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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

News Flash! The Big Bad Wolf Books Aftermath Sale 2011 : The Ones That Were Left Behind

Yo! This is the last chance for you guys out there to have a go at this year Big Bad Wolf Sale!

Just saw in that they will be having Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale this coming 24 to 28 November 2011.

Venue is at South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan. No worries about transport. It's very near to Serdang KTM station. No need to spend RM20 on cab over to get there. Just a few ringgits will do. In fact if you are adventurous, you can even walk there. Mamarazzi did at one time when she was working around that area.

Time is from 10am to 9pm.

They are selling the remainder books at The Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale. 

Some are damaged, dented or in less-than-perfect condition. But what the heck...can't complaint much right? Especially when you see the price that they are going for.

Believe it or not but the prices of the books, damaged or no, will be at RM5 or LESS. Yup! It's that cheap. 

Damaged or not, Mamarazzi don;t care la. Previous years they had Fire Sale. The condition of the books were not that bad. Mamarazzi managed to dug up some pretty awesome titles.

Auntie Florence!!! Wanna go or not? Come pick me up! We go together-gether!


  1. Ling

    ya...wanna go? I think have to digs a bit. But dont get your hopes high la coz the books maybe damaged or not in perfect condition. RM5 and less wor....previous years i managed to dig up some pretty good books at their Fire Sale.

  2. Tak laku... Now cheap cheap sale lah? LOL!!!

  3. Like you said, a bit damaged here and there is fine for its definitely worth the price.

  4. haha, i saw the status update too! will go tis time if free

  5. iseh... go buy more, mamarazzi.. buy..BUY!!! not enough money, do inform... hahahaa...

  6. It gonna be very very...packed... I gonna be early really early!:p Ah... gonna pm Chee Yee, see whether she free to join or not!

  7. wah, mamarazzi walking from serdang to the south city plaza ah?? memang hebatnya!! that is actually quite far right??

  8. No leh, didnt meet with Claire. Her anak Aaron's convo, she was not in town.

    The lala dish, not sure got wine or not, but really sedap. . .jahat u, now I cravg for it again!<3

  9. waah, the poster look so suspend. :P hahaah

  10. Hope you are able to dig some nice books.

  11. Great info! Thanks for informing, can't wait to go again.

  12. STP

    ya gua....also 2nd chance for those who tak sempat go

  13. Nava

    I wonder the have the jamie Oliver and nigella book there or not this round....just imaging those for RM5...I'll sure grab

  14. prince & prncess mom

    hope so....havent seen yet

  15. Alice

    ya...guess Sat and sun no need to think...

  16. SK

    Mamarazzi memang kuat jalan one mah...From the KTM walk through Taman muhibbah and cross.

  17. Alice

    kakaka....memang sedap mah if got wine

  18. Jemsem

    Only for those who is crazy about books la

  19. Mummy Gwen

    you'll be back? should be around school holiday

  20. So lucky for you all from WM can enjoy the book sale. =( sob~ sob~

  21. 峖霓

    Maybe they might extend to your part of the country leh


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