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Monday, 19 September 2011

Service Apartment In Sri Hartamas

Received an e-mail from Mamarazzi friends yesterday. Yay! they are coming for the Big Bad Wolf Sale all the way from Penang.

Uh-oh...but they asked Mamarazzi to recommend them a place to stay. As usual the price must be affordable and near to everything.

Hmm...can't offer them to stay at our home coz it's so small. Moreover our place is far from the city. Papa might not be around to drive them for jalan-jalan as Papa has to work. 

As for Mamarazzi's driving...haiz.....all the road user out there would have to top up their insurance then.

In this case, what to do???

Then Mamarazzi recalled Papa found a place to stay for Uncle CD, Uncle DVD and Uncle Antoon from  Maybe she could find the same for her friends from the same website.
Well, she went and check out the website. She was real surprised to find that the website is very good and up to date. Easy to use. She noted some apartments there are for long term rental and some for short term rental. She went and check out those which offer for short term rental.

I think she found the perfect place for her friends coz I heard a loud whoopee from her. She showed me the page showing photos of Mayfair Service apartment. The apartment is located at Sri Hartamas. 

It's a newly renovated and fully furnished Studio Apartment.

The apartment comes with washing machine (great! Can save money on laundry), microwave oven, water heater, air-conditioning and electric cooking stove(Yay! can cook instant noodles when hungry at night).

Not only that! They also have swimming pool and gym facilities. Ample parking spaces too. 

But most important of all is INTERNET! For Mamarazzi's friend, no Internet means no talk. They can't survive without Internet connection.

The location of the apartment is also very good. It's next to Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre. Mamarazzi saw that there are many restaurants and cafe nearby. Cold Storage is there too!

In the evening maybe her friends would want to pop over to Solaris Mont Kiara which is just opposite; for the great nightlife and entertainment offered there.

Can you guess how much is the rental for the apartment daily? Hmmm...RM300? RM200? Nope...She saw the rental is only RM70 per day!  Gosh! It's unbelievable.

Another great thing is that the apartment is available on the dates that they are coming. How did she know? Coz there is a calendar at the website noting the dates which the apartment is available. She is going to book the apartment for them. Maybe for future guests too. 

For me, I am looking forward to "Tau Sar Peah" from Penang *hint hint*


  1. Nice! This is like a 5-Star hotel at rumah tumpangan price haha. Will definitely KIV this for our future guests too :)

  2. going to Taiping during Xmas...hopefully can get some good deals from here. It is within Malaysia only?

  3. Looks like a good alternative to hotels indeed! So cheap and easy to navigate!

  4. great price with such facilities... hope your guests will have a pleasant stay there.

  5. do u have special access to the BBW sales? before the actual big sale? Can I tumpang? Can email me cos if yes, I want to go along cos i want to buy like 20-30 books for a birthday party ...

  6. So cheap? Next time I want to stay there too!!!

  7. Solaris is a great food haven and clubbing. Have fun.

  8. the smile is cute and thumbs up ha ha ha

  9. That is a beautiful place!! I love that pool and really wish I was there right now!

    Sounds like an awesome deal you found for your friends!

  10. So cheap... maybe i should go and rent one... then go minium and no need to drive :p

  11. Chleo's Mummy

    Ya wor...surprised at the price when Mamarazzi go to the website and see.

  12. Lenglui Witch

    Ya a good area too

  13. Medie

    ya lo....later Mamarazzi sot sot might go and book for a "vacation" away from home. Price looks cheap and place looks clean

  14. mNhL

    Should be a good place gua. Haven;t contacted the owner yet to view.

  15. Litle Lamb

    No special access :(. Won the Media Pass in one of their contest.Grr...the contest is getting harder each year. last year only put photo. Now got guess the price, guess the place and last Saturday even have treasure hunt. Haiz...

  16. STP

    wokay...will let you know after Mamarazzi's friends stay there.

  17. Nava

    ya that was what Mamarazzi thinking of. It's so near to there

  18. Prince and princess mum

    lol...ya looks like good place

  19. TZ

    ya wor..better hurry if you looking for year end rental :p

  20. Nishana

    Am surprised too coz that area is a high class area.

  21. i guess if i want to 'curi tengok' SK and mamarazzi..then i shld be at BBW sale on the 1st day..sure nampak one...hehehe..

  22. Angelin

    Hope you will get a lot of books :)


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