalizing the name "Uncle" this "Uncle" that. Love the ice cream ehhh sperm balls hahaha?

  8. aijor...the balls really look funny la.

  9. Hi SK, you in Trengganu? Wow! I sure miss this place, as well their nasi dagang.
    Used to stay very often at Primula hotel too. And love their pasar malams....only thing they speak a foreign language there, ha ha.
    Love the cute pics.

  10. the mushroom soup are loaded with diced mushrooms.

  11. That Lemon ice is one in a million. I can see you Mamarazzi is having a good time. You can come over to my blog and link up in Exposure 99% weekday hop. Wishing you a great week.

  12. The balls balls will explode in mouth once you bite it?

  13. Lovely colorful ice-cream and nice to look at.

  14. Wow, didn't know kopitiam also sells icecream, thought they only sells special coffee & snacks. That is good.

    And the 'sperms' look huge LOL

  15. Can feel the sour from his face..ha!~

  16. Naughty paparazi ha? hehe... Like father like son is it?hehehe

  17. Okay, that's the most unique "ice cream" I've ever seen!

  18. SK

    Saja curious ma...entah wat it's made of

  19. Auntie Cleff

    hahaha....jom Marche again

  20. Courtney

    WOndering who invented those :p

  21. Sharon

    you'll be too of you drink that

  22. Bananaz

    Then you open one shop la call Auntie LOL

  23. Uncle Lee

    Was there. Primula still there and a lot of other hotel have mushroom-ed too

  24. Puan Isah

    Now the word "Kopitiam" they have a lot of things aleready...some good some not that good


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