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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Time at Pantai Batu Burok and Makan at Mike2 Seafood Restaurant

The next day after the incident, Papa finally brought me to the beach with Jie Jie Lin.

 Let's go

 My old Kite spoilt already. Papa bought a new one for me.

It's a colourful "Jellyfish" kite.

 While flying the kite, saw an Eagle.

Pretty soon I got bored with the Kite. Cheh....not fun get. It just kept flying only. Nothing much.

Play sand better la. Make sand castle with Jie Jie.

 Uiks!!! Look there. 

 Before this a lot of kites wor...suddenly close stall geh..

Aiyo...the weather here crazy-lah. It was sunny and suddenly rain clouds appeared. 

We got into the car just in a nick of time before the rain came pouring down like cats and dogs.

That night, we had dinner at Mike2 Seafood Restaurant.

I wanted Soya Bean but when the drinks arrived, I was moody. Sleepy. Played too much. Didn't have my afternoon nap.

 Water Crest soup came and I didn't have mood for it. I say too salty.

 Fried Rice also no mood for it.

 Choy Tham(Baby Kailan) came, I also don't have mood for it.

 Finally, Fried Salted Chicken came.....

Naughty Papa and Mamarazzi gave me Chicken Bum Bum to eat. Say good for skin wor...I had one bite and.....

Hmmm...I merajuk...dun wanna friend Papa and Mamarazzi liao.


  1. does it taste like? sampai that face so beh-song leh...hehehehe~

  2. lol! small kucing facial expression. I love it!

  3. So jahat! Moody! Long face! If I were your papa, I'd leave you at the beach.... Muahahahahaha!!!!

  4. love the pony tails he he mamarazzi, the lil boy looks like tengah merajuk pasal crazy wheather :D

  5. Auntie Claire wanted to eat bum bum also cannot.. see and drool here only!

  6. Nice vacation in East Coast of Malaysia eh~

  7. the kite seems to be bigger than small kucing, small kucing sure can play or not?? :D

  8. Those kites are awesome!!! I haven't flown one in forever...
    Angela @ First Comes Baby...

  9. Wah...his 'tail' can put on the ear somemore. hehe....

    the salted fried chicken look so delicious.

  10. Hahhaa u don't like bum bum? So smooth and fatty... really good for skin! hehe

  11. aiyo so bad, give u bum bum lol

  12. Looks like a fun day. I'm glad you didn't get soaked. His little faces are so cute.

  13. aiyor.. merajuk haha!

    so nice.. go beach... i also want.. but that day iw ent outside under sun for about 4 hours.. sunburnt haha.

  14. Claire

    come come belanja u eat :p

  15. SK

    cannnnnn...not blown away by the wind :p

  16. Angel

    weekends there would be more

  17. Lenglui witch

    no,,,,dun like bum bum

  18. LV time put sunblock leh


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