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Monday, 3 October 2011

Restaurant Gold Leaf Village, Klang

The weekend before last, Mamarazzi was being lazy again. Tarak cook dinner. 

Well, we went out cari makan around 6pm. No idea what to eat so Papa suggested Golden Leaf Village Restaurant coz we watched the repeated Axian show about this restaurant just a few days before.

Noted in some blogs said this restaurant is very crowded and need to take number during weekend. We arrived around 7pm. 

Hmm...kira okay la. A lot of people but no need to queue up.

As it was raining slighty, we sat upstairs

A man came to us with a basket of tea sachets. Mamarazzi chosen "Kouk Poh".

Then a lady came and took our order.

Papa turned into Paparazzi while waiting for our food to arrive.

15minutes later : Mana our food? I dun wanna drink tea. I want Soya Bean..can ah?

Got my wish...I finished the whole bottle of Soya Bean, food haven't arrive yet.

30minutes later : Yay!!! our food.....Opps!! Happy too soon. Silap table. It was for the next table. The waiter made a mistake.

Well, 10 minutes or was it 15 minutes later our Bean Curd soup finally arrive.

Mamarazzi just gulp gulp gulp it down. Too hungry jor. 

After that Papa asked how she like the Bean Curd Soup? She said okay gua? Can't taste coz too hungry. Papa said he still likes the one in Serdang the best coz they added fried shrimps.

Next comes the Fried Pumpkin with Salted Eggs. Mamarazzi loved this. Very yummy.

Another dish introduced in the Axian show- Fried Kangkung.The kangkung (water glorybind/water spinach) was fried till crispy. It's accompany by some spicy sauce with bits of sotong(Cuttlefish?) and onion. 

Both Papa and Mamarazzi did not like this dish. Mamarazzi said it's too oily while Papa didn't like the sauce. 

Guess this is up to individual taste. Saw many people ordered this dish. They must have enjoyed it.

I thought enough food already but Mamarazzi gatal go and order fish pulak. Saw in the show that the fish here very fresh coz the owner got their stock from a relative. 

The lady recommended their signature steamed fish. 

We opt for the tail portion of the fish. Cost RM34.

Taste normal lah. Fish was fresh.

Total damage to Papa's pocket was RM77 plus. Kira okay gua?

Here is the address should you wish to try out the food here No 54 Jalan 1, Kawasan 16, Jalan Batu Tiga Lama, Berkely Town Center, 41300 Klang. It's near the roundabout. Remember to order the Pumpkin Dish. Taste good


  1. Fried kangkung? Wah, something special.

  2. wrong timing here lah, now am drooling and hungry for supper.. sei mou??? but the fish tail quite expensive, luckily it's fresh..

  3. Oh, we used to go there but didn't knw got upstairs one. I see, Serdang's Dou Fun Gang is better, dekat mana ya? Love the bean curd soup, lol!

    Next time must order Fried Pumpkin with Salted Eggs, yum!

  4. Oops...connection putus. I was saying the food looks interesting, different from the usual at other places. Ok steamed fresh fish, so can kira quite cheap also...

  5. I pernah go to this reataurant before, but i think never put it up in my blog before because too busy, so tangguh, tangguh, tangguh and in the end, the news become stale already! Heehehe! But within the reataurants in that area, hubby and i would usually go to the neighbouring restaurant, I think the name is Restoran Happy Village, but I think now change name to Hometown Village....something like that.

  6. This is my inlaws FAVOURITE restaurant. The bean curd soup I reckon tastes better in Lala Chong. But i have never tried the one your hubby prefers.

  7. By the way....did you blog about a restaurant owned by the actor in Sepet or seomthing like that once? I am trying to locate that restaurant. HELP! :)

  8. oh, fried pumpkin with salted egg?? that sounds interesting leh.. but the so-called "innovative" fried kangkung with special sauce.. it's just "yao yu oong choy" right?? aiyah, just want to make gimmicks end up not nice~~ :D

  9. many foods :D ha ha btw how was the food there? is it a pork free restoran??

  10. Two of you only ah? Can wallop finish or not? aiyoh.. call me ma.. so nice food, i lari ayam jor.

  11. wahh.... kucing's family makan all over the place....

  12. Huh...waited for 30 mins. Kebuluran jor.

  13. Me too never try before "fried pumpkin with salted egg and fried kangkung pula".Ada chance must try it one day.

  14. Fish does not come cheap these days, so I can understand paying that amount for the food here.

    I like the kangkung fried, am going to make this at home soon and the pumpkin too.

  15. the food all look's nice.. but unfortunately i'm on diet ha ha 11days didnt eat rice..and fish!!

    nevermind la, came here to see pictures also make me kenyang already :P

  16. looks good.

    I like the fact even tough waiter brought wrong food to the table, you still managed to take a photo of it. True blue blogger! :)

  17. Fried Pumpkins with Salted eggs? How was the dish? I mean how did they prepare the dish? kena goreng the pumpkin and then mix with the salted egg ka? Ngehh..hehe

  18. Maybe Mamarazzi can attempt to cook fried pumpkin at home? ;)

  19. Hilda

    something special la but didnt suit our taste buds. Others seems to like it :) You can give it a try

  20. Alice

    The yoke heng lo shi fun la..the soup similar like this one....the fried pumpkin really sedap lo for Mamarazzi

  21. Alice

    ooo i think i saw something like that...corner lot right? saw many ppl queueing up wor

  22. Ann

    Lala chong have this tooo ah? didnt know. Next time will try and order this and try

  23. Ann

    no wor...didnt blog about that

  24. SK

    yau yui onn choy with a special twist lo...

    The pumpkin ho sik lo...

  25. Nava

    Looking forward to see your recipe on the fried pumpkin.

  26. Isaac

    lucky or else we makan the soup liao...kakaka

  27. Kenny

    saw in the show that they dip the pumpkin slices into the batter and fry it. Take it out. Then fry the saled egg yolk and throw in the fried pumpkn

  28. Chloe

    might be but Mamarazzi lazy to goreng things

  29. Fake eggs oh my goodness. Glad yours weren't fake. Big Hugs, please stop by tomorrow and linkup for the Thursday Favorite Things Blog hop. :-)


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