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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Restoran Kar Heong, Kota Damansara

The other day Mamarazzi said feel like eating Steam Chicken. Papa google and found that there is one shop which was highly recommended in Kota Damansara.

Too bad when we arrived, the shop was closed. 

Well, we round and round then came to Restaurant Kar Heong. Mamarazzi had once in their branch at Subang Jaya and she was not impressed with the food there. In her personal opinion it tasted so so only.

However, since her tum tum was playing drum darn loud, we decided to give a chance to the Kota Damansara outlet.

Mamarazzi shared the Chinese Tea with me as they run out of Soya Bean that day. Papa had Katt Chai Asamboi.

Hungry...faster arrange plates first.

I had rice and it comes it a bowl of soup.

Papa and Mamarazzi had the Hor Fun. She said yummy. The Hor Fun was very "licin"(Smooth) and the soup tasted very sweet.

Papa ordered half a Kampung Chicken. The chicken meat was very smooth and can taste the chicken was young chicken. Delicious.

Ordered a plate of Taugeh(Bean Sprout) portion for one person. Just like those  Ipoh Taugeh, these were fat fat and round round ones.

Being kiasu, Mamarazzi ordered a bowl of Dumplings. Not one of the best in town but also not bad. In fact it tasted quite good.

Can't wait to dig into my rice. 

Parking maybe a problem as this shop is located nearby 3 famous dessert shop, My Honeymoon Dessert, Chatime and Snowflakes. 

However, Mamarazzi saw that there was a noticed posted inside the shop that the shop will subsidies a certain amount of the parking fees for one of the parking facilities nearby if we spend above certain amount in this restaurant. Forgotten what was the name of the Parking Facility.

The restaurant Boss also friendly with kids. He gave kids lollipops when they go and make payment. Me kiasu. I took 3 lollipops. 

Here is the address
Restaurant Kar Heong
23-1, Jalan PJU 5/10,
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara


  1. i can finish that whole plate of braised white chicken.. yum

  2. That chicken does look so tender and good! I love to see the places you've visited, and eaten fun:)

  3. Nope...doesn't turn me on, the food today... LOL!!!

  4. ya..just like Ipoh hor fun..yummy

  5. Wow, next time can give it a try, if better thn Onn Kee or Lou Wong Ipoh, thn can save a trip on our next ipoh visit!XD

  6. Another eating out post.:) The steamed chicken looked really nice. I personally love steamed chicken than roasted ones.

  7. mmm..sorry for not visiting for quite a while.. :( just had the time to visit u today.. :)

  8. eee mana ini? take photo of the front of the shop leh. hahaha easier to remember by the front facade. XD

  9. Looks like good food here, nice bean sprouts and hor fun.

  10. I love the beans sprouts hehehe

  11. Kampung chicken! The best! Love the chewiness of the meat. hahaha :)

  12. That looks so yummy! I really enjoy looking at all the neat places you eat.

  13. Is it called waiving? The parking facility. I love chicken rice and I love horfun. Now I'm craving some.

  14. Courtney

    It's easy to make it at home but Mamarazzi was lazy :p

  15. STP

    What happen? Had too much kompiah?

  16. Inspired Momx1

    It depend on the steamed chicken also. Some, the meat very tough

  17. Medie

    near the Snowflake shop la. Mamarazzi malas to take out camera again to snap photo wor

  18. Nava

    Not bad. Love the bean sprout. The dumpling have a whole prawn inside it. Not minced

  19. Mell-o

    Mamarazzi like them too . So round and juicy

  20. Christina

    maybe inspired to try out some of the food?

  21. Lady

    Not really waiving. Maybe they have an arrangement with the company that handles the parking.

  22. Small Kucing loves lollipop hor. My Juan Or loves lollipop only for playing. Give one or two licks, then don't want already.....waste only.

  23. I like their chicken....very tender and smooth.

  24. ALice

    that is good la. Too much sugar not good leh

  25. We go makan at Kota Damansara quite often too. How come never bump into you one?

  26. A Mom's Diary

    Maybe no "yuen" yet


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