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Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-Judas the Traitor by Enid Blyton and Petai

Last week in The Children's Life if Christ by Enid Blyton, Jesus told his last story. He got premonition that his time on earth is up. of his disciple betrayed him.

Judas followed Jesus coz he thought the Kingdom that Jesus meant is on Earth. He was hoping that he will be someone influential when Jesus become a great King. But to dis disappointment, he found out that it was not what Jesus had meant.

Then there was news that the High Priest and Ruler of Jerusalem hated Jesus and planning for his downfall. Judas was scared for his life so he went to them. He told them he is willing to give Jesus to them if they give him money.

The sum that they agreed upon was 30 pieces of silver. That was the amount that stinky Judas willing to betray Jesus for. For that amount he was willing to lie and betray Jesus who had cared for him. 

It's hurtful when you believe in someone and they lied to you for their selfish reason. Sometimes they lie to protect themselves or panic on what they have done or for financial reasons. Whatever it is, it STINKS.

Just like the Stinky Fried Rice that Mamarazzi made the other day. 

There was leftover of  "Four Heavenly Kings Dish". In it got "Petai, kacang panjang, sweet peas and fried Tauhu". Ya...she modified the recipe.

That evening she was lazy to cook some more so she just fried rice with the leftover Four Heavenly Kings Dish.

I named this as Stinky Rice! What else? Am turned into White Mice again lo

Gotta do what I gotta do...Hmm...not that bad lar.....Taste quite good except for the sweet peas which was overcooked. A simple meal.


  1. it's super awesome to have the slim gene no? :D looks yummy!

  2. Looks kampung fried rice. I've fried with sambal petai before... Yummmmm!!!!

  3. Hahaha, at least its a new dish?

  4. luckily small kucing didn't feel that he was cheated with that plate of Stinky Rice, he still enjoyed that a lot~~ keke!! :p

  5. wa.... early in the morning u make me hungry... oh, no it's almost 12noon~ ^^, Good suggestion!!! I'll have fried rice for lunch :)

  6. I like the area of bringing out a meal from the left overs, I personally don't like to throw food either, so many out there without food.

  7. simple meal? it's delicious! :) I love petais.. what a conincidence that I saw petais in STP's blog too. lol!

  8. Wah, super fast fried rice....

  9. Ooohh....I love petai, but too bad my hubby doesn't like petai! Btw, it's good not to waste food by making use of leftovers into your own new dish. :-)

  10. Medie

    Ya lo...super skinny gene lo

  11. STP vege mah so petai also jadi la

  12. Venie

    easy lo..fried rice no need headache

  13. Nava

    Ya....but for Mamarazzi coz she lazy la :p

  14. Isaac

    tarak pakat with STP one LOL

  15. Alice

    Then have to eat out from the house lor. Susah if cook petai for 1 person only


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