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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Nasi Lemak and Maggi Goreng at Bumbung P.J

This Mamarazzi really "wai sik". She saw Mandy posted a photo of Nasi Lemak at Bumbung PJ, she terus  drool.

Hence, the next evening Papa drove us there to "tapau".

Actually we have been here before and had blogged about it "Nasi Amak(Lemak) Seapark Behind Maybank". At that time we didn't know the stall name is Bumbung.

Tada!!! Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken. They are very clever also. Without needing to be told, they did not pour the Sambal" into the Nasi Lemak. They packed it separately.

 I can certainly eat this Nasi Lemak. No cili . I like.

 Meantime, Papa pour half a big packet of the Sambal into his Nasi Lemak and walloped.

You say crazy or not co the next evening we went and "tapau-ed" again. of the staffs there give me a glass of Ice Milo. Mamarazzi was shocked. The man said it's on him. Yippee!!! Free drinks.

Mamarazzi ordered Nasi Lemak and Maggi Mee goreng without Cili. 

She came home expecting they would some how managed to mess up the  Maggi Goreng order. She was pleasantly surprised that they did not. cili nor any spicy taste in the Maggi Goreng. I can eat this too. Yummmm......

It's located at Restaurant Sun Fatt Kee, Seapark. Behind Maybank.


  1. I've been there once or twice - the sambal a bit too cheena already (sweet and not spicy). Haven't been back since.

    Either that, or it was a bad batch the last time I went.

    Should try the BKT stall near there too.

  2. Wah! The fried chicken so black one kah? But the secret to good nasi lemak is in the rice and the sambal - all else is secondary.

  3. wah, so nice!! got free ice milo on your second visit!! i also want that, goes so well with the nasi lemak lor..

  4. eh i macam seen this somewhere... haha... i stay in PJ too... will try this someday! :D yeah i like the sambal being separate from the rice...

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  5. Good morning mamarazzi have a pleasant day :)

  6. Oh the fried chicken so "hitam" one! I think I prefer the mee goreng, hehehe:-)

  7. I have not been to this place but now I will definitely go check it out. Looks like there are many nice things to eat in Seapark. If I am not mistaken, somewhere there got a very good fried chicken and Ipoh Sar Ho Fun also.

  8. aduuhhh SK....auntie tak tahan lah tengok telur mata kerbau yang cair tu..itu auntie punya favorite tu...and nasi lemak tooo...aduh lah, see now auntie kena turun cafe tapau nasi lemak pulak..:)

  9. I'm attracted by the sunny side up egg!

  10. cute little guy. he is going to be famous when he grow up! hayden chan here. :)

  11. gosh..u love nasi lemak ah? i see also scared..cos everyday canteen also got!

  12. waaa the nasi lemak looks so good. making me crave for malaysia nasi lemak now :3

  13. Been there a few times, but i dont know the name of this place called

  14. oh,i really missed the Maggie mee goreng...kira-kira macam 6-7 years tak ada makan. You had remind me what to tapau for next day lunch.

  15. Nice runny egg served with nasi lemak, I beginning to miss my living in Seapark those days, staying at Seapark apartment, just across Maybank.

  16. I went there last week, didnt get to try their mee goreng. Shall try on my next visit (:

  17. About they not mixing the sambal together with the main food even without being told....I guess they are experienced about it plus have common sense.

  18. Synical

    Yes have makan at the BKT stall. Sedap especially the vinager pork trotter

  19. STP

    coz got rempah mah the chicken

  20. Clever Munkey...

    Behind Maybank la...

  21. Veron

    Yup..just opposite the road near Caring harmacy have the Sar Hor Fun. Not bad lar but open day time only

  22. mNhL

    not need to ask them to add one..they auto give

  23. Hayden

    Famous??? Oh no...dun want...scaryyy

  24. Medie

    Seapark...behind Shell and Maybank there leh...

  25. Claire

    depends on how it is cooked lor...if lembik one dont like

  26. Yee Ling

    we also dont know till a friend mentioned it

  27. Prince and princess mum

    hitam manis

  28. Nava

    wa so nice...ya seapark got loads of food

  29. Hilda

    Next time try the maggi goreng

  30. Alice

    many Nasi lemak seller pour the sambal on to the rice unless we specify say asing


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