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Monday, 17 October 2011

Hakka Hot Plate Pancake at Sungai Buloh New Village

Quite a long time ago, someone told Mamarazzi that there is one stall selling terrific Hakka Hot Plate Pancakes at Jalan Besar Sg Buloh New Village.

We tried looking for it a few times but can't seems to find where is Jalan Besar. Finally found out that the road is just behind RHB Bank.

Arrived there early. The lady was just starting to make the Pancakes

Not bad....each cost 80sens only. There are 3 flavour to choose from...Peanut, red bean and coconut.

Mamarazzi bought two of each. Taste good when it's still fresh. Yum Yum...

 Also bought two pieces of Chai Kueh. Got "Sengkuang" in it.

Taste so-so la.

Here is the address : 345, Jalan Besar Sg Buloh, Sg Buloh New Village. It's located right in front of Kedai Barangan Sembayang China Sin Sang Long Enterprise


  1. i love the chai kueh my fav of all time :D

  2. Love the pictures! He's just so darn cute eating in the car =). The pancakes look amazing too!

  3. oh, that is called hakka hot plate pancake ah?? looks familiar i've seen that somewhere before, it looks good i wanna try..

  4. Would want to try the pancakes. The chai kueh memang got sengkuang inside...but I see those, macam the skin very thick, should be thin and translucent...

  5. my SIL's mum stays in Sg Buluh. Must go there one day.

  6. Is not easy to find this place if you are a first timer. But now, dont need to go to the shop, go pasar malam also can find them edy....SS2, Chow Yang, Sri Petaling Pasar Mlm.

  7. It used to be quite famous ;P

  8. hakka kuih wor... :) i dint know chai kueh is hakka one leh...

  9. The price is reasonable. I saw stall selling this pancake in pasar malam before.. never try before..

  10. Aiya, no pancake for uncle pete kah?....smallkucing ate all?

  11. There's plenty of food at this place and like the different filling of the pancakes.

  12. Their pancakes look slightly different frm wht I made, gonna give it a try one of these days!

  13. I love Chai Kueh too. Chewy skin with crunchy bits inside. I'm raking my brains for places that sells this near me.

  14. hey, i havent taken these before.. looks good eh.. hot and fresh!

  15. Mell-o

    Ooooo is it? which type? with sengkuang? Yam or kuchai?

  16. SK

    at pasar malam have but think they call it taiwan something something

  17. Wenn

    Ya a lot of shops and makan place to explore there

  18. Medie

    Mamarazzi also didnt know .

  19. Choi Yen

    is it? Baru discovered :p.

  20. Mummy Moon

    same here la ..mamarazzi saw selling in pasar malam. Thought saw Taiwan something something..tarak buy lo

  21. Nava

    Mamarazzi likes the coconut and red bean filling.

  22. Alice

    easy to make ka? Post up the recipe and see

  23. Prince and princess mom

    can go and buy :)

  24. Lady G

    Mamarazzi dont like Chai Kueh but Papa likes

  25. Claire

    hot from the plate manyak sedap oh


    LOL, so easy tht u can make it everyday 4 breakfast without fuss!

  27. Alice

    You made it look so easy. If Mamarazzi sure chicken hands and duck feet lo


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