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Friday, 21 October 2011

A Nasty Surprise and A Nice Surprise.

Mamarazzi was blog hopping late last night. As she was leaving a comment in a blog, click enter aje, a message pop out "YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED".

Alamak! Tried login both gmail and blogger also cannot. Message says account suspended due to violation of  T & C. Violated what oh?? 

Unless say posted my super sexy photo online la. Kiddy porn?

Mamarazzi then preceed reported the problem to the G-Team. 

Just as she was doing that, Auntie Cleff called her up said she suspected my blog kena hijacked coz she was unable to view. Something about it being suspended. 

Kesian Auntie Cleff. She thought she forgotten to renew the blog or what. You see, Auntie Cleff's sweetheart help people to "do" website thingy one. If you need to "do"  website or anything like that, contact her sweetheart lah.

Then we tried again using the "Unable to access a/c" screen. Nasib baik we were able to retrieve both the gmail a/c and blog using that; after some verification process.

The first e-mail that Mamarazzi saw was from Uncle Pete warning her about something wrong with my blog. Thank you very much Uncle Pete. 

Mamarazzi started checking through her email and found this in the SPAM Folder

Pengsan! Already told them Mamarazzi unable to access the a/c and yet they sent the e-mail to that a/c. How to read the e-mail la? My suggestion is they might consider sending a duplicate copy of this e-mail to the secondary a/c in the future so that the a/c owner will be notified.

Anyway, glad things got sorted out and that the G-Team acted fast in helping to retrieve the a/c.

Another surprise awaits us this morning. Mamarazzi received a call from GDEX asking if she is home and that they have a parcel for her from XXX Company. 

Mamarazzi was like HUH? XXX Company? Tarak kaitan with that company wor...what parcel? 

Well the mystery was revealed pretty soon.

Jeng ! Jeng! Uiks!? Who sending books to Mamarazzi??

A note from the sender finally explains it all. Thank you very much Auntie Ivy. These books will have a good home here. It's a very nice surprise.

Hmmm....why do I sense that Auntie Hweili have a hand in this ah? kekeke

Oh is one more of my "warrior mark". One more bruise on the face. Kena at McD. Mamarazzi also don't know what happen la...there was a crash, a boom and a bang. One boy was down on the floor and me holding on my cheek. Don't know langgar the boy or langgar the tiang at the Playland. Haizz....boys....


  1. Next time dont blog hopping during midnight hours...ada hantu...LOL!!

  2. All well ends well then... i read that message before.. that was when Google deleted my lets wallop blog.. considered spam.. sigh..

  3. Pete who? Peteformation? That day it happened to his blog too and I smsed him to let him know...

    Aiyorrrrr!!!! Bruise on face...sometimes cannot disappear one - whole life, hitam stain on face like that. Must not be so naughty orrrrr!!!!!

  4. Scary man...... * cold sweat... so much surprises within a day, luckily everything recovered and got discovered!

    ROFTL @ Yee Ling's comment... memang ada hantu kut...:p

  5. Ling

    Last night memang many hantu online. All of us was waiting for you but u tarak online pulak

  6. Claire

    Ya lor...terkejut. Lucky can retrieve

  7. STP

    Peteformation lo. wonder he know what to do la coz in his email got tell me what to do. But too late coz that time I cant login my email jor

    Hitam manis la kekeke

  8. Cilaka la... auntie really terkejut kao kao last nite. Cis...nasib baik can recover back ah... else, the acc will jadi a spam acc that's used to be spammed those virus link around! :( Alot ppl kena jor.

    @Ling...>.< midnight is time for hantu to play ma.

  9. Account suspended is bad, hope this does not happen to me, habislah me. Maybe because of the sexy little boy in the sexy black swimming trunk (just kidding). He sure looks so adorable.

    I did see this on someone's block too, blogger sometimes goes mad as I did have some hiccups here and there.

  10. Alice

    hantu malam ya *wink wink* tonight party again?

  11. Luckily your acct is back to normal now.

    Nice surprised u got from Aunty Ivy.

  12. account suspended? My second time heard of this in this week :P

  13. sexy anakrazzi....need new swimtrunk soon or not?

  14. Happy it all worked out okay. I know that can be very frustrating. xo P.S. still handsome even with a bruise on face

  15. Luckily you were able to retrieve your account. The G-team are rather efficient dealing with issues like these.

  16. Sounds scary. But surprise is fun though...:)


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