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Friday, 2 September 2011

Merdeka-Raya Buffet at Makan Kitchen, Doubletree by Hilton

We went to Makan Kitchen at Doubletree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur to celebrate Hari Raya, Merdeka Day and someone's birthday.

 Alahai...mana dia...Haven't arrive yet.

 I pose a bit first la with the nice decoration here.

We had the Merdeka-Raya Dinner Buffet which consist of Malaysian cuisine. Nothing fancy. Just your ordinary Malaysian food. As expected, some suit our taste some does not.

Beh tahan...hungry.. Makan noodle first.

Mamarazzi didn't go around snapping photos of food.

These were some of the food which we took from the Malay cuisine.

Some from the Indian side. Loves the Devil's Curry.

Some Dim Sum, mooncakes, duck meat and prawns from the Chinese Section. 

The skin for the Har Kow was rather thick. But the Siew Mai was delicious. Mamarazzi love the Roast Duck but not the prawns.

The Char Koey Teow may look ugly but taste good. Enough "Wok Hei". 

Love the Double Boiled Seafood Soup. Mamarazzi had two bowls of it.

Finally "DESSERT". ABC, Cendol and Ice Cream

Do you know that ABC taste great with Keropok? 

After makan, time to "perform" Silat for the Birthday girl pulak. Can you see the Birthday Girl? She is sitting there wearing the songket kain.

Don't play play. My "silat" have many style. Wong Fei Hung style, scorpion style and even break dance style.

Not bad la. We were given a table with great view. Can see swimming pool downstairs and the Twin Towers at the back.

AAAHHHHhh!!! What's that up the sky? Did you see that? An UFO!!? There! the round white light on top of the CitiBank Building.

Space invasion by the Big Bad Wolf? Aiyo....Black Paws got the dates wrong ah? 

Woi! not today la...The Invasion is supposed to be 7th to 16 October  at MAEPS Serdang la.

Ah...not UFO ah? My mistake ah...just the reflection of the light ka... chehhhhh...

 Wokay wokay...snap snap photo time okay?

Alamak! who the heck that snap my photo like this? Got two "tanduk" at the top geh....

This one is much better.

 Posing a bit Baywatch or not? No?

What about like this?

Ok...since it's Merdeka Day ....PEACE!!!

After the photo session, I went "roaming". Met an Uncle who is working there. He is very friendly. He gave me my 1st packet of Duit Raya.

Then he gave me a flag. 

Jagung Gemilang lalalala....oppss....Jalur ah...not Jagung ah... sorry. MERDEKA!!!

Auntie Florence saw my flag and asked if she can have it. I gave to her and I told her I will go and ask the Uncle to give me one more. She paiseh and said I keep la the flag.

I didn't keep the flag. I gave to Kor Kor Adrian so that he can play too.

 Then I went to find the Uncle and asked for some more flag. The Uncle asked me how many I want. I told him FOURTEEN. 

The Uncle was very much taken by me. 

Before I went home, he brought me around and gave me a BIG complimentary piece of Chocolate Chips Cookie which I ate in the car and fell asleep half way eating that.

Alamak....Mamarazzi forgotten to ask what's that Uncle's name. Thanks to him, I had a great time there.

On our way to the Car Park, I saw 3 girls singing my "Yum" Song. Wanna know what's my "Yum" song? Here is the video 

I slowly "inche" to get nearer to the stage.

Funny. Last Raya, I listened and danced to the same song in Trengganu wearing the same baju. Mamarazzi had blogged here

Happy Birthday Auntie Little Bird. Stay young and pretty always  *bodek bodek* bicycle...


  1. Wow the plates of food is something else, a must eat. I'm so in need of China wears. I love your tradition a lot.

  2. omg comelnya..this lil boy!! betul betul semangat nak sambut merdeka!! ini baru dikatakan real spirits of merdeka comel lah ,,, suka tengok...!! mcm nak cubit pipi dia ..geram.. tau

  3. What a fun day! I like the break dancing...very impressive;)

  4. Wakakakaka... thank you very much for the bday treat. Tak payah bodek la... auntie oredi making Xmas checklist liao. Now doing budget... u wan bicycle... betul can ride kah? Tall enuff or not? *grinz* Got permit bo? Later mamarazzi cekik auntie kasi u rempit punya barang. Later tak pasal pasal both of us kena lempang. LOL!

  5. The atmosphere is there at least! Merdeka celebration ma... double celebration!

  6. So cute! He looks like such a sweet boy. These food pictures are definitely making me want to take a trip to Malaysia.

  7. need to wait mah! Whoever arrives early, just go ahead and eat first. Sure got refills - no need to worry that the food is finished and the people coming later will have nothing left to eat.

  8. Your son look so adorable, feel like biting his cheeks, lovely Malay baju and the color is so perfect for him.

    Yeh, I too like the devil curry, its such a sell-out when I cook this for Deepavali every year. I Chinese friends will eat until all sweat dripping but will not stop eating some more.

  9. fuyo... anak kucing so cute in baju melayu. :D

  10. Kathy,

    Great snaps, such an adorable little pie.

    What a great blogger you're. I have a surprise gift for you and small kucing. Come over, grab and enjoy.

    Surprise gift for Mamma and Small Kucings

  11. Wear Malay traditional clothes got extra discount or not?

  12. Small Kucing looks so handsome in his baju melayu. And siap with Jagung Gemilang, opps, Jalur Gemilang at the back also! Or was that sewn in by Mamarazzi?

  13. Gayanya, u punya baju Melayu ada bendera Malaysia kat belakang!

  14. aunty little bird wear baju kurung? i mau tengok la..hahhaha

  15. wow, cute small kucing.. wearing baju melayu to celebrate raya day huh.. nice buffet and nice view of the city too~~

  16. ha ha ha..your boy is soooo cute....and so pandai posing....

    should have take picture ur boy and the princess in songket tau...sure cute couple tu...

    and wah!!!, auntie almost pengsan tengok small kucing do the silat comelnye...

  17. May

    Thanks for dropping by. Tradisional clothing is great during festiva

  18. Mell-o

    semangat Merdeka Raya mah :)

  19. Courtney

    LOL. thanks for droping by. A 3 in one celebration. It was fun

  20. Auntie Cleff

    I want Big Big Bicycle ah LOL

  21. Claire

    triple...and someones bday leh

  22. Nava

    wow...did you post up your devil's curry recipe?

  23. Pete

    tarak but wear the colours of Msian Flag got discount. buy 3 free 1 person

  24. Yee Ling

    ask her to wear one more time

  25. SK

    ya lo...dapat duit raya some more :)

  26. Marie

    Lesen lembu punya silat LOL


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