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Monday, 31 October 2011

Chili's Grill & Bar, Citta Mall

One fine evening. we garu head on what to have for dinner. Then Papa said let's go Chili's. Got a new branch at Citta Mall.

 Once we were seated, the Kor Kor brought me a piece of paper to draw.

Saw a balloon. Wanted to get the balloon but was too shy to ask. I pulled the Kor Kor to our table and asked Mamarazzi to request a balloon on my behalf. 

Eeeee...Kids Eats Free!!!

And kids eat more Chili???

 Errr....I eat my "noodles" better la. Lucky no Cili inside.

 Eat a lot a lot...grow up big and strong!

See my six packs? What no six packs yet ah? 

Mmm.... what else you guys ordered ah?

 Coffee for Mamarazzi.

Eh...what's this? Milk = nen nen = can drink ??? Try first ah...

No..I don't want this. Got Pickle Chili on top one. Papa and Mamarazzi can eat all la.

 Wow...Mamarazzi's Moo Moo Meat sure looks heavenly.

 Alamak....Papa become Kambing again. Says Caesar salad here nice wor.

Here is the address CITTA Chili's Grill & Bar

Lot No. G-01 & G-02
Ground Floor, CITTA Mall
No 1, Jalan PJU 1A/48, PJU 1A
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 03 - 7832 2298
Fax : 03 - 7832 2293:


  1. So nice, small kucing can eat all he wants for free! XD

  2. i've never been to this place nor chitta mall... must explore that place soon! thanks for sharing! :D

  3. I love Chilis... Kids eat free, have to pay by certain credit card, right?

  4. hahaha... the picture of your six packs so cute! We love Chillis! My usual order that is their Chicken Fajitas extra spicy! I like the Chillis in Bangsar Shopping Complex better. Somehow, the food their taste better Chillis elswewhere. Maybe the Quality control is better there.

  5. Chili is famous for their big portions.. been there once only.. other times always kena asked booking or not.. so didnt want to wait..

  6. You little one is so cute and funny. :) That looks great! I love right by a Chili's--we'll have to go soon. :)

  7. omaygosh hahaha caesar salad my favorite wo , mamarazzi nak sikit

  8. Ooh I like Chilli's Nachos too! But if I order that, I cannot eat anything else.. too filling! :D

  9. I have not heard on chili's at the mall, in fact I did not know such a mall existed. Must be because I stay at another end of the city.

    I like the salad and its such a good change once a while.

  10. wow kids eat for free, Friday's don't have ler... :( Been to Friday's last week, initially wanna dine in Chili's but long q :(

  11. haha....mummy why censored that part.

  12. So, you got your free meal? cool!~

  13. don`t shy la..u can ask more for balloon :)

  14. i love Chili's!! just love the food, the portion and the bottomless juice, hahaha~~ wow, kids eat for free!! worth leh~~ :p

  15. The moo moo beef looks yummy. Too bad we didn't have Chillis in Sabah.

  16. Their portion is big. Yeah..I like their kids eat for free service. ;)

  17. Enough good time. I love the salad. Freshness at its peak. I'm a big fan of noodles. How i wish we have a place like this here.

  18. Chilli's free kiddy meal is quite lousy... if you compare to Tony Roma's or TGIF's.

  19. CleverMunkey

    Not many shops opened yet at Citta Mall .

  20. STP long as an adult ordered a meal then the kid get free meal

  21. Veron

    oo...ya been to the one at Bangsar. Service also good there

  22. Claire

    that many people eating there

  23. Lenglui witch

    Then must go in a group to share lo

  24. Nava

    It's a new mall . Not that big. Not many shops opened yet

  25. Choi Yen

    Victoria Station also not Free meals for kids.

  26. Luciana

    LOL...later kena blacklisted by the restaurant for kiasu

  27. Lady G

    Maybe they will open one there soon. They are expanding very fast

  28. May

    Let's hope they will open an outlet near your place soon

  29. LOL, what an irony, kids eat for free and encouraged to eat more chilli!? Ya, although I know they are encouraging adults to eat more chilli, but the statement put there on the table seems to mean the kids as well.

    P/S: Small Kucing is very cunning ah, want the balloon, sendiri shy to ask, go and ask Mamarazzi to ask for him! Hehehe!

  30. Ermm....normally go Friday's. Takut cili...hahahhaha

  31. Been to CITTA Mall once. A bit isolated. But I wouldn't know if the restaurants there got line or not during weekends and holidays...

  32. Alice

    Hhaha that is clever marketing lo :p

  33. Yee Ling

    Chili's tarak cili one la

  34. Synical

    Ya the mall is still very new. Need some time to gather more people to go there lo


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