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Saturday, 17 September 2011

MPH Distributors Warehouse Sale, 15th-18th September 2011

At first Mamarazzi gatal say don't wanna got for MPH warehouse sale. But then she kept wondering if they have Jodi Picoult's "Sing You Home" book on sale there or not.

That was how we end up at Bangunan TH, 5 Jalan Bersatu, Section 13/4, Petaling Jaya.
Mamarazzi and me went in for half and hour. She end up with a bag full of books while I end up with Ice-Cream to eat.

The venue was not hot though it doesn't have air-cond.

 These two fiction was tagged RM5 each.

Found these two Mini Classic books. Love the binding and it even come with a red ribbon to mark the place in the book. Priced at RM5 each. Hardcover with gold color rim.

Also grabbed these two books for teens. Condition of the books were so-so. The edges had turned a bit brown. But since its RM3 only, hentam la. Cannot complain too much lah.

Found these four Nancy Drews books. RM3 each. Saw there were Hardy Boys books there too but the ones she found was priced RM10. A bit over her budget so didn't buy.

I saw this The Incredibles book. Hardcover. RM4. Asked Mamarazzi to buy for me.

 These two mini box set was priced at RM5 with 5 books in it. 

Another box set priced at RM5. Books for teens. Got 4 books in it.

Mamarazzi's personal opinion that some of the price are cheap while some were still quite high. 

She checked Jodi's books. Didn't see any "Sing You Home" and the rest of Jodi's books were priced around RM20. Hmm....still higher than the RM17-90 and RM19-90 that she was so used to.

Anyway, she still happy coz managed to grabs some books from the Value Buy Section and mind you it was a very large area. 

Total dent to the purse RM60.

Overall, the sale was quite good. The sale is still on till 18th September 2011 just in case you would like to have a go at it.


  1. beli toys lagi ya...lil boy have too many toys already!!!

  2. Total damage RM60 only, hehe, you're also saving 'bullet' for the coming big sale leh?!!

    Now I really wonder should I go for the sale, and book exchange too(I reckon I can only pick one of this)... susahnya husband tak ada, kinda uneasy to leave either of the kids with in law.(scratch head)

  3. The Indiana Jones book... just this title? Dun have other titles?

  4. cheap. I live Far from the Madding Crowd. No aircon? Aiyor...sure I would end up with a headache... :(

  5. Heh heh... pergi jugak.

    Yeah, there were some cheap ones, and also the not-so cheap ones.

  6. Hmmmmmm now you piqued my curiousity about the sale. :D

  7. always nice to go warehouse sales :).

    Always something to buy ^_^. I miss going to the Popular bookstore warehouse sale. they got good sales too :).

  8. Sad :( Over here in miri don't have MPH warehouse at all.

    Wow, those are great books!

  9. This is a great sale which I have been to during my stay in PJ.

  10. good night mamarazzi.. sorry rabun sikit mata nie ingatkan beli toys rupanya books!! haha

  11. I went on the 1st day, total damage RM40++, gotta save for the coming BBF sale.. Heheheh..

  12. Used to go to this MPH warehouse sales before I got to know about BX. Never came across any RM3 or RM5 books there though... very good buys leh!

  13. Alice

    Ya lo....BBWS sure will pokai....duno how many ribu will gone

  14. Synical

    ya lo...coz saw your blog and then another friend also went

  15. Claire

    Tak perasan. SHould have la coz its such a big sale

  16. LV

    Popular Bookstore sale was last month i think

  17. Puan Isah

    Come over la next month. Got BBWS.

  18. Inspired Mom1x

    Wow...rm40...not bad wor

  19. Chloe's Mommy

    Have to dig lo for the rm3 and rm5


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