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Saturday, 3 September 2011

K3K Benta Kaya 桂三记 , Kuchai Lama

Mamarazzi ditched me and went for facial cum massage at Kuchai Lama the other day

 After the 3.5hour relaxing facial and massage, she was famished. Went  to a nearby makan-makan outlet.

Menu looks good. Full of local delights.

She had Honey Lime Shake (RM5-80) . Nice and cooling

She had a bowl of Curry Laksa. Forgotten the price. Taste was so-so only. But the Sambal was good.

Wonder what does the rest of the food in the Menu taste like.


  1. So mama is very relaxed today, right? this auntie also wants to go... see tomorrow can make appointment or not.. :)

  2. But the food looks good leh....

  3. wow, a facial massage!! I want to read your review of that :)

  4. All this kind of places the same - taste is good but not sensational, prices higher but not too expensive. I'd rather go to the coffee shops and hawker centres if this is the kind of thing I would want to eat.

  5. honey lime shake sounds great!

  6. The plastic wrapped over glossy paper Menu tasted like paper..~;).

    Oh curry laksa but the bowl not nice not 'traditional' tasty hahaha.

  7. what a let down in the curry laksa, and wondering how the rest of the menu will be like.

  8. haha. after chewing the food, ma wasted the facial jor?

  9. hmmm, more and more such shops opening around Klang Valley huh?? but sometimes i think i still prefer those traditional old style kopitiam lor..

  10. Oh.. I makan here once b4, food is ok saja..

  11. claire

    Ya times have to relax

  12. Chris

    The Menu have quite a lot of choice. Up to individual taste la

  13. Isaac review on that la...been there many times

  14. STP

    That time 3pm plus lo...hawker stall closing time :(

  15. Nava

    Ya wondering that too. But soe will like the Laksa. Depending on individual taste

  16. Medie

    La...facial only mah...not make up and put 1 inche thick ICI lol :p

    In fact after facial lagi syok eat coz all the facial muscle kena massaged syok syok already

  17. SK

    Ya...a lot sprouting out in manay places. Taste will depend on individual lo. There got air-cond and wifi. those youngster and businessman like coz modern

  18. Mummy Moon

    Ya...depend on individual taste

  19. Saw this shop in Subang and Klang before, food so so but kinda pricey to me.


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