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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Keropok Lekor B.T.B 2209 at Bukit Tok Beng, Kuala Trengganu

Happy Deepavali to those who are celebrating and for those who are not, happy holiday and drive safely. 

Back to the Balik Kampung story.

Okay, am ready. Lets go to BTB to get some Keropok Lekor. Heard of this keropok lekor but so far have yet to tasted it.

Don't play play leh...heard it's so famous that people have to take number like in the Bank in order to buy leh.

But luckily that day not much people.

Fuiyoh...if not mistaken, there were 6 great pots in the furnace boiling the Keropok Lekor.

We managed to get some without much difficulties. Mmmm....taste memang good! A lot of fish and not much flour.

The next day we set off to get some more to bring back to K.L.

Unfortunately when we arrived, we saw the following signboard. Finished. "Sorry, 'boiling' operations interrupted". It seems that there was water problem. 

Well, maybe next time la.

Anyway, managed to get some Keropok Lekor from other Keropok Lekor stall and also some Salted Fish. Guess you know it's for who lah.


  1. I like to eat Keropok Lekor . I have to admit different stalls sell different taste of Keropok Lekor . Some really put a lot of flour than the fish.

  2. i actually prefer the crispy ones, more like keropok, and dip into the chili sauce, wow~~

  3. Waaaaaakakakakakaka... keropok lekor and salted fish go become Houdini's anak murid liao. They go *POOF* Wakakaka!

  4. best kan keropok lekor BTB? ha ha ha mamarazzi give me some la.. T.T

  5. I love keropok lekor! I always do to Tanjung Aru beach KK to buy some :)

  6. Wow, the authentic keropk lekor, yummy!

  7. I hv eaten that before when I was in Pasir Mas years ago..yummy

  8. Thanks for the deepavali greetings though its nothing much for me this year as I have not been feeling good for the past one week and still am the same.

    I prefer the thin fried keropok lekor but the ones seen in the pics looks good though.

  9. Happy holiday. I know you all will have so much fun..

  10. Yea! I like to eat Keropok Lekor~~~

    You know what? Sabah version of Lekor is totally different with West Malaysia's one. Ours is more gemuk in size while WM having slices of lekor with crunchy like keropok. :)


  11. I'm so craving lekor right now but its so difficult to find a place that sells them all year round. Most of the stalls I knew moved around a lot, there's no saying where you can find them next.

  12. Eyewwwwww!!!! Your photo of the keropok lekor in the plastic bag.... Eeeee...not a very pleasant sight! Muahahahaha!!!!

  13. Uncle what you thinking hahaha...???

  14. keropok lekor, before being thrown in the hot oil, smells and looks funny. But after being deep fried, it's a really yummy thing to have for all occasions. Yum Yum Yum Yum ....

  15. Normally my colleagues will buy when they go there... so i end up eating quite often in the office..only thing is that.. they are quite oily.. normally i use tissue to press out the oil first.. si yeh ma.. hahaha...

  16. Never try boiled version keropok lekor but I think I will not like it coz I prefer fried food :P

  17. Mummy Moon

    This lady sells quite good la. Not that much flour

  18. SK

    The crispy one normally KL this side will like

  19. Faisal

    Not from Losong. It's at Kg Bukit Tok Beng

  20. Mell-o

    Tak sempat but the 2nd round :( . Project tergendala :(

  21. Dora

    Is it the same like in Semenanjung one?

  22. Wenn

    Keropok lekor is everywhere now

  23. Jemsen

    They taste great after fried right?

  24. Nava

    These can sendiri slice into thin slices

  25. Meitzue

    Havent tried those yet. Maybe one of these days will get to try

  26. Lady G

    OOoo...too bad coz can find those very easily in KT

  27. Isaac

    Over in KT they like it rebus instead of fried. Our side here like it fried

  28. Claire

    Oily meh? Means they never drain the oil properly la


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