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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Book Hunting at a Tree

Wanna know what happen to Mamarazzi when Mamarazzi woke up yesterday morning? 

She was shouting for these. Her whole body was aching. 

Yup... it was shopp till you drop for her at the Big Bad Wolf Sale Preview on Thursday.

Padan muka her. Well, at least I got a lot of benefit from that. She got me a whole load of new books.

Anyway, she managed to drag herself up this morning. We went cari makan with Kor Kor Jon and family.

After makan, Mamarazzi suggested that we go for more book hunting. She is INSANE lah! 

But this round nearer to home...up a tree...Book Tree.

At first she didn't plan to buy anything. Just lead Kor Kor Jon and family to look see look see only. Mana tau ngum ngum the shop was having sale. 

Well, here are the books she bought

Dinosaur Maze for RM6. It's a book with 6 wipe clean mini maze with magic marker pen attached.

 Mini books at RM5 each

 Cute Caterpillar book.

Someone told her Artemis Fowl books are good. Bought at RM8 each. Total damage less than RM50.

Kesian Auntie Woo. Her damage is more. Heard one "Gold moo moo fly away" wor. 

But the good thing is that she got to dip into the Lucky Draw bin coz purchase RM80 and is eligibable for Lucky Draw.

Aiyoyo...I wonder what's next. Payless Book Warehouse Sale?


  1. Ur mama can open a 2nd hand bookstore already~

  2. wonder I see ur Mamarazzi so tired today.

  3. Wah! Salute you.. Hahaha.. I wanted to go again to BBW sale today but tak larat.. whole body ache..

  4. Indeed! 2nd hand bookstore... LOL

  5. She did a good job shopping for books!

  6. Hahahahahaha!!!! Memang shop till you srop! I saw on TV, can't remember which channel - they featured the sale - so few people leh? So kesian.... They interviewed a few people - was hoping to see your mama or somebody I know...but no luck lah. Dunno punya orang semua.

  7. Interesting, Artemis Fowl selling at RM8! Are these adventurous fiction abt solving quest?

    Me and Chee Yee actually met Ann the story teller on BBW's review day. Glad to meet so many avid reader on tht day!;D

  8. was checking out d location of this book tree from ur previous post...will try to go today! haha!
    nice children books.

  9. I guess ur house must be full of books!

  10. Wah....when it comes to books, this Mamarazzi really has the stamina-lah! This Tree bookshop's sale price looks attractive also leh, especially the maze book.

  11. How lucky you are, Small Kuching. Your Mamarazzi is such a clever shopper. Those books sure look interesting.

    Please help convey my thanks to your Mamarazzi for stopping by my blog.

  12. I is jealous ! lol. Kidding ... :P enjoy your books !! :)

  13. Kelvin sayang to sell wor the books

  14. Inspired mom 1x

    same here.....charn sai

  15. STP

    got Mamarazzi's face or not?SHe was 1st in the line wor

  16. Alice

    entah la coz some friends recommended this book for me

  17. Leona

    am happy with their children book. It's behind New Paris Restaurant.

  18. Alice

    Bring Juan Or and go see la. Not bad. Very cozy enviroment

  19. Happy Surfer

    You are welcomed. Following you now

  20. Nava

    Happy with it and great as gifts

  21. Wow! Mamarazzi really had a busy day.
    I can say her picks are greats..Hope you enjoy your weekend..

  22. OMG! The Artemis Fowl series... that one is a steal! Auntie went to BBW sale yesterday...initially wanted to buy Artemis Fowl and the Percy jackson series... but tak nampak Artemis Fowl. Hmm... mebbe wanna ajak auntie punya driver go check this out! *EVIL GRIN*

  23. Auntie Cleff

    duno la...heard ppl say good wor


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