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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Keropok Lekor "Ketot" at No 28, Taman Teratai, Kuala Trengganu

The next day we had an early day. Morning morning woke up went Pasar to do some "Marketing".

 Kaypoh a bit at Ah Kong's vegetable garden

Some of the stuffs from the Pasar. Cham...Papa sure cannot drive already

Ah Kong gave me this "Tanduk". Uiks...after mooncakes festival still have this "tanduk" wor.

After that we went hunting for Keropok Lekor "Ketot". Ahem...the "Ketot" part is added in by Mamarazzi lah. Coz these are the smaller size Keropok Lekor and have paler colour, usually made by the chinese. 

Used to buy from the Chinese market. The size of the keropok lekor used to be like Mamarazzi fingers but nowadays size have reduced the size of my fingers. Pitiful ya?

Then my Kaw Kaw said there is one lady that still makes very good keropok lekor at house no 28, Taman Teratai.

It was kinda hard for us to find. Gotta turn here and there and pass a "Giraffe" looking pole. 

If not mistaken, the address is No 28, Taman Teratai, Off Jalan Sultan Omar, 20300 Kuala Trengganu. Turn and turn and turn baru found. In front of the house there is no signboard indicating that keropok lekor being sold there.

 Ngum ngum the first batch of Keropok Lekor is ready.

Gotta wait for it to cool down first before can be packed. 

These keropok lekor is not eaten with the Sweet Spicy Cili Sauce. Instead it's eaten with Sambal Belacan Cili Sauce which is very similar to the Pan Mee Cili Sauce. Very hot and spicy.

While waiting, I went "kaypoh" see how the auntie make Keropok Leor ketot. Aiyo...her mouth talking but hands never stop one leh. Very fast make and throw into the big wok to boil.

I started to "38" pulak. Show the Auntie how to play with my stinky lamb lamb tail.

Cute letter box. Happy and satisfied customer. Oppss....forgotten to snap close up of the Keropok Lekor "Ketot". Maybe next time la.

Oh ya...this lady also sells Pulut Lepa. RM1.50 each. Kaw Kaw bought some for us the other day. It tasted quite good. Worth to buy.


  1. how was the taste of the keropok lekor mamarazzi?

  2. Ooooo...the food looks soooo good! I'd rather have this kind of food than eat at the franchise places and the like. The pulut does not look so good leh? I'm sure ours are better. Come to Sibu and try... LOL!!!

  3. Got chance, i want to try the Keropok Lekor ...

  4. You sure a big fan of lekor... pulut Lap, woot's tht, woot's inside? Nvr got the chance to try it... or perhaps I had it b4 but can't recall... lol!

  5. How much does the CHinese lady sell her lekors? Does it taste better than those Kuantan or Terengganu Malay made ones?

  6. Such interesting food you have. I have no idea what it is, but it sounds tasty. Love the pictures!

  7. Ohh I love keropok lekor! But I prefer those flat and thin types.. crunchy!!

  8. I like that the keropok is dipped into belacan sauce, the number hit for us at home.

    Btw, I grow the daun pegaga in my garden and its one of those with plenty nutrients.

  9. I am not a big fan of keropok lekor but my son is.

  10. Yum yum.. u really pandai find food.. :)

  11. Lekor lekor.. yummy!! why all the unhealthy food is so nice to eat one??? tell me .. tell me...

  12. I want keropok lekor naw!!!!! lol

  13. STP

    dont be deceive by the looks. Taste nicer than it looks

  14. ALice

    RM5 for 17 piece. finger size. It's defferent from the Malay lekor,

  15. Janae

    It's something like fish ball

  16. Lenglui witch

    Ya normally this side of Msia would like the thin and fried keropok lekor

  17. Nava

    how to cook or use daun pegaga?


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