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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Rosella Drink - Failed

Mamarazzi read many blogger wrote about this Rosella drink and it's benefit.

Last Thursday she saw these being sold at one of the stall in the Pasar Malam. She bought around 14 pieces of it for RM1.40

 Hehehe....I curi-ed some to play

 Cute cute leh.

She cut away the seeds and washed the "flower". Then she threw everything to boil in a big pot.

Half an hour later there was a big pot of red coloured drinks that looks like Ribena. She then chilled it.

She gave me some...yuck....I don't like it. I want Ribena better. Maybe if she had put a lot of sugar , then I would like it la. 

Papa also didn't like it. Haiz...whole pot goes to the drain.


  1. boil with lots of sugar turn it into some kind cordial. =)

  2. sedap tak rosella drinks? me try once but masa tu time tengah demam haha cant taste anything

  3. Hahahahaha!!!! Just buy the cordial from the shop, easier.

  4. or maybe you boiled too long?? maybe it's like chrysanthemum you don't boil it but soak it in hot water, else it gets bitter??

  5. What are those... rosella.. how did they taste? bitter?

  6. i don't know how to boil this but some relatives given to us before. Very nice.

  7. Maybe you can google for some recipe and see what to add? Perhaps lemon juice ?

  8. Hey,never heard of this stuff but the look of it,ok what? how come it tasted like yuck,,, may be put some honey,lemon or sugar,probably it will turn out right next time,kan

  9. What's the yucky taste like? Boil for 15-20mins is enough I think. How much sugar did you put in?


  10. yea...saw this at pasar mlm before but never buy it. I also scared it may end up in the drain. drink ribena better la...ahahahhah

  11. I also saw these at wet market,but never buy it before,because don't know how to do with it. I think the Malays should know better how to make this kind of drink.

  12. Pengsan... RM1 per piece?! Next time we better tanam of our own!>_< Nvm, after tanam your own, u can keep experience and boil again!^^

    p/s: Thanks for the notification abt my blog, you hv made my day! Yay, it's alive again, lol!

  13. Nevermine, we all learn from mistakes and become better in the right round of making it.

  14. I don't think I will try it..

  15. Hi SK, I have never seen nor heard about this drink.
    But looks interesting.
    You sure game to try anything too, ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  16. My mum boiled before but I don't know how she did tasted very nice wor. I think she puts alot of other stuffs in it.

  17. My mum used to plant this at home last time. Very rich in Vit C. It's ok to add some sugar cos it's very sour.

  18. Angel Bear

    But Papa dun like sugar :(

  19. Mell-o

    Bottled ones are nice but Mamarazzi made ones are........ahem ...

  20. STP were the one who asked Mamarazzi to cook more at home lor.....

  21. Sharon

    Good Luck in boiling that. Hope your result is better than Mamarazzi's

  22. Eugene

    Mamarazzi said no next time :p Mogok liao

  23. Che-Cheh

    Tarak put sugar wor....mau minum baru put sugar

  24. Wai Kitt

    seems to be very healthy drink wor

  25. Alice

    10 sens one. Bought 14 RM1.40

  26. Marina

    Maybe you will have better luck :)

  27. Uncle Lee

    This drink is very popular here now

  28. mummy Gwen

    Ooo hv to put other stuffs ka...


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