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Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Children's Life of Christ-In The Garden of Gethsemane / Pau Again

Sad sad story...Jesus disciples followed him to the garden's gate. He told all but 3 to wait at the gate. Peter,James and John accompany him into the garden as he wanted these three to be near him. He was very unhappy.

He told the 3 of them that his heart is full of sorrow and asked them to wait there for him and keep awake.

Jesus was the Son of God but he was also the Son of Man. He knew that  his work on earth is finished and soon terrible things would follows. He went down on his knee and prayed.

Then he went back to the 3 for some words of warmth but they were asleep. Again feeling lonely and sad Jesus went to pray some more.

It was so hard for him to accept Gods will that night. He could have used his power to escape but he knew it's not his will to be done but God's.

He went back the second time to see the 3 disciples but it was hard for them to stay awake. Their heart was heavy. Jesus went away to pray again for God's help to bear his agony.

The third time he came back he face were no longer full of misery but with courage. He told his disciples to wake up for the one who betrayed him is here. Jesus was right.

On a happier note, Mamarazzi was experimenting with Pau again. Making Char Siew Pau. The last round she made Pau, the dough was not fluffy enough and looked quite ugly.

Jeng! Jeng! thanks to some tips from readers, this round the result is quite good as compared to last round.

Mamarazzi was ambitious. Wanted to make some Mouse for me. This is the Mouse before went for a Steam Bath.

After the Steam Bath, the Mouse suddenly got "rashes". Dark patches on the back. 

Hmmm....note to Mamarazzi "Not to make the skin too thin else there will be dark patches. See through the "insides".

Hmm...not bad la.......the Mouse have all "grown" up. Ready for consumption.


  1. I love the mice! How adorable!

  2. I love pao... Yum! Yum! Ya...kucing eats tikus! LOL!!!

  3. eih mamarazzi, the mousy pau looks cute leh.. but yeah, i mean before steam lah, after steam like they have skin sickness already, haha~~ with this experience, next round sure can succeed one!!

  4. mammaraxxi is soo clever, the shape has improved lots, plus lots of liu....sure yummylicious!

  5. hey Mama... looks very pro already! can make tikus pau with spots like those dalmations! not bad leh... cant beat that... hahaha...
    your pau look very nice too.. the 1st neat like those sold in foh san.. :P

  6. it looks better than the last time you made it.


    and... now it looks cuter, too!!!

  7. The mouse grew up after the steaming, I still like it though.

  8. How cute, I do agree that the skin needs to be a little thicker. Piggy buns next, perhaps?

  9. Christina

    LOL...too bad about the colour

  10. SK

    Before steam nice la....after steamm...need a thicker skin

  11. LG

    Cannot put too much liu else it meletup

  12. Claire

    Like Foh San? Not that good la

  13. Faisal

    Next aim is to perfect the mousy

  14. Sharon

    Takut if send over it would have been moldy wor. You come here la

  15. Nava

    The taste is there though it looks unappetising

  16. Heheheh.....the dark spots on the pau mice? Consider that as birth marks! ^_^ Good progress for Mamarazzi! :-D

  17. Alice

    hahaha...still have much to learn

  18. A Mom's Diary

    Thanks but still needs work


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