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Thursday, 1 September 2011

A Wet Thai Food Cafe @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Bored with my post on A Wet Thai Food Cafe yet?

Well, we are not bored with the food here yet. Too many types yet to try.

  One moment...Ice Blended Mango. MMmm....great!

This round we had these "green noodles". That was how Mamarazzi tricked me into eating it. 

I love these "noodles"

 Mamarazzi's favourite. Kerabu Kaki Ayam.

This round we had Fried Fish with Mango. 

Fuiyoh! This one MUST order. The fish was nicely fried. Very crunchy. It's like having two dish with the price of one. 

The mango was like kerabu mango. The gravy tasted great!

The gravy was spicy and yet it tempted Mamarazzi to have more of it. First time for me and Mamarazzi to ask for additional rice. 

Don't forget to order this dish ya if you ever come here . Address : No.1, Grd Floor Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong. Tel: 603 - 8060 5630.


  1. omg nak sikit sedap la ikan tu...:D

  2. Puchiong traffic very bad lah...always jam. Next time Igo KL, I stay Puchong...want to eat the food there, so many people post on it. Then I do not need to worry about being stuck in a jam...

  3. Hahaha, people will never be fed up about food! and congratz on ur 3 strikes wins(^^)~~

  4. Thai food again! Dint go for thai for quite some time now.. hey, i m waiting for the Hilton pics!

  5. Another temptation for me with again showing the kerabu kaki ayam and one is the fish with mango this time.

    I simply love anything spicy, pungent and sour.

  6. Ooooo... kerabu mango and fried fish tgt... looks very nice. Let's go makan here next. See when...

  7. Oh yum.. the fish looks good.. must be very appetizing.

  8. Yum! My favourite Thai restaurant in Puchong! Miss it! :)

  9. Mell-o

    Mmmmm.....tulang also habis already. Fuiyoh....sekali cuba dua kali nak

  10. STP

    This shop also have main branch in Cheras . Ya Puchong traffice quite bad but if go off peak hour should be ok

  11. Medie

    Memang nice but nice for those who likes spicy food la

  12. Sharon

    sorry...already finished eating that fish. When you come, we order another one ok?

  13. Xjion


    thanks. Still got lotsa food yet to try at that restaurant

  14. Claire

    LOL...makan soon

  15. Nava

    Then you have t try out this restaurant. memang sedap

  16. Auntie cleff

    waiting for you to belanja me...i want the Cendol

  17. Lenglui Witch.

    They have other outlet in KL mah :)


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