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Friday, 7 October 2011

Big Bad Wolf Sale Preview 2011

Yay! we were invited for the BBWS Preview. Very excited as Kor Kor Jon and family also managed to get a Preview Pass.

A bit panic the night before the review coz saw that the BBWS updated their FB status stating that "Kids under 8 can come in on their parents' preview pass with no penalty. However, any children above 8 will be counted as the guest on that pass".

Oh no...means Kor Kor Jon have to jaga pintu???

Lucky Auntie Chee Yee and Auntie Alice came to the rescue. Kor Kor Jon can tumpang Auntie Alice's pass to go in. Thank you very much, Auntie Alice!

This year the sale is being held at The Malaysian Agro Exposition Park Serdang from 7th to 16th October 2011, from 10am to 9pm.

We parked at the parking lot and this bus send us to Hall A.

Eeee..My 1st time riding riding LRT lah. Only much bumpy

Hahaha!! aren't you glad you don't have to jaga pintu?

Queue started to form not long before the sale start. We can't go in before 12pm coz the organiser was having an event there.

When time to go in, Mamarazzi went in with Auntie Florence. Waaaa!!! I wanna go also leh....but Papa said bring me and Uncle Patrick to go gai-gai and go McDonald wor. Don't want me to ka-ka-cau-cau in the sale.

One of the Boss, Jacqueline saw Papa and she invited him in wor. So nice of her. But we didn't go in la coz worry later I would mess up all the books pulak. Delegate the book hunting job to Mamarazzi.

Mamarazzi nearly pengsan when saw the vast area to cover. She said of course she heads up to the Children Section first. Grabs books for me wor.

It took her very long time to cover that Section and Fiction Section. More than two hours. 

Walking barely 1/3 of the area, her legs felt tired already. Salute! those who worked there daily.


This round, special counters are located at each side of the Hall to help the visitors. There was a counter to unwrap the books for customer to test or look over the book.

There are counter for customers  to deposit their boxes full of books while they go hunting for more. Proper numbers were given too.

Happy to say that this year,  payment counter not chaotic. The Cashiers knows how to count the books properly. Not like last year they go and count white labels and yellow labels which causes the queue to proceed slowly and error in counting.

Aiks....Finish shopping for books, can shop for clothing ah...just in case clothes gets torn from all the grabbing of books is it? 

Hmmmm.....there was even a stall promotion Cat food and Dog Food and a stall promotion Manicure sets.... come Mamarazzi didn't know geh. Seems that we can also purchase books from the same and donate it to 10 Charity Home. 

Saw some people already donated a bit. are my books!


  1. I bet mesti mamarazzi beli banyak kali nie he he he

  2. Shop during Preview is sooo much better! Relax and not crowded. :D

  3. Those cabin-size suitcase, where got bog enough? Must borrow mine - for 3 persons...3 times the size...when full, cannot angkut liao! At least, can pull lah! LOL!!!

  4. wahhhhhhhhh mamarazi pengsan happily inside? so many books!

  5. Wah, I saw your collection of books that you buy, my tangan gatal again! Hehehe.....thinking of going there again. ^_^

  6. I like the 3rd and 4th picture, hehe...

  7. Hopefully we can get there during weekend....

  8. wow, warehouse sales again??!! i wonder how much damage this one has caused mamarazzi?? hehe..

  9. Wow got a nice coach to fetch some more!... I guess you must be carrying a few trolley bags this time!!!


  10. I was there too.. Spent more than 2 hours there. :)

  11. wah!you and Alice berjaya grab so many books ah?!very worth it!

  12. Worth the trip seeing so many items on sale.

  13. I'm old liao... balik whole body sakit(especially the legs)! Wow, U little strong lady, can raid and grab so many books at one time!!! *Hat off!

  14. I just saw your loot. Salute! A lot of good buys... I can't wait to go too :)

  15. Have to love those shuttle buses, haha :D

  16. Wahhhhh, i wanna go too but too far from my place ):

  17. Whoa i wanna go!! U mean we can bring luggage bags in? Aren't they afraid someone will steal their books?

  18. So lucky get to go during preview. Weekday not too bad compared to weekends probably. Next week I'm going to go again!

  19. Mell-o

    Mesti go Mama Kucing blog and see what was our hoard :p

  20. Chee Yee

    Ya happy to get the invites

  21. STP

    This one not cabin size la...2 of me can masuk into that bag la

  22. Alice

    You so near...we so far...sobs....mamarazzi tangan gatal also cannot go :( sobsssssssssssssss

  23. SK

    nearly enough to cover this year tax rebate :p

  24. Dora

    one BIG trolley bag kau tim

  25. Inspired Mom 1x

    LOL...Mamarazzi was there for 4 hrs :p

  26. Alice Law

    Same here la...Mamarazzi legs still sakit till today

  27. Chloe

    Dont forget to buy Salonplas plaster for your mommy legs

  28. Synical

    at 1st they dont let us drive up...but lucky in the evening the let us drive up else dont know how to drag the bag into the bus

  29. Hilda

    think of it as a trip lor

  30. SaltVinegar

    Yes we can bring luggage bag in. In fact they encourage us to bring. Nah..they are not afraid that we would steal the books. What for? We are good people right ?:P

  31. SHuaaddict

    Lucky you get to go so many times. A bit far for us

  32. Good haul mamarazzi ! Shopping during preview sale was fun & relaxing ... hope your arms are not pain anymore.

  33. Mercury

    Yup...happy with the preview. Arms no longer aching but eye getting blur from all the reading

  34. I wonder how you keep those books you collected. Care to show photo of your book shelves?

  35. Caca

    Temporary all "tapau-ed" in big plastic bags


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