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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

It's All About The Money...

Those who know Mamarazzi will know that she is crazy about BOOKS. 

No big secret there. But apart from books, did you know that she likes to collect money? 

She said needs a lot of money to pay for my education. Perhaps an online accounting degree is in my future. It appears she'll have to check look into accredited online college degrees and Guide to Online Schools. Wonder now much it would cost?

Well, money wor....who doesn't like? Many would do just about anything to get their hands on more money...including lie, cheat, steal, rob and even murder.

But Mamarazzi's craze is not as serious as that. She likes to collect Bank Negara Malaysia newly issue money.

The other day she managed to get her hands on these new coins issued by BNM when her friend have extra sets for sale.

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! the newly issued coins

50sens coin. Smaller that the current 50sen coin.

The 20 sens coin

The 10 sens coin

And the 5 sens coin.

Do you have the 1990 sets of coins? She bought one set too. 

I wonder if Auntie Claire have this?

It was issued when Malaysia won the The Thomas Cup back in year 2000.

One of her "biggest" purchase.

The RM50 notes which commemorate the Kuala Lumpur 98 XVI Commonwealth Games

When BNM comes up with the new RM1 notes, she also bought a set of these uncut notes.
The RM5 new notes are much better than RM1 coz it came in the form of a Hardcover book. There is a set of the new RM5 uncut note.

And a set of the old RM5 uncut notes. Sigh! she missed out on the uncut RM10 notes.

Apart from the newly issued 'money', she also likes to collect used notes.

These are one of her favourite 'babies'.

Notes with printing errors.

Can you spot the printing error here?


  1. oh, so that's really an unknown secret of you.. wow, keeping so many limited edition money huh.. eih, later can sell away to get lots of money woh~~

  2. Wah!!! Th e new coins looks so nice. Hmmmm....must keep the old ones. Will become antiques - worth a lot more.

  3. wow!!! so many beautiful coins lah...good to have hobby like this kan...auntie should follow mamarazi lah SK...

  4. wow.. your mama not only book rich, now money rich too!! fatt tatt lor... no la, auntie claire no have the 2000 thomas cup money.. that time i also broke! sobss... never mind, u keep and then next time show auntie here who that is in the picture..
    the last picture hor, got cross one.. love it!

  5. Wow, money collection! Auntie used to collect $$ too, coins and notes over the seas but now interest faded liao, keep it up mamarazi!^^

  6. if u have friends working in bank, maybe it's much easier to collect it. I used to collect stamps and bought their first day cover. As for $$, errmmm dont have the intention yet....tarak safety box to keep it.

  7. Ooh the new coins are nice!! Didn't know you collect money as a hobby too! nice! :)

  8. wow...what an expensive hobby! haha...

  9. Wah mamarazzi kaya lor.... those can sell lots of money. LOL!

  10. Different people have different hobbies, so why not collecting money, will fetch a good price in times to comes as the collection will be rare and not easy to come by.

  11. Nice new coins glad to see there is still 5sen can continue to collect them. The notes with printing error? Is it $ instead of RM?

  12. i keep notes too, older ones of course.. but definitely not as "limited edition" as yours.. haha..

    i have every (almost) pieces for sterling pound and euro.. used ones la :P

  13. SK

    some more got the chance to look for nice serial numbers :P

  14. Sharon

    used to do that a long time ago but lost interest

  15. Claire

    Your "aww cheong" in the photo la. So pandai you see aje u know the thing ah

  16. Alice

    If got chance then collect lo

  17. Yee Ling

    go la register at the Bank for Safety Bx.

  18. Lenglui WItch

    a bit bit chance then collect lo

  19. mNhL

    Not really la..BNM not always issue new money mah. This set of coin only belasan RM aje.

  20. Choi Yen

    This is just small fry...there are plenty of big collectors out there. Mamarazzi friend bought like200 sets of that leh

  21. Chee Yee

    Yah meh? Not for at least few more puluh years before these will increase in prce la

  22. Nava

    The down side is it's hard to get these limited sets unless know people who works in Bank.

  23. Bananaz

    Not The RM or $. It's the " t " on the flag pole. BNM issued the notes. Then got ppl mentioned that the at the flag pole look like a cross. BNM issues new notes to replace those lo

  24. Ken

    Mamarazzi only have Msian money wor :(

  25. Really a lot of money wor! It's a very good hobby... can make you very rich in the future ;)


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