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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Uncle Jerry Bak Kut Teh, Kepung Baru

Mamarazzi saw Choi Yen's blog on "Lamb-Kut-Teh" at Uncle Jerry BKT shop. 

Hence we went searching for it. Not really searching for the Lamb-Kut-Teh la but rather BKT.

It was rather hard to find coz we were not familiar with that area. Thank god for GPS.

Finally arrived at the destination. Get a chair for myself first.
Time to order.
Didn't order LKT. We had BKT. Portion for 1 person. Generous heaping of meat. Wish the soup could be a bit more thicker.

The Boss very clever. Give us additional bowl of soup. We asked for additional Taufu and Yau Char Gwai.

 They have "oil rice". 


 Mamarazzi had the Vinegar Pork Knuckle. Sedap.

Surprised to find a piece of Tauhu and a hard boiled egg in the dish.

 Had yau choy but it was a bit too oily for our taste. Some people would like it coz got a lot of fried garlic.

Overall, satisfied with the food. Would go back for the Vinegar Pork Knuckle. Yummm.....

Here is the address of the place, copied from Choi Yen's Blog.

Uncle Jerry Bak Kut Teh
No.8, Persiaran Mergastua

52100 Kepong Baru, K.L

Business Hour: 4pm – 11pm

Closed on Wednesday


  1. lamb kut teh wow! now I want to try that!

    I miss bak kut teh already T^T.

  2. Lamb Kut Teh? Wah... first time auntie hear... Chickut Teh pernah dengar la. Auntie din kno that can use lamb lamb to cook BKT! o.O

  3. Vinegar Pork Knuckle <--- so yummy but fattening. Hehe

  4. Such interesting food! It would be fun to try. :)

  5. Hi SK, only yesterday my wife made bak kut teh. Our friend from Kl living below us, new immigrants got a Chinese medicine store here to make the formula for her.....gave us several packets too. Very nice!

    How you can remain slim with all that eating out often I don't know, ha ha ha.
    And your boy....he will grow up to live to eat.

    Hey, your bahasa is really high standard! Holy Smoke!
    I am impressed.....saw it at Marie's place.
    Outstanding! If did not see your callsign will think a Malay commented.
    Have a nice day.

  6. Nice kah? Mamakucing's own-cooked one not nicer kah? Oooo....I love black vinegar pork leg...and I love the egg in it! Slurpssss!!!!

  7. How nice if the food is in front of me right now, lol...

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  9. wow...u really drive everywhere for good food! bak kut teh is so nice ya. I love it too

  10. Lamb kut teh not for me, i can't stand with the "sou mei". Hmmm... may be the vinegar pork leg might suit my taste woh.

  11. terkejut...really got lamb kut teh

  12. Thanks for the credit, I think you should try the LKT, oh gosh, I start craving for it now!

  13. very popular eatery know for their bkt meals, have tried some time back but can't really remember the taste now.

    I will grab the pork knuckles, sinful it may be but I think these non-healthy food are the best in taste.

  14. We are having lots of confusion now. Mungo Jerry chickut teh and now Uncle Jerry Lamb Kut Teh. When is Cousin Jerry coming up with Duckut Teh? Love vinegar pork knuckle's kuah and not the pork hahaha.

  15. Cleffairy

    Ngum you since you dont eat oink oink

  16. Isaac

    Once in awhile should be okay la

  17. Grumpy Grateful Mom to try out new stuffs

  18. Uncle Lee

    Oohh...ya someone told me but the ingredients from the Chinese Med Hall is much better than the prepacks. bahasa good? Bahasa pasar ler

  19. STP

    Have to test from others to know whether own ones nice or not mah :p

  20. Wai Kitt

    If pandai make one no sau mei punya

  21. Choi Yen

    Next round must try. Coz that day only the 3 of us. Tarak syok la. Must eat with a few people then baru syok

  22. Bananaz

    Duck0kut-teh...hmm good idea wor..nobody have done that yet...maybe should open one restaurant specialise in that


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