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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Restaurant Ipoh Hakka Yong Tau Foo, Desa Aman Puri

Last month we went for Hytex Warehouse Sale in Kepong. After the sale, tum tum hungry lor. Hence we stop by this Hakka Yong Tau Foo at Desa Aman Puri.

Sorry, I didn't have the address but you can get the map from Uncle Pete's blog. Check it out here.

Hmm..very windy.

Ordered some YTF. 

And some fish balls for me.

Three plates of Chee Cheong Fun. Papa and Mamarazzi had CCF. Mamarazzi said she still prefered the CCF at the Seri Petaling YTF stall.

I had a fish ball

Mamarazzi saw that they have Kerabu Kaki Ayam and she ordered a plate of it. Didn't finish.What a waste of food.

Overall, the YTF taste not bad la. Good enough to fill hungry tum tum.

But I still preferred the YTF that Mamarazzi made the other day. She experiemented by adding some oink oink meat, water crestnut and spring onion to the fish paste.

Didn't blog about that coz the photos did not turn out well. 


  1. photo didnt turn out well also can blog one. hehe

  2. Didn't buy the roast duck from the stall outside this restaurant?....taste quite nice

  3. Isaac

    The photo was blur lo coz Mamarazzi kept jumping away from the hot oil while fry the YTF :p

  4. Pete

    SHould have bought before makan YTF...coz after makan YTF tummy full already didnt feel like buying pulak

  5. I went to the one in KL - also Ipoh Road YTF. Ok lah, not bad... I prefer YTF in clear soup...

  6. Loooks good..not sure how they taste.. the other day in KL, we went to the Ampang YTF... they were also not bad... but it would be better if they supply rice as well..

  7. suppose when we have much experience in trying out food from different places, we can like know which is more to our liking then the rest.

    Kaki ayam again??? killing me softly.

  8. Actually what types of YTF can it be, all i know is two, one soup or deep friend,kan?

  9. they have so many outlets nowadays, and not all the outlets are good.. i still prefer the one at Jln Ipoh, that's the best..

  10. Food looks good there, but the bittergourd is just not my cup of tea :p

  11. I love YTF too. I think I know which Seri Petaling YTF you were referring to...I'm missing it.

  12. love yong tau fu especially the while taufu and fu chuk.

  13. Aiyah!Our "Ampang YTF" at my living place here really taste"thumb down"lah.Already the
    3rd times my experience,the meat really taste not fresh!Don't know how it taste nowadays, long time didn't consume there liao.

  14. Yum yum YTF with CCF. I see this Ipoh Hakka YTF everywhere. There's a branch in Kota Damansara too, I think.

  15. The best one would be in ampang, that's what I heard but never try before as well.

  16. Wah, your mommy made great YTH, gonna belanja us next time!^^(muka tembok)

    So how's the Hytex sales? Got any good buy?

  17. Haha! Your son is adorable! I love your captions :)

  18. Haha! Your son is adorable! I love your captions :P

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Shir
    I like the YTF in Hakka Passion at Bdr Puteri Puchong

  21. STP

    This one also have clear soup punya

  22. Claire

    They dont have rice meh? Normally they will ask one wor

  23. Nava

    *evil grinz* purposely teasing you

  24. Eugene

    Ya...i think gua...gua tau makan aje

  25. SK

    Ya some outlet simply tembak one

  26. Tristhan

    LOL...they have others type of YTF too

  27. Mummy Gwen

    me missing that too especially their curry chee cheong fun

  28. MnHl

    I love the fishball. Mamarazzi likes the bitter gourd

  29. Wai Kitt

    still the one at Seri Petaling better right?

  30. Chleo Mommy

    ya a branhc in K.Dmnsara.Been there before

  31. Alice

    really ah? later u dont regret oh....terrible cook leh

  32. Shir

    havent been to that branch yet. One of these days will go and try


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