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Friday, 21 October 2011

The Ship That Brings Hope - LOGOS HOPE

After the fantastic Roti Canai breakfast, we went to a ship pulak. 

Mamarazzi had heard about this Floating Book Fair ship for many years but never got the chance to go. 

Recently she saw Auntie Alice posted about this ship. Well, why not go?

Typical Mamarazzi...from far already excited. Kiasu wanna snap photo of the ship  even before go for parking

The parking lot was quite empty coz it was a week day. 

Heard that uring weekend, people queue up for 2 hours just to get into the ship leh. 

 Snap some picture first. 

Aiks.......downloading what ah? Eh's Tiger Beer. Get free Tiger Beer ke if visit the ship?

Saw quite many of school kids coming back from the ship with their teachers. 

Laa......Mamarazzi wanna snap photos pulak tu. Faster la...

See! The arrow says go that way!

 Excited. Jumping like a Monkey. No glass door here for me to hit.

Up up and away. 

Watching the "TV" on whats Logos Hope is about. ...wah...very empty......can posing a bit.

The Kor Kor there thought am 5 years old.

After watching the "TV", I get to "drive" the ship pulak...turn turn turn.

 Walking down the "Memory Lane" with Uncle Patrick.

Ahem ahem....SEXTANT? Adik-beradik with Tongkat Ali ka? Nope? 

Ohhhh..."it's a navigational instrument used to measure the altitude of celestial bodies in order to determine one's location and direction.The Sextant is still used today as a backup, in case more sophisticated systems, such as Global Positioning , should failed."

 Faster, Uncle Patrick. Later, people grabbed all the books.

 Typical Anak Mak....

Books are priced in units. 100 units = RM8. Mamarazzi noticed the prices of the books here are slightly lower that at normal book stores.

She can't help grinning when she saw the Mickey Mouse Book and The Car book here. Priced at 500 units and 400 units, respectively. 

She got them at the BBWS at RM12 and RM8 respectively. But can't compare la since BBWS is a warehouse sale.

The staffs there was very helpful. Service with a smile. Helped us to locate some SUDOKU books for Uncle Patrick.

The Cashiers were very friendly too. Asked if Mamarazzi would like to make some donation to the ship.

Just after the Payment counter there was an area where if we buy a HOPE Bag for RM40, we get to pick any 3 books there to go with the bag. Mamarazzi didn't buy

But she proceed to look for Papa and me at the Cafeteria. She have to pass through this section. She thinks maybe there are motion detectors there coz as she walked a voice will start telling story from the panels. It's the adapted story from the Bible about The Boy Who Went Away.

Very lovely story.

Mamarazzi saw a mother and a son standing by the panels , hugging and listening to the story. 

Then she came to the Kids Corner. Found me playing with the toys there. The Cafeteria was quite empty.

Thought wanna buy some Ice Cream for me but look see look see at the menu.."No Ice Cream-lah!" RM5. Ahem....means no ice cream or is it the name of the ice cream? The people there sure have great sense of humour.

So...what did she get me? This Cute nursery rhymes book at RM16.

Here are the books that she got. 

 Got me this cute elephant toy but too bad I tak layan.

These two are the books that I have chosen and asked Papa to buy for me. Hehehe...


  1. Auntie went there today. So excited. But mana tau, go inside, terus feel claustrophobic at the book section cuz shelf dekat dekat with each other and quite a lot ppl. But the staff are very helpful... auntie muntah that time asked if auntie is ok and if auntie needs any medical attention.

    Even tho feel abit sesak in there, auntie stayed there til they almost tutup kedai. Din buy any books, but bought souvenirs. So happy! :P

  2. wow where is this mamarazzi ? the place look good!!! is it far from KL?

    Buy book again? OMG mamarazzi book fever is back again he he

  3. sextant=adikberadik tongkat ali... hahaha....... nice guess...

  4. Used to come to Sibu and I used to go - during my school days. Last time, not so big and not so nice... Now, never come here...maybe the river not deep enough for the big ship.

  5. Hehe, the crews are really friendly, tht's why my anak keep pestering me to go again! It's a good opportunity 4 her to mingle with other nations and play with Ang Mor.:p

    Kesian Auntie Cleff...

  6. I think sooner or later your mamarazzi will have a mini-logos ship in your house.. Logos Land..

  7. So did your mamarazzi buy you 'no ice cream lah'...LOL!!

  8. the ship that brings hope, and it is indeed a magnificent one!! huge from the outside, grand from the inside..

  9. Wished I could go on a weekday.. The place looked so inviting without the crowd. Hahaha..

  10. What? More books? *pengsan first* haha!

  11. Auntie Cleff

    aiyo...hat day we went tarak orang . Only a handful

  12. Mell-o

    Mamarazzi just emailed you. It's at port Klang

  13. Fadli

    coz Mamarazzi otak kuning...kekeke

  14. STP

    the ship have been travelling many year. Each time Mamarazzi no chance to go. Only this year can go

  15. Alice

    Memang friendly crews. And helpful too.

    Haiz...auntie cleff if you sumbat her food she will be ok one. SHw waiting for your bread :p

  16. Claire

    I want Lego Land better...hint hint...Xmas :p

  17. SK

    Inside kecil la but very friendly crews lo

  18. Inspired Mom 1x

    Ya terkejut saw your post say have to wait 2 hours. So hot some more leh

  19. I've only been on the Doulous once, they seemed to be using the same pricing system. Saw some C.S Lewis and Beatrix Potter books last time, but didn't have any money back then.

  20. I heard about this logos hope but no fate to go also lah, so far away. Fuahhhh more books to the collection!

  21. I miss this. Oh my! So sad! I had been informed by my lecturer regarding this book fair in a big cruise but I guess, never got the chance to go and see :(

  22. Hilda

    maybe next year can go again

  23. Have read so many bloggers' trip to the ship :-) Books are much more expensive than BBW sales right?

  24. A Mom Diary

    Yes the prices there are slightly higher than BBWS but cant compared la since this one is a Book Fair. Price higher a bit also okay la. Moreover the money goes to charity


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