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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Restaurant Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee, SS2 Chow Yang

Gosh..."someone" oversea is so going to KILL Mamarazzi for this post.

Another day round and round yet no idea what to eat. That is till we arrived at Chow Yang. Saw the Pan Mee Shop. Surprisingly despite being a week day, there was a crowd.

What to order?

Mamarazzi ordered a "bouncy Ice" for me. Don't know what it's called but at Pasar Malam there is usually a puppet attached to the Ice Machine. Is it called Yo Yo Ice/Jo Jo Ice/Yu yu ice? It's an Ice Blended drink.

She was surprised when the cup came with a spoon. She requested a straw from the waiter. When I tried to "poke" the straw into the cup, Mamarazzi finally understood why it came with spoon. The Ice were frozen quite solid. 

She preferred if they had made it upon order

Papa had dried Pan Mee

 Surprisingly, it came with a bowl of soup with a lot of Cakur Manis Vege. 

Hope no chili......

Mamarazzi's bowl of Soup Pan Mee. Alamak..she didn't know that it comes with egg. She don't like egg with Pan Mee. Lucky Papa gets to eat the egg.

Liked the soup. Very sweet with all the Cakur Manis Vege. She don't like the noodle. She still preferred the one at Taman Sri Sentosa the best.

Papa also ordered a big bowl of "Water Dogs" (Dumpling). RM10 for a big bowl of 10 pieces of Dumpling.

Gosh! The Dumplings were very large. Mamarazzi was delighted with the size and taste of the Dumpling. Very crunchy as they added Sengkuang, carrot and black fungus in the Dumplings. She loves them 

But Papa doesn't like it. Said the meat have funny smell. Mamarazzi said maybe there is sesame seeds oil in there. Papa don't like Sesame seeds oil.

Overall, Mamarazzi would go back for the dumplings. Yummm...Here is the address:

42, Jalan SS2/10, Taman Bahagia,
47000, Petaling Jaya,
Tel : 03-7877 2281


  1. We used to frequent this pan mee shop a lot before we moved, now we eat at their branch nearer to our house. My boy is their big fancee. :) I always order dried version, never tried the soup one though.

  2. huwaaa!!! ini tak bole jadi!!!!

  3. I love pan mee but the one i ate only ikan bilis mix with vege.. :D

  4. Haiyar...forgot to bring my Kiwi friends for pan mee... Sigh! So short the visit, so many things to eat, so many things to do. Hey! When are you coming over?

  5. Heard this one is famous for their pan mee.. all about panmee.. so who is going to "kill" u? hahaa...

  6. Oh....I have seen this "cakur manis" name before but I didn't know all the while that the name refers to this vege becos I have always seen it named as "Pucuk manis" and "Sayur manis".

  7. chili pan mee how come no chili at all?? hahahaha.. oh, that "shwee zai choi" is called cakur manis ah??

  8. Now looking at your pan mee, make me want to eat pan mee with soup. Raining day, must have something hot.

  9. got one in Kota Damansara shops! hahahaha... the big waterdogs very tempting... mmmm maybe go lter. :P

  10. How come didn't try the chilli pan mee?? The chilli there is super hot! :)

  11. Oo..i want to try the dried version next time. The sui kow looks good.

  12. I dun like eggs in soup pan mee too, the yolk will sometimes flow and mix with the delicious soup.

  13. Hmmm.. hungry now. I love Cakur Manis Vege.

  14. I quite like the pan mee here, but its been some time so I can't really remember how the taste was but pan mee is one of fav, esp with the oozing chillies served together.

  15. I have heard of this place from my god-daughter but I have not been there before. There is a pan mee which is good too in USJ2, the corner coffee shop next to the Shell petrol station. I forgot the name of the coffee shop.

  16. Hi SK, it's thru your blogs as well some others who live to eat, I learn or get back memories of food dishes I once had.
    I eat to live, I remember SYT names I dated, but food?
    I depend on you, ha ha ha.
    Have this dish.

  17. This food looks good as he ate it...I like dumplings too

  18. Pan mee is absolutely my favorite things to eat.

  19. Inspired Mom 1x

    This is our 1st time there. Dont really fancy the noodles but love the dumplings

  20. Angel Bear

    Tak boleh jadi then come la....

  21. Mell-o

    can request for add eggs but Mamarazzi likes it without the eggs

  22. STP also leh..come here also very short period only. Dont know when will go your place

  23. Claire

    If I suddenly discovered die, then you better go report police fast fast

  24. Alice

    They have various name for it

  25. annie

    great to have on a rainy day

  26. Medie

    Ya saw. At the STrand there mah

  27. Lenglui witch

    coz the chili super hot la. sure beh tahan and cry

  28. Ling

    love the sui kow la. big big ones

  29. Horlic

    Mamarazzi too. Normally when cook at home will put a lot

  30. Nava

    oo u like the ones with the cili la

  31. Prince and princess mom

    come let's go

  32. Veron

    ya ka? Hope it will be open on sunday coz then can go for the SJBEP and eat pan mee too

  33. Kim

    the dumpling are really something

  34. Small Kucing: Absolutely! Pan Mee is not complete without a ton of veggies on it. LOL.


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