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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Malacca Cafe, Subang Bestari Shah Alam(3rd Visit)

This is another late post. Went there early August but some how the photos had gone missing till now.

This round, Mamarazzi had their Nasi Goreng Kampung. 

Hmmm....memang delicious. The bilis was crunchy and a lot of vegetable added.

Mamarazzi is hooked on their Burung Puyuh Goreng. It's well marinated and perfectly fried. Not too dry nor oily.

 For me, I had watermelon juice and shared Papa's "roti"

 With Kima.

This round we saw the Dim Sum stall opened. Tried two of the Dim Sum. 

Haiya..should have gone there a day earlier coz the price for the Dim Sum gone up and they didn't have the time to up date the price in the Menu yet.

Hmm....taste well...kira okay la...maybe Mamarazzi not biasa with halal dim sum. She still preferred those from Chinese Dim Sum shops.

Overall, love this restaurant.

Here is the address if you happens to be in this area No 1, Jalan Nova Q U5/Q, Subang Bestari, 40150 Shah Alam.


  1. Halal dimsum? Ngam auntie... :D Pork free... auntie can makan. =D

  2. Is the green dim sum a siu mai oso?

  3. Aha! I like your papa's roti. What's Kima?

  4. aduh SK...nasi goreng kampung tu auntie punya favorite jugak....sama dgn nasi goreng cili padi...meletups....

    puyuh goreng pun auntie suka jugak..semua auntie sukalah...auntie only had dim sum once at quality hotel dim sum buffet...ate..ate..until auntie rasa nak pengsan oooo....tapi price very reasonable...:)

  5. tempted by the Burung Puyuh Goreng, hehe...

  6. i love the nasi goreng kampung!! wow, the crispy anchovies are just my favorite~~

  7. Hey, I come to your blog through blog hopping. Have a nice day!

  8. I am not a siew mai fan.. loves egg tarts, porridge, char siew pau .. er.. sesame desserts... etc etc...

  9. still figuring out where is this place.

  10. makesme want to go look for dimsum now haha! Aiyaks

  11. The sambal(the one with naan) looks perfect for me! Thanks for sharing, nxt time can bring my Malay friends makan makan there liao!^^

  12. fried rice with so many sayur oh..

  13. I like the burung puyuh very much, always have this at Indian restaurants, deep fried to perfection. Kima and chapati - how not drool, our kind of food we enjoy so much at home.

  14. sedapnya nasi goreng :D me 7days no rice already ha ha ha

  15. STP

    the plate of red and spicy thingy beans and duno whats inside

  16. Marie

    Ni yang susah ni...semua suka....ckup tempat masuk ke? :p

  17. Sharon

    fuiyoh that one memang sedap

  18. Chai BoonKheng

    Thanks for dropping by :)

  19. LV

    dont look only...time to cari makan :)

  20. Nava

    Mamarazzi loves the burung puyuh

  21. Mell-o

    Didnt eat rice never mind but make sure got take other food ya :)


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