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Friday, 28 October 2011

Journey Home and Dinner Treat at Wadi AL-Nile Restaurant

The journey home was rather quiet.

 We stopped at McD and bought lunch.

Pass by Giant at Kijal. Stopped awhile at the Lemang stalls at Kijal. Too bad the Lemang at stall number 8B not cooked yet.

Papa went to get some from stall number 10.

Ready? Time to go on. Stopped at Kor Kor Jon's home to "replenish" stock

See what I mean? Auntie Woo prepared Kopi-O kurang manis kau kau for Papa and Milo for me on the go.

Got Sata and Karipap some more. 

The sata was a bit burnt. It's normal. Nothing to do with Auntie Woo. Memang burnt a bit from the time of purchase. 

Yup...taste nicer with the burnt bits.

 Have you had Fish Karipap before? These are yummy.

Papa loves them and so do I. It's so crunchy. Not spicy. Just nice for me.

Along the way, we stop by a petrol station and Mamarazzi got me an Ice Cream. Goooooooood.

Since we arrived K.L nearly dinner time, Mamarazzi called up Auntie Little Bird. To deliver some goodies to her and see if wanna have dinner together or not.

Initially Auntie Little Bird say wanna bring us to makan Tomyam but Papa said want a place with comfy chairs. Driving for so many hours bum bum also penyek liao.

Mamarazzi and Auntie Little Bird's brains comatose liao. Can't think of any nice place except Restaurant Wadi Al-Nile.

Very thirsty...drink 7 Up first. Don't know why when I saw the bubbles I got very excited.

Knowing the Super Large portion at this restaurant, we were a bit more careful when ordering.

We ordered the Family Set Meal. Said enough for 4 persons. There were 6 of us.

It comes with a Jug of cold drink(we opt for Ice Lemon Tea), a pot of Arabic Tea, Soup and sweet dessert.
 The sweet dessert. Forgotten the name.
Terkejut when the Kabsah Roast Chicken Rice arrived. You see in this picture, you can't imagine the actual size, right?

Nah! See! the plate is a big as my body leh...So much rice. Just nice for the six of us.

Mamarazzi is crazy about their "Sambal". Fuiyo...super spicy for her and yet taste very good with the rice.

Thank you Auntie Little Bird for the wonderful dinner.

Here is the address in case you wish to have a try Wadi AL-Nile Restaurant, No 72-0, Block J, Platinum Walk, No. 2, Jalan Langkawi, 53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-41312356.


  1. angelbear merajuk liao *sulks in the corner*

  2. The karipap is one of a kind... very sedap, but auntie managed to makan one only... cuz the rest sumbat ur Alien kor kor eat. He likes the karipap...say taste like biscuit worr. o.O

  3. Wah..a lot of makan makan oh. That was a really huge plate of rice!

  4. i see sambal, i love sambals too, the spicier the better XD

  5. So nice your Auntie Woo. Your papa so sweet already...must kurang manis, izzit? Hmmmm...I must try one of these mid-eastern places when I go to KL again.

  6. Wah... very thoughtful of Auntie Woo, some more attached the meal with labels, kudos!

    Auntie Lil Bird, I also wanna ajak u pergi makan leh, but it'll only be my treat lar... got motive behind, kekeke!

  7. So nice got birdie treat! and so large portions too! same like the other time my son took me to the.. er.. what place ah.. a lot of students go there and eat one.. near to one Uni... very big portion too! and sedap! i posted it before.. forgot name liow..

  8. wah, got McD toys again, haha!! hey, what is sata?? looks like some kind of grilled chicken?? or it's one of those item in the rojak pasembor??

  9. Wah...I also never come across before fish curry puffs. How much is the each fish curry puff? Got more expensive than chicken curry puff or not?

  10. Fuwah the Kabsah Roast Chicken Rice is huge. Wah!

  11. Kijal... wooo... went there twice and super duper love the seaside there! :D i think i blogged abt my stay there before. haha

  12. Too bad we far away, if not can meetup for meals... hehe...

  13. aduh small kucing....sedapnye auntie tengok SK ngap karipap ikan tu, specialty terengganu tu....auntie punya home town tu...aduh, terus auntie dah teringin karipap ikan ni..nasib baik next week balik kampung for raya haji...

    and that nasi arab...besarnye pinggan dia tu...waahhh!!! best best ni...mesti cuba ni..

  14. I would enjoy the sambal too and the fish karipap is new, people are getting very creative these days I suppose in their food.

  15. wow fish currypuff! it looks great when kids can enjoy it very much

  16. Wah, the plate of rice really huge leh..Makan makan-ing all the way home. :)

  17. makes me wanna eat now T.T all food are nice le..

  18. Whenever i visit your blog, i tie my throat. Those dishes looks really yummy. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  19. Been a bit busy lately and now only can stop by here...hehe..mana tau come here saja sudah see so many yummy foods, ESP the karipap ikan..drooling jor.. And I'm glad the books found the right owner to have them , it's my pleasure to see them have a good home...

  20. Fish karipap looks interesting! We miss Kijal a lot... it's our "mission" to make a trip there on a yearly basis now :)

  21. makan makan all the way home hor...

  22. I never had fish currypuff before. Woe is me, where am I suppose to find some now?

  23. Angel Bear

    oppsss......come over again la

  24. Mummy Gwen

    that's why have to have many people to eat baru syok

  25. Isaac can tahan so spicy ah?

  26. STP

    maybe will have one br over at Sibu soon :p

  27. Alice

    hahaha...wondering what motive

  28. SK

    Sata is fish paste they mix with cili padi and etc then they grill it

  29. ALice

    Cheaper that that. Think RM1 for 3 or something like that

  30. Che-Cheh

    That's why need a lot of people to eat.

  31. Prince and princess mom

    Makan all the way

  32. Sharon of these days it will happen

  33. Marie

    Raya Haji ada gerai buka ke? :p

  34. Nava

    the fish karipap not really new la. Suspected that over there the fish is cheap. That's why they use it to make the karipap

  35. Fish

    Opppss....not meant human fish but fish fish so no worries :p

  36. Inspired Mom 1x

    Last time Mamarazzi went and order individual meal Half chicken. That one she nearly pengsan when it came. So huge

  37. Chloe

    Next round make sure get some of those karipap


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