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Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-The Last Story That Jesus Told by Enid Blyton

Sad... this is the last story that Jesus told in "The Children's Life of Christ" written by Enid Blyton

Jesus told the people that one day he will come again and all the people in the world would be brought before him. The good and the bad will be separates just like the Shepherd his sheep and goats.

The good people would be welcomed to his kingdom for they had been kind to him. They fed him when he was hungry, gave him drinks when he was thirsty and visited him when he was in prison.

The good people would be surprised as they might not have done those thing to Jesus before. Jesus enlightened them that when the feed the poor, visited the sick people and basically do good things to others, it's deemed that they did it to Jesus.

The same goes to the bad people who did not do good things to others.

 Hmm...I have been kinda good lately la. Got my reward from Mamarazzi.

She received Tesco discount vouchers. One of it was discount of RM15 for a Remote Controlled Car. 

When we went to Tesco, Mamarazzi found that Car. Cost RM27-83. Hmmm....with the coupon, it was RM12-83. Not bad lah. Can buy. Moreover it came with 4 rechargeable batteries with the charger too. Kira ok, right?

Yay! That was how I got another Remote Control Car. She  told me to take care of the Car or else Mr. R.O. Tan will pay me a visit. Scaryyyy.


  1. ha ha ha bestnya dapat toys baru :P nite nite mamarazi sleep tite dont let the bed bugs bite

  2. hope you will always be a good boy & do good when you grow up. enjoy your new toy!

    God bless!

  3. Small kucing looks like a big boy here!

  4. LOL... so must be guai guai jaga that toy car la, dun so rough when play wif it...or else, Mamarazzi's friend, Mr. R.O Tan will come find ur bum bum. Very chamz then,

  5. I want to be one of the good people that does good things for Jesus.
    I am sure he will take care of the car. He is too cute!!
    ps. I wish cars were not so expensive there for you.

  6. Hehe... my anak also kinda scared of MR. RO Tan, they scampered right after he shows up!XD

    Tht's a pretty cool control car, lucky by!^^

  7. Yes, must do things for the poor... You want my bank account number? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  8. Nice reward given to your son, he seems so happy.

  9. Mell-o

    kekeke...enath can last how long la

  10. Kim

    Yup's expensive here

  11. STP

    Your bank a/c number together with a pre-signed cash withdrawl slips


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